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Stay ahead of the curve with 7 new tags for flexible panel design in CyTOF® systems.

Designing and customizing mass cytometry panels is easier and more flexible than ever with the introduction of seven new cadmium isotope Maxpar® Antibody Labeling Kits, using a new cadmium-optimized polymer (metal-chelating polymer 9, or MCP9).

“We are using highly-multiplexed mass cytometry panels to understand how immune tolerance is lost in type 1 diabetes. Introducing new metals means even more parameters that we can explore in our samples.”
–Alice Wiedeman, Staff Scientist at Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason

The first of a series of new metal isotopes in development, the seven cadmium isotope tags added to our growing catalog means you have the option to choose from 56 commercially available isotopes for identification and insight into a variety of surface and intracellular parameters.

Application Note: Seven Cadmium Labeling Kits Increase Flexibility in Panel Design Application Note: Seven Cadmium Labeling Kits Increase Flexibility in Panel Design

Cadmium-conjugated antibodies are intended for use in suspension mass cytometry only.

“Utilizing the new metal tags from Fluidigm, we are developing a 49-marker leukemia panel to identify meaningful cellular biomarkers that correlate with therapeutic resistance and response.”
–Greg Behbehani, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Ohio State University

Figure 1. New cadmium isotopes expand channel options within the mass spectrum. The seven isotopes have atomic masses ranging from 106 to 116 daltons and are located in the region adjacent to the palladium metals. See table below for part numbers and ordering information.

Figure 2. Quality of staining of cadmium-labeled antibodies evaluated in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Seven lineage markers were conjugated to cadmium using the MCP9 labeling kits. Healthy donor-derived cells were stained with 106Cd-CD14 (M5E2), 110Cd-CD19 (HIB19), 111Cd-CD4 (SK3), 112Cd-CD11b (ICRF44), 113Cd-CD8 (SK1), 114Cd-HLA-DR (L243) and 116Cd-CD3 (UCHT1). Marker expression was assessed by manual gating on single viable cells.

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Product Name

Part Number

Maxpar® MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 106Cd—4 Rxn 201106A
Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 110Cd—4 Rxn 201110A
Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 111Cd—4 Rxn 201111A
Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 112Cd—4 Rxn 201112A
Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 113Cd—4 Rxn 201113A
Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 114Cd—4 Rxn 201114A
Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 116Cd—4 Rxn 201116A

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