Universal cell multiplexing

With palladium-based barcodes

Easily combine up to 20 samples with ready-to-use universal cell barcoding kit.

The Cell-ID™ 20-Plex Pd Barcoding Kit (PN 201060) uses a combination of three of six stable palladium (Pd) isotopes to identify up to 20 fixed and permeabilized samples of any cell type, independent of species.

The kit combines the necessary reagents and barcoding tags to let you integrate barcoding into your next experiment.

This method is compatible with downstream staining of surface, intracellular, nuclear and phosphorylated antigen targets that are not affected by fixation.

The Benefits of Palladium Barcoding on Data Quality and Workflow


Standard workflow for palladium-based barcoding: Each sample is barcoded with a unique 3-digit isotope code, combined with other samples for staining and acquisition on Helios, a CyTOF® system, then debarcoded with open source software.

Benefits of barcoding

Accessibility Accessibility: Uses isotopes and workflows that are compatible with existing panel designs

Scaled-up experiments Scaled-up experiments: Reduces processing time in experimental workflow, making it easier to increase sample throughput

Sample conservation Sample conservation: Enables efficient use of precious samples by allowing you to combine many samples in one tube
Increased consistency Increased consistency: Eliminates sample-to-sample variation introduced when samples are stained and collected individually

Cleaner data Cleaner data: Filters inter-sample cell doublets and multiplets by detecting more than one barcode per cell

Reagent savings Reagent savings: Lower, more economical use of antibodies and reagents

Barcoding method

  Palladium-based barcoding method
Product Cell-ID™ 20-Plex Pd Barcoding Kit (PN 201060)
Types of cells Universal, cell-agnostic
Configuration Ready-to-use kit and accompanying software
Fix/perm requirements Fix/perm steps in workflow, usable with intracellular staining protocols including phosphostaining
Panel integration Adjustments to existing panels or workflows may be needed due to fix/perm step.
Number of samples Barcode up to 20 samples.
Resources Application Note: The Benefits of Palladium Barcoding on Data Quality and Workflow

Example Cell-ID 20-Plex Barcoding FCS Files

Download Barcoding Key

Cell-ID 20-Plex Pd Barcoding Kit contents (PN 201060)

  Component   Volume
3 sets of 20 barcodes in PCR tubes 10 µL each tube
Maxpar® 5X Fix I Buffer 15 mL
Maxpar Cell Staining Buffer 500 mL
Maxpar 10X Barcode Perm Buffer 50 mL
Maxpar PBS 500 mL


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