Scale Your Single-Cell Research

Releasing the new medium-cell HT IFC with higher single-cell capture efficiency on C1


Single-Cell mRNA Seq HT sequencing on the C1 system empowers researchers to deeply explore the diversity of cell populations at single-cell resolution, identify rare and novel cell types and discover what makes each cell unique.

With higher single-cell capture efficiency, the new medium-cell (10–17 µm) high-throughput (HT) IFC automatically captures and processes up to 800 single cells per run. Combined with the updated C1™ Single-Cell mRNA Seq HT Reagent Kit, the new IFC (integrated fluidic circuit) uses 3′ end counting chemistry to provide industry-leading sensitivity and powerful control over experimental cost and data quality.

C1 Single-Cell mRNA Seq HT is:

  • Sensitive: Detect thousands of genes per cell.
  • Flexible: Control experimental cost and data quality by modulating sequencing depth.
  • Efficient: Load up to two samples per IFC.
  • Powerful: Image cells on-IFC to directly correlate phenotype with expression profile and improve data quality.
  • Affordable: Run larger single-cell studies with HT product pricing reductions of up to 50%.

C1 is the gold standard for single-cell research

With the largest application menu of any automated single-cell system on the market, C1 allows you to seamlessly transition from identifying critical cell populations on HT to deeply characterizing those cells using full-length mRNA sequencing, DNA sequencing, epigenetic analysis, micro-RNA expression profiling and more.

Scale your single-cell research with C1 Single-Cell mRNA Seq HT. Request contact from a sales rep:



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