Product # Product Clone Tag Tds Target  
201241 Maxpar® Cell Acquisition Solution—200 mL (6 Packs) TDS
106393 Sample Loader-Sample Holder—Large
107144 Nebulizer and Nebulizer Gas Line—Helios™
107085 Argon Gas Input – Sample Loader
101508 Luer Adapter
201325 Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™ TDS
107142 Nebulizer Gas Line—Helios™
107301 O-Ring, Pressure Chamber, Sample Loader—5 Pack
3198001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-198Pt—25 Tests HI30 198Pt TDS CD45
3194001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-194Pt—25 Tests HI30 194Pt TDS CD45
107004 Spray Chamber, PEEK—Helios™
107302 O-Ring, Spray Chamber, Body—5 Pack
107086 Sample Loader-Sample Line
3194001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-194Pt—100 Tests HI30 194Pt TDS CD45
3196001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-196Pt—25 Tests HI30 196Pt TDS CD45
107950 WB Injector
107018 HT Injector
107033 Sample Loader-Sample Probe Line
3195001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-195Pt—100 Tests HI30 195Pt TDS CD45
201240 Maxpar® Cell Acquisition Solution—200 mL TDS
101802 Skimmer-Reducer Cone Assembly
107304 O-Ring, Spray Chamber, Inner Cap—5 Pack
107028 Sample Loader-Sample Holder—Small
3195001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-195Pt—25 Tests HI30 195Pt TDS CD45
3196001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-196Pt—100 Tests HI30 196Pt TDS CD45
3198001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-198Pt—100 Tests HI30 198Pt TDS CD45
3153008B Anti-Human TIM-3 (F38-2E2)-153Eu—100 Tests F382E2 153Eu TDS TIM-3
3153012B Anti-Mouse CD8a (53-6.7)-153Eu—100 Tests 536.7 153Eu TDS CD8a
3154001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-154Sm—100 Tests HI30 154Sm TDS CD45
3156001B Anti-Human CD10 (HI10a)-156Gd—100 Tests HI10a 156Gd TDS CD10
3156003A Anti-pSLP-76 [Y128] (J141-668.36.58)-156Gd 50 Tests J141668.36.58 156Gd TDS pSLP-76 [Y128]
3156005B Anti-PE (PE001)-156Gd—100 Tests PE001 156Gd TDS PE
3159007B Anti-Human CD90 (5E10)-159Tb—100 Tests 5E10 159Tb TDS CD90/Thy-1
3159011B Anti-Mouse CD23 (B3B4)-159Tb—100 Tests B3B4 159Tb TDS CD23
3160002B Anti-Mouse CD5 (53-7.3)-160Gd—100 Tests 537.3 160Gd TDS CD5
3164002B Anti-Human IL-17A (N49-653)-164Dy—100 Tests N49653 164Dy TDS IL-17A
3164005B Anti-Mouse Ly-6A/E (Sca-1) (D7)-164Dy—100 Tests D7 164Dy TDS Ly-6A/E/Sca-1
3164008B Anti-Human CD95/Fas (DX2)-164Dy—100 Tests DX2 164Dy TDS CD95/Fas
3164009B Anti-Human CD161 (HP-3G10)-164Dy—100 Tests HP3G10 164Dy TDS CD161
3162021B Anti-Human CD335/NKp46 (BAB281)-162Dy—100 Tests BAB281 162Dy TDS CD335/NKp46
3156016A Anti-Mouse CD196/CCR6 (29-2L17)-156Gd—50 Tests 292L17 156Gd TDS CD196/CCR6
3160012B Anti-Mouse CD45R/B220 (RA3-6B2)-160Gd—100 Tests RA36B2 160Gd TDS CD45R/B220
3172018B Anti-Mouse Perforin (OMAK-D)-172Yb—100 Tests OMAKD 172Yb TDS Perforin
3151006B Anti-Mouse IgM (RMM-1)-151Eu—100 Tests RMM1 151Eu TDS IgM
3151009B Anti-Human CD14 (M5E2)-151Eu—100 Tests M5E2 151Eu TDS CD14
3152005A Anti-pAkt [S473] (D9E)-152Sm—50 Tests D9E 152Sm TDS pAkt [S473]
3160003B Anti-Human CD28 (CD28.2)-160Gd—100 Tests CD28.2 160Gd TDS CD28
3160005B Anti-Human IgG kappa (MHK-49)-160Gd—100 Tests MHK49 160Gd TDS Ig kappa/light chain
3162017B Anti-Mouse CD11c (N418)-162Dy—100 Tests N418 162Dy TDS CD11c
3174008B Anti-Mouse Ly-6G/C/Gr-1 (RB6-8C5)-174Yb—100 Tests RB68C5 174Yb TDS Ly-6G/C/Gr-1
3162003B Anti-Mouse TER-119 (TER-119)-162Dy—100 Tests TER119 162Dy TDS TER-119/Glycophorin A
3162001B Anti-Human CD69 (FN50)-162Dy—100 Tests FN50 162Dy TDS CD69
3142018B Anti-Human CD134/OX40 (ACT35) - 142Nd - 100 Tests ACT35 142Nd TDS CD134/OX40
3159037B Anti-Human CD366/Tim-3 (F38-2E2) - 159Tb - 100 Tests F38-2E2 159Tb TDS CD366/Tim-3
201317 Maxpar® Human Mono/Macro Phenotyping Panel Kit, 15 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3156015A Anti-Human CD195/CCR5 (NP-6G4)-156Gd—50 Tests NP6G4 156Gd TDS CD195/CCR5
3152014A Anti-Human cleaved Caspase 7 (D6H1)-152Sm—50 Tests D6H1 152Sm TDS Caspase 7/Cleaved
3159038B Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43) - 159Tb - 100 Tests MBSA43 159Tb TDS TIGIT
3169028B Anti-Human CD366/Tim-3 (F38-2E2) - 169Tm - 100 Tests F38-2E2 169Tm TDS CD366/Tim-3
3169029C Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (MIH1) - 169Tm - 25 Tests MIH1 169Tm TDS CD274/PD-L1
3209015B Anti-Human CD137/4-1BB (4B4-1) - 209Bi - 100 Tests 4B4-1 209Bi TDS CD137/4-1BB
3156008B Anti-Human CD86/B7.2 (IT2.2)-156Gd—100 Tests IT2.2 156Gd TDS CD86
3156009B Anti-Mouse CD14 (Sa14-2)-156Gd—100 Tests Sa142 156Gd TDS CD14
3149013B Anti-Human CD34 (581)-149Sm—100 Tests 581 149Sm TDS CD34
3168012A Anti-Human pStat6 [Y641] (18/P-Stat6)-168Er—50 Tests 18 168Er TDS pStat6 [Y641]
3170010B Anti-Human CD45RA (HI100)-170Er—100 Tests HI100 170Er TDS CD45RA
3163011B Anti-Human IL-4 (MP4-25D2)-163Dy—100 Tests MP425D2 163Dy TDS IL-4
3159003A Anti-Human CD197/CCR7 (G043H7)-159Tb—50 Tests G043H7 159Tb TDS CD197/CCR7
3169002B Anti-Mouse TCRb (H57-597)-169Tm—100 Tests H57597 169Tm TDS TCRb
3169006B Anti-Human IL-17A (BL168)-169Tm—100 Tests BL168 169Tm TDS IL-17A
3169008B Anti-Human CD45RA (HI100)-169Tm—100 Tests HI100 169Tm TDS CD45RA
3170001B Anti-Human CD3 (UCHT1)-170Er—100 Tests UCHT1 170Er TDS CD3
3170002B Anti-Mouse NK1.1 (PK136)-170Er—100 Tests PK136 170Er TDS CD161/NK1.1
3171002B Anti-Human/Mouse Granzyme B (GB11)-171Yb—100 Tests GB11 171Yb TDS Granzyme B
3156010B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-156Gd—100 Tests HI30 156Gd TDS CD45
3156011B Anti-Human IL-6 (MQ2-13A5)-156Gd—100 Tests MQ213A5 156Gd TDS IL-6
3158010B Anti-Human CD27 (L128)-158Gd—100 Tests L128 158Gd TDS CD27
3173002B Anti-Human CD141 (1A4)-173Yb—100 Tests 1A4 173Yb TDS CD141
3143012B Anti-Human CD127/IL-7Ra (A019D5)-143Nd—100 Tests A019D5 143Nd TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3143014B Anti-Human CD123/IL-3R (6H6)-143Nd—100 Tests 6H6 143Nd TDS CD123/IL-3R
3143015B Anti-Mouse CD11b (M1/70)-143Nd—100 Tests M1/70 143Nd TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3144002B Anti-Mouse IL-2 (JES6-5H4)-144Nd—100 Tests JES65H4 144Nd TDS IL-2
3144003A Anti-pTyrosine (Tyr100)-144Nd—50 Tests Tyr100 144Nd TDS pTyrosine
3144006B Anti-FITC (FIT-22)-144Nd—100 Tests FIT22 144Nd TDS FITC
3167007A Anti-Human/Mouse Gata3 (TWAJ)-167Er—50 Tests TWAJ 167Er TDS Gata3
3167008B Anti-Mouse Nkp46 (29A1.4)-167Er—100 Tests 29A1.4 167Er TDS CD335/Nkp46
3168003B Anti-Mouse CD8a (53-6.7)-168Er—100 Tests 536.7 168Er TDS CD8a
3149018B Anti-Human CD66a/c/e (ASL-32)-149Sm—100 Tests ASL32 149Sm TDS CD66a/c/e
3159022B Anti-Human CD98 (UM7F8)-159Tb—100 Tests UM7F8 159Tb TDS CD98
3165018B Anti-Mouse NK1.1 (PK136)-165Ho—100 Tests PK136 165Ho TDS CD161/NK1.1
3144014B Anti-Human CD38 (HIT2)-144Nd—100 Tests HIT2 144Nd TDS CD38
3175010B Anti-Mouse CD45 (30-F11)-175Lu—100 Tests 30F11 175Lu TDS CD45
3175014B Anti-Mouse CD38 (90)-175Lu—100 Tests 90 175Lu TDS CD38
3176001B Anti-Human CD56 (HCD56)-176Yb—100 Tests HCD56 176Yb TDS CD56/NCAM
3176003B Anti-Human CD56 (CMSSB)-176Yb—100 Tests CMSSB 176Yb TDS CD56/NCAM
3165014B Anti-Mouse CD326/EpCAM (G8.8)-165Ho—100 Tests G8.8 165Ho TDS CD326/EpCAM
3172011B Anti-Human IL-21 (3A3-N2)-172Yb—100 Tests 3A3N2 172Yb TDS IL-21
3172012B Anti-Mouse CD11b (M1/70 )-172Yb—100 Tests M1/70 172Yb TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3145004B Anti-Human CD31/PECAM-1 (WM59)-145Nd—100 Tests WM59 145Nd TDS CD31/PECAM-1
3147005A Anti-beta-Catenin (D10A8)-147Sm—50 Tests D10A8 147Sm TDS β-Catenin
3150001B Anti-Human CD61 (VI-PL2)-150Nd—100 Tests VIPL2 150Nd TDS CD61
3171007B Anti-Mouse CD38 (90)-171Yb—100 Tests 90 171Yb TDS CD38
3163014B Anti-Human CD34 (581)-163Dy—100 Tests 581 163Dy TDS CD34
3161021B Anti-Human Tim-4 (9F4)-161Dy—100 Tests 9F4 161Dy TDS Tim-4
3164022B Anti-Human CD166 (3A6)-164Dy—100 Tests 3A6 164Dy TDS CD166
3171017A Anti-Human CD195/CCR5 (NP-6G4)-171Yb—50 Tests NP6G4 171Yb CD195/CCR5
3161017B Anti-Human CD107b (H4B4)-161Dy—100 Tests H4B4 161Dy TDS CD107b/LAMP2
3166018B Anti-Human CD74 (LN2)-166Er—100 Tests LN2 166Er TDS CD74
3166019B Anti-Human CD328/Siglec-7 (6-434)-166Er—100 Tests 6434 166Er TDS CD328/Siglec-7
3144020B Anti-Human CD42b (HIP1)-144Nd—100 Tests HIP1 144Nd TDS CD42b
3142010B Anti-Human CD40 (5C3)-142Nd—100 Tests 5C3 142Nd CD40
3161023B Anti-Human CD80/B7-1 (2D10.4)-161Dy—100 Tests 2D10.4 161Dy CD80/B7-1
3149021B Anti-Human CD56/NCAM (NCAM16.2)-149Sm—100 Tests NCAM16.2 149Sm CD56/NCAM
3160016B Anti-Human CD186/CXCR6 (K041E5)-160Gd—100 Tests K041E5 160Gd TDS CXCR6/CD186
3147014B Anti-Human CD13 (WM15)-147Sm—100 Tests WM15 147Sm CD13
3168014B Anti-Human CD71 (OKT-9)-168Er—100 Tests OKT9 168Er TDS CD71/Transferrin Receptor
3170013B Anti-Human HLA-DR (L243)-170Er—100 Tests L243 170Er TDS HLA-DR
3174018B Anti-Human CD49d (9F10)-174Yb—100 Tests 9F10 174Yb TDS CD49d
3156020B Anti-Human CD85j (GHI/75)-156Gd—100 Tests GHI/75 156Gd TDS CD85j/ILT2
201110A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 110Cd—4 Rxn 110Cd TDS Antibody
3147009B Anti-Human CD303/BDCA2 (201A)-147Sm—100 Tests 201A 147Sm TDS CD303/BDCA2
3165017B Anti-Human CD163 (GHI/61)-165Ho—100 Tests GHI/61 165Ho TDS CD163
3163004B Anti-Human CD183/CXCR3 (G025H7)-163Dy—100 Tests G025H7 163Dy TDS CD183/CXCR3
3168010B Anti-Mouse CD21 (7G6)-168Er—100 Tests 7G6 168Er TDS CD21
3144015A Anti-pPLCg2 [Y759] (K86-689.37)-144Nd—50 Tests K86689.37 144Nd TDS pPLCg2 [pY759]
3146007A Anti-pEGFR [Y1068] (D7A5)-146Nd 50 Tests D7A5 146Nd TDS pEGFR [Y1068]
201067 Maxpar® Fix and Perm Buffer—100 mL
201072 Tuning Solution—250 mL
3153016B Anti-Mouse CD274/PD-L1 (10F.9G2)-153Eu—100 Tests 10F.9G2 153Eu TDS CD274/PD-L1
3161007B Anti-Ki-67 (B56)-161Dy—100 Tests B56 161Dy TDS Ki-67
201308 Maxpar® Human Intracellular Cytokine I Panel Kit, 11 Marker—25 Tests TDS
201313 Maxpar® Cell Cycle Panel Kit, 5 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3141005B Anti-Mouse Ly-6G/C/Gr-1 (RB6-8C5)-141Pr—100 Tests RB68C5 141Pr TDS Ly-6G/C/Gr-1
3142001B Anti-Human CD19 (HIB19)-142Nd—100 Tests HIB19 142Nd TDS CD19
3142002B Anti-Human IL-4 (MP4-25D2)-142Nd—100 Tests MP425D2 142Nd TDS IL-4
3167009A Anti-Human CD197/CCR7 (G043H7)-167Er—50 Tests G043H7 167Er TDS CD197/CCR7
3175017B Anti-Human CD274/PDL1 (29E.2A3)-175Lu—100 Tests 29E.2A3 175Lu TDS CD274/PD-L1
3165027A Anti-b-Catenin (D13A1)-165Ho—50 Tests D13A1 165Ho TDS β-Catenin
3158021A Anti-E-Cadherin (24E10)-158Gd—50 Tests 24E10 158Gd TDS CD324/E-Cadherin
3172023A Anti-Cleaved Caspase 3 (5A1E)-172Yb—50 Tests 5A1E 172Yb TDS Caspase 3/Cleaved
3176016A Anti-Histone 3 (D1H2)-176Yb—50 Tests D1H2 176Yb TDS Histone 3
3147012A Anti-pStat5 [Y694] (47)-147Sm —50 Tests 47 147Sm TDS pStat5 [Y694]
3153020B Anti-Human CD185/CXCR5 (RF8B2)-153Eu—100 Tests RF8B2 153Eu TDS CD185/CXCR5
3173003A Anti-Human Stat3 (124H6)-173Yb—50 Tests 124H6 173Yb TDS Stat3
3174015B Anti-Human CD94 (HP-3D9)-174Yb—100 Tests HP3D9 174Yb TDS CD94
3175026A Anti-Pan-Actin (D18C11)-175Lu—50 Tests D18C11 175Lu TDS Pan-Actin
3158018B Anti-Human/Mouse CD324/E-Cadherin (DECMA-1)-158Gd—100 Tests DECMA1 158Gd TDS CD324/E-Cadherin
3154016B Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43)-154Sm—100 Tests MBSA43 154Sm TDS TIGIT
3156021B Anti-Human CD100 (A8)-156Gd—100 Tests A8 156Gd TDS CD100
3159019B Anti-Mouse RORgt (B2D)-159Tb—100 Tests B2D 159Tb TDS ROR gamma/t
3159024B Anti-Mouse CD279/PD-1 (29F.1A12)-159Tb—100 Tests 29F.1A12 159Tb TDS CD279/PD-1
3162029B Anti-Mouse CD366/TIM-3 (RMT3-23)-162Dy—100 Tests RMT323 162Dy TDS CD366/Tim-3
3163012B Anti-Human/Mouse BCL-6 (K112-91)-163Dy—100 Tests K11291 163Dy TDS BCL-6
3168013B Anti-Human Integrin a9b1 (Y9A2)-168Er—100 Tests Y9A2 168Er TDS Integrin a9b1
3154019B Anti-Mouse CD73 (TY/11.8)-154Sm—100 Tests CD73 154Sm TDS TY/11.8
3147018B Anti-Mouse CD36 (HM36)-147Sm—100 Tests CD36 147Sm TDS HM36
3141014A Anti-Human CD196/CCR6 (11A9)-141Pr—50 Tests 11A9 141Pr TDS CD196/CCR6
3162031B Anti-Mouse CD180/RP105 (RP/14)-162Dy—100 Tests RP/14 162Dy TDS CD180/RP105
3163017B Anti-Human CD172a/b (SE5A5)-163Dy —100 Tests SE5A5 163Dy TDS CD172a/b/SIRPa/b
3176018B Anti-Human/Mouse CLA (HECA-452)-176Yb—100 Tests HECA452 176Yb TDS CLA
201404 Maxpar® Direct™ NK Cell Expansion Panel 1 TDS
3143025B Anti-CD278/ICOS (C398.4A)-143Nd—100 Tests C398.4A 143Nd TDS CD278/ICOS
3143016B Anti-Human CD325/N-Cadherin (8C11)-143Nd—100 Tests 8C11 143Nd TDS CD325/N-Cadherin
3150023B Anti-Human CD134/OX40 (ACT35)-150Nd—100 Tests ACT35 150Nd TDS CD134/OX40
3141019B Anti-Human CD3 (UCHT1)-141Pr—100 Tests UCHT1 141Pr TDS CD3
201112A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 112Cd—4 Rxn 112Cd TDS Antibody
201113A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 113Cd—4 Rxn 113Cd TDS Antibody
3144023B Anti-Human CD31/PECAM-1 (WM59)-144Nd—100 Tests WM59 144Nd TDS CD31/PECAM-1
3175024B Anti-Human CD172a (SE5A5)-175Lu—100 Tests SE5A5 175Lu TDS CD172a/b/SIRPa/b
201111A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 111Cd—4 Rxn 111Cd TDS Antibody
105197 Sampler Cone—CyTOF®2 & Helios™
101934 Blue Sleeves, Sample Capillary—3 Pack
3158026B Anti-Human TSLP-R (1B4)-158Gd—100 Tests TSLP-R 158Gd TDS 1B4
3153024B Anti-Human TCR Va7.2 (3C10 )-153Eu—100 Tests 3C10 153Eu TDS TCR Va7.2
201071 Washing Solution, E-Pure—250 mL
105350 Injector Sealer Cap
201195 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin-195Pt—100 µL 195Pt TDS Protein
201323 Maxpar Basic Human T Cell Immuno-Oncology Panel Set—25 Tests
201322 Maxpar Complete Human T Cell Immuno-Oncology Panel Set—25 Tests
3165012B Anti-Biotin (1D4-C5)-165Ho—100 Tests 1D4C5 165Ho TDS Biotin
3110001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-110Cd—100 Tests HI30 110Cd TDS CD45
3110001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-110Cd—25 Tests HI30 110Cd TDS CD45
3112001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-112Cd—25 Tests HI30 112Cd TDS CD45
3150004B Anti-Human MIP1beta (D21-1351)-150Nd—100 Tests D211351 150Nd TDS MIP1beta
3150005A Anti-pStat5 [Y694] (47)-150Nd—50 Tests 47 150Nd TDS pStat5 [Y694]
3159005B Anti-Human CD22 (HIB22)-159Tb—100 Tests HIB22 159Tb TDS CD22
3160001B Anti-Human CD14 (M5E2)-160Gd—100 Tests M5E2 160Gd TDS CD14
3145008B Anti-Human CD16 (3G8)-145Nd—100 Tests 3G8 145Nd TDS CD16
3146011B Anti-Human CD61 (VI-PL2)-146Nd—100 Tests VIPL2 146Nd TDS CD61
3148012B Anti-Human TRA-1-60 (TRA-1-60)-148Nd—100 Tests TRA160 148Nd TDS TRA-1-60
3150019B Anti-Human Sox2 (O30-678)-150Nd—100 Tests O30678 150Nd TDS Sox2
3154009B Anti-Human CD309/KDR (7D4-6)-154Sm—100 Tests 7D46 154Sm TDS CD309/KDR
3161009B Anti-Human CD90 (5E10)-161Dy—100 Tests 5E10 161Dy TDS CD90/Thy-1
3164003B Anti-Mouse CD62L (MEL-14)-164Dy—100 Tests MEL14 164Dy TDS CD62L/L-selectin
3164004A Anti-IkBa (Amino-terminal Antigen) (L35A5)-164Dy—50 Tests L35A5 164Dy TDS IkBa
3164006B Anti-Human/Mouse CD49F (GoH3)-164Dy—100 Tests G0H3 164Dy TDS CD49F
3169013B Anti-Human CD159a/NKG2A (Z199)-169Tm—100 Tests Z199 169Tm TDS CD159a/NKG2A
3162005B Anti-Human CD11c (Bu15)-162Dy—100 Tests Bu15 162Dy TDS CD11c
3162008B Anti-Human CD79B (CB3-1)-162Dy—100 Tests CB31 162Dy TDS CD79B
3150007B Anti-Human IL-22 (22URTI)-150Nd—100 Tests 22URTI 150Nd TDS IL-22
3150011B Anti-Mouse IgD (11-26c.2a)-150Nd—100 Tests 1126c.2a 150Nd TDS IgD
3153009A Anti-Human CyclinB1 (GNS-1)-153Eu—50 Tests GNS1 153Eu TDS CyclinB1
3154003B Anti-Human CD3 (UCHT1)-154Sm—100 Tests UCHT1 154Sm TDS CD3
3156004B Anti-Human CD183/CXCR3 (G025H7)-156Gd—100 Tests G025H7 156Gd TDS CD183/CXCR3
3156007B Anti-Human CD29 (TS2/16)-156Gd—100 Tests TS2/16 156Gd TDS CD29
3165025B Anti-Human CD19 (HIB19)-165Ho—100 Tests HIB19 165Ho TDS CD19
3156019B Anti-Human CD14 (HCD14)-156Gd—100 Tests HCD14 156Gd TDS CD14
3176013B Anti-Human CD56 (R19-760)-176Yb—100 Tests R19760 176Yb TDS CD56/NCAM
3151004B Anti-Human IgG lambda (MHL-38)-151Eu—100 Tests MHL38 151Eu TDS Ig lambda/light chain
3151005B Anti-Mouse CD28 (37.51)-151Eu—100 Tests 37.51 151Eu TDS CD28
3152004B Anti-Mouse CD3e (145-2C11)-152Sm—100 Tests 1452C11 152Sm TDS CD3e
3171012B Anti-Human CD20 (2H7)-171Yb—100 Tests 2H7 171Yb TDS CD20
3153014B Anti-Human CD7 (CD7-6B7)-153Eu—100 Tests CD76B7 153Eu TDS CD7
3146009B Anti-Mouse CD43 (S11)-146Nd—100 Tests S11 146Nd TDS CD43
3153006B Anti-Mouse CD335/NKp46 (29A1.4)-153Eu—100 Tests 29A1.4 153Eu TDS CD335/NKp46
3160010B Anti-Human/Mouse Tbet (4B10)-160Gd—100 Tests 4B10 160Gd TDS Tbet
3162009B Anti-Human CD27 (L128)-162Dy—100 Tests L128 162Dy TDS CD27
3163001B Anti-APC (APC003)-163Dy—100 Tests APC003 163Dy TDS APC
3159038C Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43) - 159Tb - 25 Tests MBSA43 159Tb TDS TIGIT
3175039B Anti-Human CD278/ICOS (C398.4A) - 175Lu - 100 Tests C398.4A 175Lu TDS CD278/ICOS
3209015C Anti-Human CD137/4-1BB (4B4-1) - 209Bi - 25 Tests 4B4-1 209Bi TDS CD137/4-1BB
3158013B Anti-Human CD137/4-1BB (4B4-1)-158Gd—100 Tests 4B41 158Gd TDS CD137/4-1BB
3158012B Anti-Human CD134/OX40 (ACT35)-158Gd—100 Tests ACT35 158Gd TDS CD134/OX40
3163009B Anti-Human CD272/BTLA (MIH26)-163Dy—100 Tests MIH26 163Dy TDS CD272/BTLA
3154010B Anti-Human TIM-3 (F38-2E2)-154Sm—100 Tests F382E2 154Sm TDS TIM-3
3151014B Anti-Human/Mouse IL-5 (TRFK5)-151Eu—100 Tests TRFK5 151Eu TDS IL-5
3160013B Anti-Human MIP1beta (D21-1351)-160Gd—100 Tests D21-1351 160Gd TDS MIP1beta
3158002B Anti-Mouse IL-10 (JES5-16E3)-158Gd—100 Tests JES516E3 158Gd TDS IL-10
3158003A Anti-Mouse Foxp3 (FJK-16s)-158Gd—50 Tests FJK16s 158Gd TDS Foxp3
3158005A Anti-pStat3 [Y705] (4/P-Stat3)-158Gd—50 Tests 4/P-Stat3 158Gd TDS pStat3 [Y705]
3164030B Anti-Human Arginase I (14D2C43)-164Dy—100 Tests 14D2C43 164Dy TDS Arginase I
3159001B Anti-Human CD11c (Bu15)-159Tb—100 Tests Bu15 159Tb TDS CD11c
3168009B Anti-Human CD138/Syndecan-1 (DL-101)-168Er—100 Tests DL101 168Er TDS CD138
3150020B Anti-Human CD86/B7.2 (IT2.2)-150Nd—100 Tests IT2.2 150Nd TDS CD86
3148010B Anti-Human CD14 (RMO52)-148Nd—100 Tests RMO52 148Nd TDS CD14
3149008B Anti-Human CD66a/CEACAM1 (CD66a-B1.1)-149Sm—100 Tests CD66aB1.1 149Sm TDS CD66a/CEACAM1
3165002B Anti-Human IFNg (B27)-165Ho—100 Tests B27 165Ho TDS IFNg
3165006B Anti-Human Notch3 (MHN3-21)-165Ho—100 Tests MHN321 165Ho TDS Notch3
3165010B Anti-Human CD61 (VI-PL2)-165Ho—100 Tests VIPL2 165Ho TDS CD61
3165013B Anti-Mouse CD31/PECAM-1 (390)-165Ho—100 Tests 390 165Ho TDS CD31/PECAM-1
3171010A Anti-pERK1/2 [T202/Y204] (D13.14.4E)-171Yb—50 Tests D13.14.4E 171Yb TDS pERK 1/2 [T202/Y204]
3172004B Anti-Human IgM (MHM-88)-172Yb—100 Tests MHM88 172Yb TDS IgM
3143010B Anti-Mouse TCRb (H57-597)-143Nd—100 Tests H57597 143Nd TDS TCRb
3143011A Anti-Human cleaved PARP (F21-852)-143Nd—50 Tests F21852 143Nd TDS PARP/Cleaved
3144005B Anti-Human CD72 (3F3)-144Nd—100 Tests 3F3 144Nd TDS CD72
3175009A Anti-pS6 [S235/S236] (N7-548)-175Lu—50 Tests N7548 175Lu TDS pS6 [S235/S236]
3175015B Anti-Human CD14 (M5E2)-175Lu—100 Tests M5E2 175Lu TDS CD14
3176006B Anti-Mouse FceR1a (MAR-1)-176Yb—100 Tests MAR1 176Yb TDS FceR1a
3170007B Anti-Human CD3e (SP34-2)-170Er—100 Tests SP342 170Er TDS CD3
3166003B Anti-Mouse IL-4 (11B11)-166Er—100 Tests 11B11 166Er TDS IL-4
3145003B Anti-Human CD138/Syndecan-1 (DL-101)-145Nd—100 Tests DL101 145Nd TDS CD138
3166011A Anti-pRb [S807/S811] (J112-906)-166Er—50 Tests J112906 166Er TDS pRb [S807/811]
3155005B Anti-Human CD268 (11C1)-155Gd—100 Tests 11C1 155Gd TDS CD268/BAFF-R
3147002B Anti-Human IL-6 (MQ2-13A5)-147Sm—100 Tests MQ213A5 147Sm TDS IL-6
3164018B Anti-Human CD23 (EBVCS-5)-164Dy—100 Tests EBVCS5 164Dy TDS CD23
3166017B Anti-Human CD141 (M80)-166Er—100 Tests M80 166Er TDS CD141
3169020B Anti-Human CD32 (FUN-2)-169Tm—100 Tests FUN2 169Tm TDS CD32
3160020B Anti-Human CD23 (EBVCS-5)-160Gd—100 Tests EBVCS5 160Gd CD23
3173006B Anti-Human/Mouse Granzyme B (GB11)-173Yb—100 Tests GB11 173Yb TDS Granzyme B
3176012B Anti-Human c-Myc (9E10)-176Yb—100 Tests 9E10 176Yb TDS c-Myc
3150021B Anti-Human CD63 (H5C6)-150Nd—100 Tests H5C6 150Nd TDS CD63
3209004B Anti-Human CD47 (CC2C6)-209Bi—100 Tests CC2C6 209Bi TDS CD47
3148015B Anti-Human CD55 (JS11)-148Nd—100 Tests JS11 148Nd TDS CD55
3174017B Anti-Human CD229 (HLy9.1.25)-174Yb—100 Tests HLy9.1.25 174Yb TDS CD229/Ly-9
3142007B Anti-Human CD57 (HCD57)-142Nd—100 Tests HCD57 142Nd TDS CD57
3158019B Anti-Human CD135/Flt3 (BV10A4H2)-158Gd—100 Tests BV10A4H2 158Gd TDS CD135/Flt3
3149020B Anti-Human Syk (4D10.2)-149Sm—100 Tests 4D10.2 149Sm TDS SyK
3161022B Anti-Human CD66a/CEACAM1 (CD66a-B1.1)-161Dy—100 Tests CD66aB1.1 161Dy TDS CD66a/CEACAM1
3154013B Anti-Human CD84 (CD84.1.21)-154Sm—100 Tests CD84.1.21 154Sm TDS CD84
3156022B Anti-Human CD147 (HIM6)-156Gd—100 Tests HIM6 156Gd TDS CD147
3155006B Anti-Human CD146 (P1H12)-155Gd—100 Tests P1H12 155Gd TDS CD146
201309 Maxpar® Signaling I Panel Kit, 7 Marker—25 Tests TDS
201103A Cell-ID™ Intercalator-Rh—500 µM 103Rh TDS Nucleic Acid
201127 Cell-ID™ IdU, 100 µL—300 Tests 127I TDS DNA
201305 Maxpar® Human T-Cell Phenotyping Panel Kit, 16 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3142003B Anti-Mouse CD11c (N418)-142Nd—100 Tests N418 142Nd TDS CD11c
3142004A Anti-Cleaved Caspase 3 (D3E9)-142Nd—50 Tests D3E9 142Nd TDS Caspase 3/Cleaved
3142005B Anti-Mouse CD39 (24DMS1)-142Nd—100 Tests 24DMS1 142Nd TDS CD39
201314 Maxpar® Human B-Cell Phenotyping Panel Kit, 12 Marker— 25 Tests TDS
3162018A Anti-pPLCg2 [Y759] (K86-689.37)-162Dy—50 Tests K86689.37 162Dy TDS pPLCg2 [pY759]
3146010B Anti-Human TNFa (MAb11)-146Nd—100 Tests Mab11 146Nd TDS TNFa
3161004B Anti-Human CD152/CTLA-4 (14D3)-161Dy—100 Tests 14D3 161Dy TDS CD152/CTLA-4
3172016B Anti-Mouse CD86 (GL1)-172Yb—100 Tests GL1 172Yb TDS CD86
3163007B Anti-Human CD56 (NCAM16.2)-163Dy—100 Tests NCAM16.2 163Dy TDS CD56/NCAM
3146005B Anti-Human IgD (IA6-2)-146Nd—100 Tests IA62 146Nd TDS IgD
201066 Maxpar® Perm-S Buffer—250 mL TDS
3174019B Anti-Mouse CD223/LAG3 (C9B7W)-174Yb—100 Tests C9B7W 174Yb TDS CD223/LAG-3
3175025B Anti-Human CD193/CCR3 (5E8)-175Lu—100 Tests 5E8 175Lu TDS CD193/CCR3
201406 Maxpar® Direct™ T Cell Expansion Panel 2 TDS
3149022B Anti-Human/Mouse CD282 (T2.5)-149Sm—100 Tests T2.5 149Sm TDS CD282
3167015B Anti-Human CD301/CLEC10a (H037G3)-167Er—100 Tests H037G3 167Er TDS CD301/CLEC10A
3168017B Anti-Human CD127/IL-7Ra (A019D5)-168Er—100 Tests A019D5 168Er TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3170011B Anti-Mouse CD154/CD40 Ligand (MR1)-170Er—100 Tests MR1 170Er TDS CD154/CD40L
3148011A Anti-Human HER2/ErbB2 (29D8)-148Nd—50 Tests 29D8 148Nd TDS HER2/ErbB2/EGFR2
3156026B Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (29E.2A3)-156Gd—100 Tests 29E.2A3 156Gd TDS CD274/PD-L1
3159026A Anti-Human p21 Waf1/Cip1 (12D1)-159Tb—50 Tests 12D1 159Tb TDS p21 Waf1/Cip1
3147007B Anti-Human CD20 (H1)-147Sm—100 Tests H1 147Sm TDS CD20
3176009B Anti-Human CD56 (N901)-176Yb—100 Tests N901 176Yb TDS CD56/NCAM
3165029B Anti-Human CD101 (BB27)-165Ho—100 Tests BB27 165Ho TDS CD101/BB27
3089005B Anti-Mouse CD45 (30-F11)-89Y—100 Tests 30F11 89Y TDS CD45
3161020B Anti-Mouse/Rat CD40 (HM40-3)-161Dy—100 Tests HM403 161Dy TDS CD40
3209006B Anti-Mouse I-A/I-E (M5/114.15.2)-209Bi—100 Tests M5/114.15.2 209Bi TDS I-A/I-E
3146014B Anti-Human CD11c (3.9)-146Nd—100 Tests 3.9 146Nd TDS CD11c
3175027B Anti-Human CD235ab (HIR2)-175Lu—100 Tests HIR2 175Lu TDS CD235ab/Glycophorin
3170012B Anti-Human CD99 (HCD99)-170Er—100 Tests HCD99 170Er TDS CD99
3176017B Anti-Human CD58 (TS2/9)-176Yb—100 Tests TS2/9 176Yb TDS CD58/LFA-3
3162027A Anti-Human Pan-Keratin (C11)-162Dy—50 Tests C11 162Dy TDS Pan-Keratin
201402 Maxpar® Direct™ Myeloid and B Cell Expansion Panel 1 TDS
201321 Maxpar Human T Cell Immuno-Oncology EX Panel Kit, 8 marker—25 Tests TDS
3145011A Anti-Human Progesterone Receptor (D8Q2J)-145Nd—50 Tests D8Q2J 145Nd TDS Progesterone Receptor A/B
3146012B Anti-Mouse CD5 (53-7.3)-146Nd—100 Tests 537.3 146Nd TDS CD5
3149017B Anti-Human CD271 (C40-1457)-149Sm—100 Tests C401457 149Sm TDS CD271
3151023B Anti-Human HLA-DR (G46-6)-151Eu—100 Tests G46-6 151Eu TDS HLA-DR
3150024A Anti-Human p53 (DO-7)-150Nd—50 Tests DO7 150Nd TDS p53
3151017B Anti-Mouse CD140b (APB5)-151Eu—100 Tests APB5 151Eu TDS CD140b
3147015B Anti-Human ALDH (44/ALDH)-147Sm—100 Tests 44/ALDH 147Sm TDS ALDH
101429 CyTOF® Air Filter—Small
101818 Flow Injection Valve-Flangeless Ferrule
3150026B Anti-Human CD51/61 (23C6)-150Nd—100 Tests 23C6 150Nd TDS CD51/61
3155014B Anti-Human/Mouse IRF4 (3E4)-155Gd—100 Tests 3E4 155Gd TDS IRF4
3161025B Anti-Human LGR5 (4D11F8)-161Dy—100 Tests 4D11F8 161Dy TDS Lgr5/Central LRR
3174021B Anti-Human ErbB2 (42/c-erbB-2)-174Yb—100 Tests 42/cerbB2 174Yb TDS ErbB2
3141016B Anti-Mouse CD146 (ME-9F1)-141Pr—100 Tests ME9F1 141Pr CD146
3148018B Anti-Mouse CD140a (APA5)-148Nd—100 Tests APA5 148Nd CD140a
101794 Nebulizer—CyTOF® & CyTOF®2
201064 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin—100 µL TDS Protein
3111001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-111Cd—100 Tests HI30 111Cd TDS CD45
3113001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-113Cd—100 Tests HI30 113Cd TDS CD45
3114001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-114Cd—25 Tests HI30 114Cd TDS CD45
201198 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin-198Pt—100 µL 198Pt TDS Protein
3152010B Anti-Human CD21 (BL13)-152Sm—100 Tests BL13 152Sm TDS CD21
3152011B Anti-Human CD66b (80H3)-152Sm—100 Tests 80H3 152Sm TDS CD66b
3153001B Anti-Human CD45RA (HI100)-153Eu—100 Tests HI100 153Eu TDS CD45RA
3153002B Anti-Mouse CD45.1 (A20)-153Eu—100 Tests A20 153Eu TDS CD45.1
3153003A Anti-pStat1 [Y701] (58D6)-153Eu—50 Tests 58D6 153Eu TDS pStat1 [Y701]
3153007B Anti-Human CD303/BDCA2 (201A)-153Eu—100 Tests 201A 153Eu TDS CD303/BDCA2
3159006B Anti-Mouse CD279 (RMP1-30)-159Tb—100 Tests RMP130 159Tb TDS CD279/PD-1
3159009B Anti-Mouse F4/80 (BM8)-159Tb—100 Tests BM8 159Tb TDS F4/80
3159010A Anti-pMAPKAPK2 [T334] (27B7)-159Tb—50 Tests 27B7 159Tb TDS pMAPKAPK2 [T334]
3159015B Anti-Human/Mouse CD45R/B220 (RA3-6B2)-159Tb—100 Tests RA36B2 159Tb TDS CD45R/B220
3164013A Anti-Mouse CD197/CCR7 (4B12)-164Dy—50 Tests 4B12 164Dy TDS CD197/CCR7
3164014B Anti-Mouse LAP/TGFb (TW7-16B4)-164Dy—100 Tests TW716B4 164Dy TDS LAP/TGFbeta
3162004A Anti-pLck [T505] (4/LCK-Y505)-162Dy—50 Tests 4/LCKY505 162Dy TDS pLck [T505]
3150009B Anti-Mouse CD24 (M1/69)-150Nd—100 Tests M1/69 150Nd TDS CD24
3150013A Anti-pRb [S807/S811] (J112-906)-150Nd—50 Tests J112906 150Nd TDS pRb [S807/811]
3144019B Anti-Human CD15/SSEA-1 (W6D3)-144Nd—100 Tests W6D3 144Nd TDS CD15/SSEA-1
3151012B Anti-Mouse CD64 (X54-5/7.1)-151Eu—100 Tests X545/7.1 151Eu TDS CD64
3162023B Anti-Human CD66b (80H3)-162Dy—100 Tests 80H3 162Dy TDS CD66b
3156002A Anti-p38 [T180/Y182] (D3F9)-156Gd—50 Tests D3F9 156Gd TDS p38 [T180/Y182]
3151003B Anti-Human CD2 (TS1/8)-151Eu—100 Tests TS1/8 151Eu TDS CD2
3158016B Anti-Human CD179b (HSL11)-158Gd—100 Tests HSL11 158Gd TDS CD179b
3162012B Anti-Ki-67 (B56)-162Dy—100 Tests B56 162Dy TDS Ki-67
3152002B Anti-Human TNFa (Mab11)-152Sm—100 Tests Mab11 152Sm TDS TNFa
3142015B Anti-Mouse CD185/CXCR5 (L138D7)-142Nd—100 Tests L138D7 142Nd TDS CD185/CXCR5
3149029A Anti-Human CD194/CCR4 (L291H4)-149Sm—50 Tests L291H4 149Sm TDS CD194/CCR4
3153030A Anti-Human CD194/CCR4 (L291H4)-153Eu—50 Tests L291H4 153Eu TDS CD194/CCR4
3175035A Anti-Human CD194/CCR4 (L291H4)-175Lu—50 Tests L291H4 175Lu TDS CD194/CCR4
3158032A Anti-Human CD194/CCR4 (L291H4)-158Gd—50 Tests L291H4 158Gd TDS CD194/CCR4
3169030B Anti-Human CD278/ICOS (C398.4A) - 169Tm - 100 Tests C398.4A 169Tm TDS CD278/ICOS
3209014C Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (MIH1) - 209Bi - 25 Tests MIH1 209Bi TDS CD274/PD-L1
3176008B Anti-Human CD56 (NCAM16.2)-176Yb—100 Tests NCAM16.2 176Yb TDS CD56/NCAM
3142018C Anti-Human CD134/OX40 (ACT35) - 142Nd - 25 Tests ACT35 142Nd TDS CD134/OX40
3163005B Anti-Human CD105/Endoglin (43A3)-163Dy—100 Tests 43A3 163Dy TDS CD105/Endoglin
3170009B Anti-Human EGFR (AY13)-170Er—100 Tests AY13 170Er TDS EGFR
3159037C Anti-Human CD366/Tim-3 (F38-2E2) - 159Tb - 25 Tests F38-2E2 159Tb TDS CD366/Tim-3
3169029B Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (MIH1) - 169Tm - 100 Tests MIH1 169Tm TDS CD274/PD-L1
3209013B Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43) - 209Bi - 100 Tests MBSA43 209Bi TDS TIGIT
3170003B Anti-Biotin (1D4-C5)-170Er—100 Tests 1D4C5 170Er TDS Biotin
3174006B Anti-FITC (FIT-22)-174Yb—100 Tests FIT22 174Yb TDS FITC
3175001B Anti-Human CD184/CXCR4 (12G5)-175Lu—100 Tests 12G5 175Lu TDS CD184/CXCR4
3175002G Goat Anti-Rabbit (polyclonal)-175Lu—50 μg Polyclonal 175Lu IgG
3164011B Anti-Mouse CD49b (HMa2)-164Dy—100 Tests HMa2 164Dy TDS CD49b
3169004B Anti-Human CD24 (ML5)-169Tm—100 Tests ML5 169Tm TDS CD24
3172020B Anti-Human IL-17A (BL168)-172Yb—100 Tests BL168 172Yb TDS IL-17A
3175023B Anti-Human TNFa (Mab11)-175Lu—100 Tests Mab11 175Lu TDS TNFa
3158009B Anti-Mouse CD9 (KMC8)-158Gd—100 Tests KMC8 158Gd TDS CD9
3158011B Anti-Human CD10 (HI10a)-158Gd—100 Tests HI10a 158Gd TDS CD10
3209002B Anti-Human CD16 (3G8)-209Bi—100 Tests 3G8 209Bi TDS CD16
3144007A Anti-Human CD195/CCR5 (NP-6G4)-144Nd—50 Tests NP6G4 144Nd TDS CD195/CCR5
3144009B Anti-Mouse CD16/32 (93)-144Nd—100 Tests 93 144Nd TDS CD16/32
3144010B Anti-Human IL-4 (MP4-25D2)-144Nd—100 Tests MP425D2 144Nd TDS IL-4
3149005A Anti-p4E-BP1 [T37/T46] (236B4)-149Sm—50 Tests 236B4 149Sm TDS p4E-BP1
3174001B Anti-Human HLA-DR (L243)-174Yb—100 Tests L243 174Yb TDS HLA-DR
3174002B Anti-Mouse IL-17A (TC11-18H10.1)-174Yb—100 Tests TC1118H10.1 174Yb TDS IL-17A
3174005A Anti-pStat4 [Y693] (38/p-Stat4)-174Yb—50 Tests 38/p-Stat4 174Yb TDS pStat4 [Y693]
3143004B Anti-Mouse CD69 (H1.2F3)-143Nd—100 Tests H1.2F3 143Nd TDS CD69
3171008B Anti-Mouse CD80 (16-10A1)-171Yb—100 Tests 1610A1 171Yb TDS CD80/B7-1
3172001G Goat Anti-Mouse (polyclonal)-172Yb—50 μg Polyclonal 172Yb TDS IgG
3172002G Goat Anti-Rat (polyclonal)-172Yb—50 μg Polyclonal 172Yb TDS IgG
3172007B Anti-Human CD38 (HIT2)-172Yb—100 Tests HIT2 172Yb TDS CD38
3168002B Anti-Human CD8 (SK1)-168Er—100 Tests SK1 168Er TDS CD8a
3168006B Anti-Human CD154/CD40L (24-31)-168Er—100 Tests 2431 168Er TDS CD154/CD40L
3158022B Anti-Human CD137 Ligand (5F4)-158Gd—100 Tests 5F4 158Gd TDS CD137L/4-1BBL
3148007B Goat Anti-Human IgA (polyclonal)-148Nd—100 Tests Polyclonal 148Nd TDS IgA
3166014B Anti-Mouse CD326/EpCAM (G8.8)-166Er—100 Tests G8.8 166Er TDS CD326/EpCAM
3167004B Anti-Mouse CD150 (TC15)-167Er—100 Tests TC1512F12.2 167Er CD150/SLAM, IPO-3
3175006B Anti-Mouse CD127/IL7Ra (A7R34)-175Lu—100 Tests A7R34 175Lu TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3147003B Anti-Mouse CD45 (30-F11)-147Sm—100 Tests 30F11 147Sm TDS CD45
3148004B Anti-Human CD16 (3G8)-148Nd—100 Tests 3G8 148Nd TDS CD16
3145002B Anti-Mouse CD4 (RM4-5)-145Nd—100 Tests RM45 145Nd TDS CD4
3165001B Anti-Human CD16 (3G8)-165Ho—100 Tests 3G8 165Ho TDS CD16
3151015B Anti-Human CD102 (CBR-IC2/2)-151Eu—100 Tests CBRIC2/2 151Eu TDS CD102/ICAM-2
3153018B Anti-Human CD32 (FUN-2)-153Eu—100 Tests FUN2 153Eu TDS CD32
3161003B Anti-Human DR3 (JD3)-161Dy—100 Tests JD3 161Dy TDS DR3
3159016B Anti-Mouse CD244.2 (m2B4(B6)458.1)-159Tb—100 Tests m2B4(B6)458.1 159Tb TDS CD244.2
3155004B Anti-Human Siglec 9 (K8)-155Gd—100 Tests K8 155Gd TDS Siglec 9
3160015B Anti-Human CD49e (NKI-SAM-1)-160Gd—100 Tests NKISAM1 160Gd TDS CD49e
3161015B Anti-Human CD26 (BA5b)-161Dy—100 Tests BA5b 161Dy TDS CD26
201106A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 106Cd—4 Rxn 106Cd TDS Antibody
3161005A Anti-Human Gata6 (D61E4)-161Dy—50 Tests D61E4 161Dy TDS Gata6
3161006A Anti-Human pBad [S112] (40A9)-161Dy—50 Tests 40A9 161Dy TDS pBad
3161010B Anti-Human IL-23 p19 (23dcdp)-161Dy—100 Tests 23dcdp 161Dy TDS IL-23 p19
3163002B Anti-Human Galectin-9 (9M1-3)-163Dy—100 Tests 9M13 163Dy TDS Galectin-9
3145013B Anti-Human CD7 (CD7-6B7)-145Nd—100 Tests CD76B7 145Nd TDS CD7
3158024B Anti-Human CD284/TLR4 (HTA125)-158Gd—100 Tests HTA125 158Gd CD284/TLR4
3153023B Anti-Human CD192/CCR2 (K036C2)-153Eu—100 Tests K036C2 153Eu CD192/CCR2
3089004B Anti-Human CD41 (HIP8)-89Y—100 Tests HIP8 89Y TDS CD41
3145009B Anti-Human CD45RB (MEM-55)-145Nd—100 Tests MEM55 145Nd TDS CD45RB
3156029B Anti-Human CD184/CXCR4 (12G5)-156Gd—100 Tests 12G5 156Gd TDS CD184/CXCR4
3141001B Anti-Human CD235ab (HIR2)-141Pr—100 Tests HIR2 141Pr TDS CD235ab/Glycophorin
3141002A Anti-pSHP2 [Y580](D66F10)-141Pr—50 Tests D66F10 141Pr TDS pSHP2 [Y580]
3141004B Anti-Human CD49d (9F10)-141Pr—100 Tests 9F10 141Pr TDS CD49d
3141006B Anti-Human CD326/EpCAM (9C4)-141Pr—100 Tests 9C4 141Pr TDS CD326/EpCAM
3141008B Anti-Mouse Ly-6G (1A8)-141Pr—100 Tests 1A8 141Pr TDS Ly-6G
3141009B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-141Pr—100 Tests HI30 141Pr TDS CD45
201307 Maxpar® Human T-Cell Phenotyping EX Panel Kit, 10 Marker—25 Tests TDS
201310 Maxpar® Mouse Intracellular Cytokine I Panel Kit, 8 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3163003B Anti-Human CD294/CRTH2 (BM16)-163Dy—100 Tests BM16 163Dy TDS CD294/CRTH2
3146003B Anti-Mouse CD8a (53-6.7)-146Nd—100 Tests 536.7 146Nd TDS CD8a
3146008B Anti-Mouse F4/80 (BM8)-146Nd—100 Tests BM8 146Nd TDS F4/80
201068 Maxpar® Cell Staining Buffer—500 mL
201306 Maxpar® Mouse Sp/LN Phenotyping Panel Kit, 16 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3158017B Anti-Human IFNg (B27)-158Gd—100 Tests B27 158Gd TDS IFNg
3141010B Anti-Human HLA-A,B,C (W6/32) - 141Pr—100 Tests W6/32 141Pr TDS HLA-ABC
3161008B Anti-Human IL-17A (BL168)-161Dy—100 Tests BL168 161Dy IL-17A
3172014B Anti-Human CD273/PDL2 (24F.10C12)-172Yb—100 Tests 24F.10C12 172Yb TDS CD273/PDL2
201407 Maxpar® Direct™ T Cell Expansion Panel 3 TDS
3168024B Anti-CD278/ICOS (C398.4A)-168Er—100 Tests C398.4A 168Er TDS CD278/ICOS
3174016B Anti-Human MIC A/B (6D4)-174Yb—100 Tests 6D4 174Yb TDS MICA/MICB
3161026B Anti-Human CD162 (KPL-1)-161Dy—100 Tests KPL-1 161Dy TDS CD162
3163013B Anti-Human CD257 (T7-241)-163Dy—100 Tests T7241 163Dy TDS CD257/BAFF, BLYS
3170014B Anti-Human CD54 (HA58)-170Er—100 Tests HA58 170Er TDS CD54
3166020B Anti-Human CD85j/ILT2 (GHI/75)-166Er—100 Tests GHI/75 166Er TDS CD85j/ILT2
3161019B Anti-Human CD85d/ILT4 (42D1)-161Dy—100 Tests 42D1 161Dy TDS CD85d/ILT4
3159028A Anti-Human FoxP3 (259D/C7)-159Tb—50 Tests 259D/C7 159Tb TDS Foxp3
3160017B Anti-Human CD130 (2E1B02)-160Gd—100 Tests 2E1B02 160Gd TDS CD130/gp130
3161011B Anti-Mouse iNOS (CXNFT)-161Dy—100 Tests CXNFT 161Dy TDS iNos/NOS2
3160021B Anti-Mouse I-Ad (39-10-8)-160Gd—100 Tests I-Ad 160Gd TDS 39-10-8
3170018B Anti-Mouse CD169/Siglec-1 (3D6.112)-170Er-—100 Tests 3D6.112 170Er TDS CD169/Siglec-1
3153022B Anti-Mouse CD66a/CEACAM1 (CC1)-153Eu—100 Tests CC1 153Eu TDS CD66a/CEACAM1
3151020B Anti-CD278/ICOS (C398.4A)-151Eu—100 Tests C398.4A 151Eu TDS CD278/ICOS
3176014B Anti-Mouse CD278/ICOS (7E.17G9)-176Yb—100 Tests 7E.17G9 176Yb TDS CD278/ICOS
3176019B Anti-Human CD57 (HCD57)-176Yb—100 Tests HCD57 176Yb TDS CD57
3156018A Anti-Human CD140b/PDGFRb (18A2)-156Gd—50 Tests 18A2 156Gd TDS CD140b/PDGFRb
3155009B Anti-Human CD279/PD-1 (EH12.2H7)-155Gd—100 Tests EH12.2H7 155Gd TDS CD279/PD-1
3164020A Anti-Cytokeratin 7 (RCK105)-164Dy—50 Tests RCK105 164Dy TDS Cytokeratin7/CK7
3146013B Anti-Human CD52 (HI186)-146Nd—100 Tests HI186 146Nd TDS CD52
3148014B Anti-Human CD132 (TUGh4)-148Nd—100 Tests TUGh4 148Nd TDS CD132/common g chain
3175033B Anti-Human CD223/LAG-3 (11C3C65)-175Lu—100 Tests 11C3C65 175Lu TDS CD223/LAG-3
3168015B Anti-Human CD73 (AD2)-168Er—100 Tests AD2 168Er TDS CD73/Ecto-5-nucleotidase
3168016B Anti-Human CD130 (2E1B02)-168Er—100 Tests 2E1B02 168Er TDS CD130/gp130
3169018B Anti-Human CD304/Neuropilin-1 (12C2)-169Tm—100 Tests 12C2 169Tm TDS CD304/Neuropilin-1
3173009B Anti-Human CD59 (p282 (H19))-173Yb—100 Tests p282 (H19) 173Yb TDS CD59
3174012B Anti-Human CD89 (A59)-174Yb—100 Tests A59 174Yb TDS CD89
201114A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 114Cd—4 Rxn 114Cd TDS Antibody
201116A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 116Cd—4 Rxn 116Cd TDS Antibody
3159030B Anti-Mouse CD184/CXCR4 (L276F12)-159Tb—100 Tests L276F12 159Tb TDS CD184/CXCR4
3146016B Anti-Human Thioredoxin (2G11/TRX)-146Nd—100 Tests 2G11/TRX 146Nd Thioredoxin
3155008B Anti-Human CD56 (B159)-155Gd—100 Tests B159 155Gd TDS CD56/NCAM
3141013B Anti-Mouse TNFα (MP6-XT22)-141Pr—100 Tests MP6XT22 141Pr TDS TNFa
3143019B Anti-Mouse CD357/GITR (DTA1)-143Nd—100 Tests DTA1 143Nd TDS CD357/GITR
3162030B Anti-Human/Mouse CD44 (IM7)-162Dy—100 Tests IM7 162Dy TDS CD44
105398 Load Coil
105652 Sample Capillary Tubing
101792 Torch Body–CyTOF, CyTOF2, Helios
3148019B Anti-CD278/ICOS (C398.4A)-148Nd—100 Tests C398.4A 148Nd TDS CD278/ICOS
3150028B Anti-Human HLA-DR, DP (Tu36)-150Nd—100 Tests HLA-DR, DP 150Nd TDS Tu36
3154018B Anti-Human Androgen Receptor (G122-434)-154Sm—100 Tests G122434 154Sm Androgen Receptor
3163024A Anti-Human Estrogen Receptor a (D8H8)-163Dy—50 Tests D8H8 163Dy TDS Estrogen Receptor a
3158025B Anti-Human CD82 (ASL-24)-158Gd—100 Tests ASL-24 158Gd TDS CD82
201057 Maxpar® 10X Barcode Perm Buffer—50 mL
105704 O-Ring, Sampler—CyTOF®2 & Helios™—5 Pack
105910 Nebulizer Cleaning Kit
101509 Union Body, Sample Capillary Kit
201194 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin-194Pt—100 µL 194Pt TDS Protein
3116001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-116Cd—100 Tests HI30 116Cd TDS CD45
3116001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-116Cd—25 Tests HI30 116Cd TDS CD45
3111001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-111Cd—25 Tests HI30 111Cd TDS CD45
3114001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-114Cd—100 Tests HI30 114Cd TDS CD45
3145007B Anti-Human CD81 (5A6)-145Nd—100 Tests 5A6 145Nd TDS CD81
3149012B Anti-Human CD179a (HSL96)-149Sm—100 Tests HSL96 149Sm TDS CD179b
3172017B Anti-Human CX3CR1 (2A9-1)-172Yb—100 Tests 2A91 172Yb TDS CX3CR1
3176010B Anti-Human CD4 (RPA-T4)-176Yb—100 Tests RPAT4 176Yb TDS CD4
3166015B Anti-Mouse CD19 (6D5)-166Er—100 Tests 6D5 166Er TDS CD19
3165020B Anti-Mouse CD3e (145-2C11)-165Ho—100 Tests 1452C11 165Ho TDS CD3e
3150018B Anti-Human/Mouse CD44 (IM7)-150Nd—100 Tests IM7 150Nd TDS CD44
3153011B Anti-Mouse CD16/32 (93)-153Eu—100 Tests 93 153Eu TDS CD16/32
3159012B Anti-Mouse TCRgd (GL3)-159Tb—100 Tests GL3 159Tb TDS TCRgd
3159017B Anti-Human CD337/NKp30 (Z25)-159Tb—100 Tests Z25 159Tb TDS CD337/NKp30
3173005B Anti-Human HLA-DR (L243)-173Yb—100 Tests L243 173Yb TDS HLA-DR
3164015B Anti-Human TdT (E17-1519)-164Dy—100 Tests E171519 164Dy TDS TdT
3165023A Anti-Human/Mouse Oct3/4 (40/Oct-3)-165Ho—50 Tests 40/Oct3 165Ho TDS Oct3/4
3173004B Anti-Mouse CD117/c-kit (2B8)-173Yb—100 Tests 2B8 173Yb TDS CD117/c-kit
3162002B Anti-Mouse TNFa (MP6-XT22)-162Dy—100 Tests MP6XT22 162Dy TDS TNFa
3162006B Anti-APC (APC003)-162Dy—100 Tests APC003 162Dy TDS APC
3150008B Anti-Biotin (1D4-C5)-150Nd—100 Tests 1D4C5 150Nd TDS Biotin
3150012B Anti-Human CD138/Syndecan-1 (DL-101)-150Nd—100 Tests DL101 150Nd TDS CD138
3160004B Anti-Human CD39 (A1)-160Gd—100 Tests A1 160Gd TDS CD39
3160007A Anti-Human PDGFRa (D13C6)-160Gd—50 Tests D13C6 160Gd TDS PDGFRa
3162015B Anti-Human CD8a (RPA-T8)-162Dy—100 Tests RPAT8 162Dy TDS CD8a
3152008B Anti-Human TCRgd (11F2)-152Sm—100 Tests 11F2 152Sm TDS TCRgd
3160008B Anti-Mouse CD62L (MEL-14)-160Gd—100 Tests MEL14 160Gd TDS CD62L/L-selectin
3160011B Anti-FITC (FIT-22)-160Gd—100 Tests FIT22 160Gd TDS FITC
3172021B Anti-Human CD15/SSEA-1 (W6D3)-172Yb—100 Tests W6D3 172Yb TDS CD15/SSEA-1
3171014B Anti-Human CD185/CXCR5 (RF8B2)-171Yb—100 Tests RF8B2 171Yb TDS CD185/CXCR5
3148006A Anti-pStat4 [Y693] (38/p-Stat4)-148Nd—50 Tests 38 148Nd TDS pStat4 [Y693]
3154004B Anti-Mouse CD48 (HM48-1)-154Sm—100 Tests HM481 154Sm TDS CD48
3154005B Anti-Mouse TER-119 (TER-119)-154Sm—100 Tests TER119 154Sm TDS TER-119/Glycophorin A
3144016B Anti-Mouse MHC Class I (28-14-8)-144Nd—100 Tests 28148 144Nd TDS MHC Class I
3152003B Anti-Human CD13 (WM15)-152Sm—100 Tests WM15 152Sm TDS CD13
3209001B Anti-Human CD61 (VI-PL2)-209Bi—100 Tests VIPL2 209Bi TDS CD61
3162038C Anti-Human CD95/Fas (DX2) - 162Dy - 25 Tests DX2 162Dy TDS CD95/Fas
3165042C Anti-Human CD279/PD-1 (EH12.2H7) - 165Ho - 25 Tests EH12.2H7 165Ho TDS CD279/PD-1
3175039C Anti-Human CD278/ICOS (C398.4A) - 175Lu - 25 Tests C398.4A 175Lu TDS CD278/ICOS
201316 Maxpar® Human AML Phenotyping Panel Kit, 15 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3169010B Anti-Human CD33 (WM53)-169Tm—100 Tests WM53 169Tm TDS CD33
3170008B Anti-Mouse CD49b (HMa2)-170Er—100 Tests HMa2 170Er TDS CD49b
3171003B Anti-Human/Mouse CD44 (IM7)-171Yb—100 Tests IM7 171Yb TDS CD44
3171005A Anti-pZAP70 [Y319]/pSyk [Y352] (17a)-171Yb 50 Tests 17a 171Yb TDS pZAP70 [Y319]/Syk [Y352]
3175005A Anti-pStat6 [Y641] (18/P-Stat6)-175Lu—50 Tests 18 175Lu TDS pStat6 [Y641]
3175011B Anti-Human CD71 (OKT-9)-175Lu—100 Tests OKT9 175Lu TDS CD71
3176002B Anti-Human/Mouse CD45R/B220 (RA3-6B2)-176Yb—100 Tests RA36B2 176Yb TDS CD45R/B220
3168008B Anti-Human CD206/MMR (15-2)-168Er—100 Tests 152 168Er TDS CD206/MMR
3169005B Anti-Mouse IL-17A (TC11-18H10.1)-169Tm—100 Tests TC1118H10.1 169Tm TDS IL-17A
3174007B Anti-Mouse CD229 (Ly9ab3)-174Yb—100 Tests Ly9ab3 174Yb TDS CD229
3163006A Anti-Human MCL-1 (polyclonal)-163Dy—50 Tests Polyclonal 163Dy TDS MCL-1
3165009A Anti-pCREB [S133] (87G3)-165Ho—50 Tests 87G3 165Ho TDS pCREB [S133]
3165015B Anti-PE (PE001)-165Ho—100 Tests PE001 165Ho TDS PE
3158001B Anti-Human CD33 (WM53)-158Gd—100 Tests WM53 158Gd TDS CD33
3158007B Anti-Human IL-2 (MQ1-17H12)-158Gd—100 Tests MQ117H12 158Gd TDS IL-2
3149002B Anti-Mouse CD19 (6D5)-149Sm—100 Tests 6D5 149Sm TDS CD19
3166006A Anti-Human pNFkBp65 [S529] (K10x)-166Er—50 Tests K10895.12.50 166Er TDS pNF-kB p65 [S529]
3166008B Anti-Human IL-10 (JES3-9D7)-166Er—100 Tests JES39D7 166Er TDS IL-10
3167001B Anti-Human CD38 (HIT2)-167Er—100 Tests HIT2 167Er TDS CD38
3167003B Anti-Mouse IL-6 (MP5-20F3)-167Er—100 Tests MP520F3 167Er TDS IL-6
3167005A Anti-pERK1/2 [T202/Y204] (D1314.4E)-167Er—50 Tests D13.14.4E 167Er TDS pERK 1/2 [T202/Y204]
3170004B Anti-Human CD122/IL-2Rb (Tu27)-170Er—100 Tests Tu27 170Er TDS CD122
3166001B Anti-Human CD44 (BJ18)-166Er—100 Tests BJ18 166Er TDS CD44
3166002B Anti-Human IL-2 (MQ1-17H12)-166Er—100 Tests MQ117H12 166Er TDS IL-2
3166004B Anti-Mouse CD117/c-kit (2B8)-166Er—100 Tests 2B8 166Er TDS CD117/c-kit
3145001B Anti-Human CD4 (RPA-T4)-145Nd—100 Tests RPAT4 145Nd TDS CD4
3145005B Anti-Mouse CD69 (H1.2F3)-145Nd—100 Tests H1.2F3 145Nd TDS CD69
3147004B Anti-Mouse CD45.2 (104)-147Sm—100 Tests 104 147Sm TDS CD45.2
3147006B Anti-Human CD7 (CD7-6B7)-147Sm—100 Tests CD76B7 147Sm TDS CD7
3147008B Anti-Human CD11c (Bu15)-147Sm—100 Tests Bu15 147Sm TDS CD11c
3148001B Anti-Human CD34 (581)-148Nd—100 Tests 581 148Nd TDS CD34
3163016B Anti-Human CD231 (SN1a (M3-3D9 ))-163Dy—100 Tests SN1a(M33D9) 163Dy TDS CD231/TALLA
3173008B Anti-Human CD104 (58XB4)-173Yb—100 Tests 58XB4 173Yb TDS CD104
3148013B Anti-Human CD6 (BL-CD6)-148Nd—100 Tests BLCD6 148Nd TDS CD6
3172010B Anti-Human CD9 (SN4 C3-3A2)-172Yb—100 Tests SN4 C33A2 172Yb TDS CD9
3143006B Anti-Human CD45RA (HI100)-143Nd—100 Tests HI100 143Nd TDS CD45RA
3143007B Anti-Human CD5 (UCHT2)-143Nd—100 Tests UCHT2 143Nd TDS CD5
3150002B Anti-Mouse CD25 (3C7)-150Nd—100 Tests 3C7 150Nd TDS CD25/IL-2R
3172003B Anti-Mouse CD4 (RM4-5)-172Yb—100 Tests RM45 172Yb TDS CD4
3172009B Anti-Human CD57 (HCD57)-172Yb—100 Tests HCD57 172Yb TDS CD57
3168005B Anti-Human IFNg (B27)-168Er—100 Tests B27 168Er TDS IFNg
3155007B Anti-Human CD1b (SN13)-155Gd—100 Tests SN13 155Gd TDS CD1b
3143013B Anti-Human HLA-DR (L243)-143Nd—100 Tests L243 143Nd TDS HLA-DR
3144001B Anti-Human CD11b/Mac-1 (ICRF44)-144Nd—100 Tests ICRF44 144Nd TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3161018B Anti-Human CD370/CLEC9a (8F9)-161Dy—100 Tests 8F9 161Dy TDS CD370/CLEC9A/DNGR1
3145010B Anti-Human CD163 (GHI/61)-145ND—100 Tests GHI/61 145Nd TDS CD163
3151013A Anti-Human Nestin (25/Nestin)-151Eu—50 Tests 25/Nestin 151Eu TDS Nestin
3154011B Anti-Human IL-6 (MQ2-13A5)-154Sm—100 Tests MQ213A5 154Sm TDS IL-6
3161014B Anti-Human/Mouse Tbet (4B10)-161Dy—100 Tests 4B10 161Dy TDS Tbet
3176021B Anti-Human CD282/TLR2 (TL2.1)-176Yb—100 Tests TL2.1 176Yb TDS CD282/TLR2
3165026B Anti-Human Notch2 (MHN2-25)-165Ho—100 Tests MHN225 165Ho TDS Notch2
3155011B Anti-Human CD45RA (HI100)-155Gd—100 Tests HI100 155Gd TDS CD45RA
3149015B Anti-Human CD172b (B4B6)-149Sm—100 Tests B4B6 149Sm TDS CD172b/SIRPb
3154015B Anti-Human CD282 (TL2.1)-154Sm—100 Tests TL2.1 154Sm TDS CD282/TLR2
3158020B Anti-Human CD101 (BB27)-158Gd—100 Tests BB27 158Gd TDS CD101
3162025B Anti-Human CD1d (51.1)-162Dy—100 Tests 51.1 162Dy TDS CD1d
201319 Maxpar® Human Treg Phenotyping Panel Kit, 13 Markers—25 Tests No.72-1 TDS
201063 Maxpar® Nuclear Antigen Staining Buffer Set—120 Tests
3171015B Anti-Human CD97 (VIM3b)-171Yb—100 Tests VIM3b 171Yb TDS CD97
3089003B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-89Y—100 Tests HI30 89Y TDS CD45
3171011B Anti-Human CD68 (Y1/82A)-171Yb—100 Tests Y1/82A 171Yb TDS CD68
201315 Maxpar® Human PB Basic II Phenotyping Panel Kit, 7 Marker—25 Tests TDS
201070 Washing Solution, E-Pure—1L
3175016B Anti-Human CD207 (4C7)-175Lu—100 Tests 4C7 175Lu TDS CD207
3146001B Anti-Human CD8a (RPA-T8)-146Nd—100 Tests RPAT8 146Nd TDS CD8a
3151011B Anti-Human CD103 (Ber-ACT8)-151Eu—100 Tests BerACT8 151Eu TDS CD103
3173001B Anti-Human CD184/CXCR4 (12G5)-173Yb—100 Tests 12G5 173Yb TDS CD184/CXCR4
3143001B Anti-Human CD117/c-kit (104D2)-143Nd—100 Tests 104D2 143Nd TDS CD117/c-kit
3143003B Anti-Human/Mouse IL-5 (TRFK5)-143Nd—100 Tests TRFK5 143Nd TDS IL-5
3145012B Anti-Mouse CD45RB (C363.16A)-145Nd—100 Tests C363.16A 145Nd TDS CD45RB
201303 Maxpar® Mouse Sp/LN Basic Phenotyping Panel Kit, 6 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3142006B Anti-Human CD11a (HI111)-142Nd—100 Tests HI111 142Nd TDS CD11a
3159020B Anti-Human CD357 (621)-159Tb—100 Tests 621 159Tb TDS CD357/GITR
201403 Maxpar® Direct™ Myeloid and B Cell Expansion Panel 2 TDS
3151016B Anti-Mouse CD49d/Integrin α4 (R1-2)-151Eu—100 Tests R12 151Eu TDS CD49d/Integrin alpha 4
3156028B Anti-Mouse CD272/BTLA (6F7)-156Gd—100 Tests 6F7 156Gd TDS CD272/BTLA
3163020B Anti-Mouse CD54 (YN1/1.7.4)-163Dy—100 Tests YN1/1.7.4 163Dy TDS CD54/ICAM-1
3144022B Anti-Human CD270/HVEM (122)-144Nd—100 Tests 122 144Nd TDS CD270/HVEM, TR2
3161016B Anti-Human CD49c/Integrin α3 (ASC-1)-161Dy—100 Tests ASC1 161Dy TDS CD49c/integrin a3
3167018A Anti-SATB1 (14/SATB1)-167Er—50 Tests 14/SATB1 167Er TDS SATB1
3209005B Anti-Mouse CD11c (N418)-209Bi—100 Tests N418 209Bi TDS CD11c
3151019B Anti-Mouse CD166/ALCAM (eBioALC48)-151Eu—100 Tests CD166/ALCAM 151Eu TDS eBioALC48
3170015B Anti-Human Invariant NKT (6B11)-170Er—100 Tests 6B11 170Er TDS TCR Va24-Ja18/iNKT cell
201405 Maxpar® Direct™ T Cell Expansion Panel 1 TDS
3173015B Anti-Human CD137/4-1BB (4B4-1)-173Yb—100 Tests 4B4-1 173Yb TDS CD137/4-1BB
3165007B Anti-Human CD16 (B73.1)-165Ho—100 Tests B73.1 165Ho TDS CD16
3148017B Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (29E.2A3)-148Nd—100 Tests 29E.2A3 148Nd TDS CD274/PD-L1
3149004A Anti-Human pStat6 [Y641] (18/P-Stat6)-149Sm —50 Tests 18 149Sm TDS pStat6 [Y641]
3152017B Anti-Human CD95/Fas (DX2)-152Sm—100 Tests DX2 152Sm TDS CD95/Fas
3167014B Anti-Human CD162 (KPL-1)-167Er—100 Tests KPL1 167Er TDS CD162
3173007B Anti-Human CD371/CLEC12A (50C1)-173Yb—100 Tests 50C1 173Yb TDS CD371/CLEC12A
3153017B Anti-Human Lck (LCK-01)-153Eu—100 Tests LCK01 153Eu TDS LCK
3154012A Anti-Mouse BATF (D7C5)-154Sm—50 Tests D7C5 154Sm TDS BATF
3156023A Anti-Vimentin (RV202)-156Gd—50 Tests RV202 156Gd TDS Vimentin
3169017A Anti-EGFR (D38B1)-169Tm—50 Tests D38B1 169Tm TDS EGFR
3143018A Anti-Human p53 (7F5)-143Nd—50 Tests 7F5 143Nd TDS p53
3164023B Anti-Mouse CX3CR1 (SA011F11)-164Dy—100 Tests SA011F11 164Dy TDS CX3CR1
105654 Coolant Solution
3176022A Anti-Human CD196/CCR6 (G034E3)-176Yb—50 Tests G034E3 176Yb TDS CD196/CCR6
3162032B Anti-Human IKZF3 (914821)-162Dy—100 Tests 914821 162Dy TDS IKZF3
3173011B Anti-Human CD90 (5E10)-173Yb—100 Tests 5E10 173Yb TDS CD90
3166027B Anti-Human CD7 (M-T701)-166Er—100 Tests M-T701 166Er TDS CD7
3142009B Anti-Human CD181/CXCR1 (8F1/CXCR1)-142Nd—100 Tests 8F1/CXCR1 142Nd TDS CD181
3144021B Anti-Human IL-2 (MQ1-17H12)-144Nd—100 Tests MQ117H12 144Nd TDS IL-2
3158027B Anti-Human CD169 (7-239)-158Gd—100 Tests CD169 158Gd TDS 7-239
3147013B Anti-Mouse CD36 (No.72-1)-147Sm—100 Tests No.72-1 147Sm TDS CD36
3155010A Anti-Human VE-cadherin (D87F2)-155Gd—50 Tests D87F2 155Gd TDS VE-Cadherin
3142011B Anti-Human CD151/PETA-3 (50-6)-142Nd—100 Tests 50-6 142Nd TDS CD151/PETA-3
3169021B Anti-Mouse CD206/MMR (C068C2)-169Tm—100 Tests C068C2 169Tm TDS CD206/MMR
3143022B Anti-Cross GFAP (GA5)-143Nd—100 Tests GA5 143Nd Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein/GFAP
3147016A Anti-p-Histone H2A.X [Ser139] (JBW301)-147Sm—50 Tests JBW301 147Sm pHistone H2A.X [Ser139]
3143023A Anti-Human NFAT1 (D43B1)-143Nd—50 Tests D43B1 143Nd TDS NFAT1
3150027B Anti-Human FceRl (AER-37 (CRA-1))-150Nd—100 Tests FceRl 150Nd TDS AER-37 (CRA-1)
201196 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin-196Pt—100 µL 196Pt TDS Protein
3113001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-113Cd—25 Tests HI30 113Cd TDS CD45
201103B Cell-ID™ Intercalator-Rh—2000 µM 103Rh TDS Nucleic Acid
3151002B Anti-Human CD107a/LAMP1 (H4A3)-151Eu—100 Tests H4A3 151Eu TDS CD107a/LAMP1
3162010B Anti-Human CD80/B7.1 (2D10.4)-162Dy—100 Tests 2D10.4 162Dy TDS CD80/B7-1
3162011A Anti-Human Foxp3 (PCH101)-162Dy—50 Tests PCH101 162Dy TDS Foxp3
3162014B Anti-Mouse Ly-6C (HK1.4)-162Dy—100 Tests HK1.4 162Dy TDS Ly-6C
3164001B Anti-Human CD15/SSEA-1 (W6D3)-164Dy—100 Tests W6D3 164Dy TDS CD15/SSEA-1
3164007B Anti-Human CD45RO (UCHL1)-164Dy—100 Tests UCHL1 164Dy TDS CD45RO
3164010A Anti-CyclinB1 (GNS-1)-164Dy—50 Tests GNS1 164Dy TDS CyclinB1
3166016B Anti-Human CD314/NKG2D (ON72)-166Er—100 Tests ON72 166Er TDS CD314/NKG2D
3169014A Anti-Human Nanog (N31-355)-169Tm—50 Tests N31355 169Tm TDS Nanog
3169015B Anti-Mouse Ly-6A/E (Sca-1) (D7)-169Tm—100 Tests D7 169Tm TDS Ly-6A/E/Sca-1
3171013B Anti-Human CD226 (DX11)-171Yb—100 Tests DX11 171Yb TDS CD226
3150006B Anti-Human CD43 (84-3C1)-150Nd—100 Tests 843C1 150Nd TDS CD43
3150010B Anti-Mouse Ly-6C (HK1.4)-150Nd—100 Tests HK1.4 150Nd TDS Ly-6C
3151001B Anti-Human CD123/IL-3R (6H6)-151Eu—100 Tests 6H6 151Eu TDS CD123/IL-3R
3154008B Anti-Mouse CD152/CTLA-4 (UC10-4B9)-154Sm—100 Tests UC104B9 154Sm TDS CD152/CTLA-4
3162020B Anti-Mouse CD1d (1B1)-162Dy—100 Tests 1B1 162Dy TDS CD1d
3163008B Anti-Human CD235ab (HIR2)-163Dy—100 Tests HIR2 163Dy TDS CD235ab/Glycophorin
3154006B Anti-Mouse CD11b (M1/70)-154Sm—100 Tests M1/70 154Sm TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3155001B Anti-Human CD27 (L128)-155Gd—100 Tests L128 155Gd TDS CD27
3156006B Anti-Mouse CD90.2 (30-H12)-156Gd—100 Tests 30H12 156Gd TDS CD90.2/Thy-1.2
3151007B Anti-Mouse CD25 (3C7)-151Eu—100 Tests 3C7 151Eu TDS CD25/IL-2R
3151010B Anti-Mouse Ly-6G (1A8)-151Eu—100 Tests 1A8 151Eu TDS Ly-6G
3152007B Anti-Human CD36 (5-271)-152Sm—100 Tests 5271 152Sm TDS CD36
3168011A Anti-Human CD199/CCR9 (L053E8)-168Er—50 Tests L053E8 168Er TDS CD199/CCR9
3150017B Anti-Human/Mouse CD27 (LG.3A10)-150Nd—100 Tests LG.3A10 150Nd TDS CD27
3159008B Anti-Human GM-CSF (BVD2-21C11)-159Tb—100 Tests BVD221C11 159Tb TDS GM-CSF
3153004B Anti-Human CD62L (DREG-56)-153Eu—100 Tests DREG56 153Eu TDS CD62L/L-selectin
3162038B Anti-Human CD95/Fas (DX2) - 162Dy - 100 Tests DX2 162Dy TDS CD95/Fas
3165042B Anti-Human CD279/PD-1 (EH12.2H7) - 165Ho - 100 Tests EH12.2H7 165Ho TDS CD279/PD-1
3169028C Anti-Human CD366/Tim-3 (F38-2E2) - 169Tm - 25 Tests F38-2E2 169Tm TDS CD366/Tim-3
3209013C Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43) - 209Bi - 25 Tests MBSA43 209Bi TDS TIGIT
3164029B Anti-Human CD185/CXCR5 (RF8B2)-164Dy—100 Tests RF8B2 164Dy TDS CD185/CXCR5
3150030B Anti-Human CD223/LAG-3 (11C3C65)-150Nd—100 Tests 11C3C65 150Nd TDS CD223/LAG-3
3165037B Anti-Human CD223/LAG-3 (11C3C65)-165Ho—100 Tests 11C3C65 165Ho TDS CD223/LAG-3
3169030C Anti-Human CD278/ICOS (C398.4A) - 169Tm - 25 Tests C398.4A 169Tm TDS CD278/ICOS
3160014B Anti-Human CD13 (WM15)-160Gd—100 Tests WM15 160Gd TDS CD13
3167011B Anti-Human CD11b/Mac-1 (ICRF44)-167Er—100 Tests ICRF44 167Er TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3153005A Anti-pStat1 [Y701] (4a)-153Eu—50 Tests 4a 153Eu TDS pStat1 [Y701]
3153019B Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43)-153Eu—100 Tests MBSA43 153Eu TDS TIGIT
3209014B Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (MIH1) - 209Bi - 100 Tests MIH1 209Bi TDS CD274/PD-L1
3176007B Anti-APC (APC003)-176Yb—100 Tests APC003 176Yb TDS APC
3169011B Anti-Human CD19 (HIB19)-169Tm—100 Tests HIB19 169Tm TDS CD19
3171004B Anti-Human CD66a/CEACAM1 (CD66a-B1.1)-171Yb—100 Tests CD66aB1.1/CEACAM1 171Yb TDS CD66a
3175004B Anti-Human Perforin (B-D48)-175Lu—100 Tests BD48 175Lu TDS Perforin
3159004B Anti-Human CD161 (HP-3G10)-159Tb—100 Tests HP3G10 159Tb TDS CD161
3168007B Anti-Ki-67 (B56)-168Er—100 Tests B56 168Er TDS Ki-67
3169003B Anti-Human CD25 (2A3)-169Tm—100 Tests 2A3 169Tm TDS CD25/IL-2R
3156012B Anti-Mouse CD48 (HM48.1)-156Gd—100 Tests HM48.1 156Gd TDS CD48
3158008A Anti-Human CyclinA (BF683)-158Gd—50 Tests BF683 158Gd TDS CyclinA
3172019B Anti-Human IL-17F (SHLR17)-172Yb—100 Tests SHLR17 172Yb TDS IL-17F
3209003B Anti-Human CD11b/Mac-1 (ICRF44)-209Bi—100 Tests ICRF44 209Bi TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3148008B Anti-Human IL-17A (BL168)-148Nd—100 Tests BL168 148Nd TDS IL-17A
3149001B Anti-Human CD45RO (UCHL1)-149Sm—100 Tests UCHL1 149Sm TDS CD45RO
3149007B Anti-Human CD200 (OX-104)-149Sm—100 Tests OX104 149Sm TDS CD200
201318 Maxpar® Human Helper T Cell Phenotyping Panel Kit, 15 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3175008B Anti-Human CD279/PD-1 (EH12.2H7)-175Lu—100 Tests EH12.2H7 175Lu TDS CD279/PD-1
3175012A Anti-pHistone H3 [S28] (HTA28)-175Lu—50 Tests HTA28 175Lu TDS pHistone H3 [S28]
3176004B Anti-Human CD127/IL-7Ra (A019D5)-176Yb—100 Tests A019D5 176Yb TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3176005A Anti-pCREB [S133] (87G3)--176Yb—50 Tests 87G3 176Yb TDS pCREB [S133]
3165003B Anti-Mouse IFNg (XMG1.2)-165Ho—100 Tests XMG1.2 165Ho TDS IFNg
3165005B Anti-Human CD40 (5C3)-165Ho—100 Tests 5C3 165Ho TDS CD40
3165008B Anti-Human CD127/IL-7Ra (A019D5)-165Ho—100 Tests A019D5 165Ho TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3165011B Anti-Human CD45RO (UCHL1)-165Ho—100 Tests UCHL1 165Ho TDS CD45RO
3149010B Anti-Human CD25 (2A3)-149Sm—100 Tests 2A3 149Sm TDS CD25/IL-2R
3166007B Anti-Human CD24 (ML5)-166Er—100 Tests ML5 166Er TDS CD24
3166010B Anti-Human IL-17F (SHLR17)-166Er—100 Tests SHLR17 166Er TDS IL-17F
3166012B Anti-Human CD34 (581)-166Er—100 Tests 581 166Er TDS CD34
3167002B Anti-Human CD27 (O323)-167Er—100 Tests O323 167Er TDS CD27
3167006B Anti-Human CD27 (L128)-167Er—100 Tests L128 167Er TDS CD27
3174003B Anti-Mouse I-A/I-E (M5/114.15.2)-174Yb—100 Tests M5/114.15.2 174Yb TDS I-A/I-E
3174004B Anti-Human CD4 (SK3)-174Yb—100 Tests SK3 174Yb TDS CD4
3143008B Anti-Biotin (1D4-C5)-143Nd—100 Tests 1D4C5 143Nd TDS Biotin
3149011B Anti-Human CD127/IL-7Ra (A019D5)-149Sm—100 Tests A019D5 149Sm TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3171009B Anti-Human CD9 (SN4 C3-3A2)-171Yb—100 Tests SN4 C33A2 171Yb TDS CD9
3172008A Anti-pS6 [S235/S236] (N7-548)-172Yb—50 Tests N7548 172Yb TDS pS6 [S235/S236]
3170005B Anti-Human CD152/CTLA-4 (14D3)-170Er—100 Tests 14D3 170Er TDS CD152/CTLA-4
3144011B Anti-Mouse CD45R/B220 (RA3-6B2)-144Nd—100 Tests RA36B2 144Nd TDS CD45R/B220
3144012B Anti-Mouse CD115 (AFS98)-144Nd—100 Tests AFS98 144Nd TDS CD115
3145006B Anti-PE (PE001)-145Nd—100 Tests PE001 145Nd TDS PE
3147001B Anti-Human CD20 (2H7)-147Sm—100 Tests 2H7 147Sm TDS CD20
3148003B Anti-Mouse CD11b (M1/70)-148Nd—100 Tests M1/70 148Nd TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3143009B Anti-Mouse CD41 (MWReg30)-143Nd—100 Tests MWreg30 143Nd TDS CD41
201320 Maxpar® Human ES/iPS Phenotyping Panel Kit—25 Tests TDS
3155012B Anti-Human CD36 (5-271)-155Gd—100 Tests 5271 155Gd CD36
3163023B Anti-Human CD33 (WM53)-163Dy—100 Tests WM53 163Dy TDS CD33
3174020B Anti-Human CD279/PD-1 (EH12.2H7)-174Yb—100 Tests EH12.2H7 174Yb TDS CD279/PD-1
3167013B Anti-Human NKB1 (DX9)-167Er—100 Tests DX9 167Er TDS CD158e1/KIR3DL1, NKB1
3162026B Anti-Human/Mouse Integrin b7 (FIB504)-162Dy—100 Tests FIB504 162Dy TDS Integrin b7
3143017B Anti-Human CD352 (NT-7)-143Nd—100 Tests NT7 143Nd TDS CD352/NTB-A
3161012B Anti-Human CD49b (P1E6-C5)-161Dy—100 Tests P1E6C5 161Dy TDS CD49b
201060 Cell-ID™ 20-Plex Pd Barcoding Kit TDS Cells
3144017B 3144017B Anti-Human HLA-A,B,C (W6/32) - 144Nd —100 Tests W6/32 144Nd TDS HLA-ABC
3146006B Anti-Human CD64 (10.1)-146Nd—100 Tests 10.1 146Nd TDS CD64
201065 Maxpar® Fix I Buffer—50 mL TDS
201078 EQ™ Four Element Calibration Beads—100 mL Multi TDS
3168001B Anti-Ki-67 (Ki-67)-168Er—100 Tests Ki-67 168Er TDS Ki-67
3167012B Anti-Human CD1a (HI149)-167Er—100 Tests HI149 167Er TDS CD1a
3163022B Anti-Human CD57 (HCD57)-163Dy—100 Tests HCD57 163Dy TDS CD57
3174013B Anti-Mouse CD127/IL7Ra (A7R34)-174Yb—100 Tests A7R34 174Yb TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3159029B Anti-Human CD274/PDL1 (29E.2A3)-159Tb—100 Tests 29E.2A3 159Tb TDS CD274/PD-L1
3154007B Anti-Human CD163 (GHI/61)-154Sm—100 Tests GHI/61 154Sm TDS CD163
201302 Maxpar® Human PB Basic I Phenotyping Panel Kit, 7 Marker—25 Tests TDS
201304 Maxpar® Human PB Phenotyping Panel Kit, 17 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3165024A Anti-Mouse/Rat Foxp3 (FJK-16s)-165Ho—50 Tests FJK16s 165Ho TDS Foxp3
3164017B Anti-Human Siglec 8 (7C9)-164Dy—100 Tests 7C9 164Dy TDS Siglec 8
3169016B Anti-Human IL-13 (JES10-5A2)-169Tm—100 Tests JES105A2 169Tm TDS IL-13
201311 Maxpar® Human HSPC PhenoEXPanel Kit, 7 Marker— 25 Tests TDS
3141003A Anti-Human CD196/CCR6 (G034E3)-141Pr—50 Tests G034E3 141Pr TDS CD196/CCR6
3144018B Anti-Human CD69 (FN50)-144Nd—100 Tests FN50 144Nd TDS CD69
3176015B Anti-Human TCRa/b (IP26)-176Yb—100 Tests IP26 176Yb TDS TCRa/b
3160006B Anti-Human CD14 (RMO52)-160Gd—100 Tests RMO52 160Gd TDS CD14
3163010B Anti-Human TGFbeta (TW4-6H10)-163Dy—100 Tests TW46H10 163Dy TDS TGFbeta
3170016B Anti-Human B2-microglobulin (2M2)-170Er—100 Tests 2M2 170Er TDS B2-microglobulin
3174014A Anti-Human Keratin 8/18 (C51)-174Yb—50 Tests C51 174Yb TDS Keratin/CK8/18
3172024B Anti-Ki-67 (B56)-172Yb—100 Tests B56 172Yb TDS Ki-67
3172022B Anti-Human CD354 (TREM-26)-172Yb—100 Tests TREM26 172Yb TDS CD354/TREM-1
3173010B Anti-Human CD158b (DX27)-173Yb—100 Tests DX27 173Yb TDS CD158b/KIR2DL2/L3, NKAT2
3163015B Anti-Human CD49a/Integrin α1 (TS2/7)-163Dy—100 Tests TS2/7 163Dy TDS CD49a
3153026B Anti-Human/Mouse Mac-2/Galectin-3 (M3/38)-153Eu—100 Tests M3/38 153Eu TDS Mac-2/Galectin-3
3159023B Anti-Mouse CD279/PD-1 (J43)-159Tb—100 Tests J43 159Tb TDS CD279/PD-1
105641 O-Ring Kit, Torch—5 Pack
3167017A Anti-Human Met (D1C2)-167Er—50 Tests D1C2 167Er TDS Met
3154014A Anti-Vimentin (D21H3)-154Sm—50 Tests D21H3 154Sm TDS Vimentin
3147010B Anti-Human CD182/CXCR2 (5E8/CXCR2)-147Sm—100 Tests 5E8/CXCR2 147Sm TDS CD182
101810 Vacuum Pump Oil
101815 O-Ring, Reducer—5 Pack
3172026B Anti-Human CD111/Nectin-1 (R1.302)-172Yb—100 Tests R1.302 172Yb TDS CD111/Nectin
3163025B Anti-Human CD121B (MNC2)-163Dy—100 Tests CD121B 163Dy TDS MNC2
105922 Pre-Assembled Sample Capillary Kit
3143024B Anti-Human IKZF1/Ikaros-143Nd—100 Tests 16B5C71 143Nd TDS IKZF1
3155013B Anti-Human Musashi-1 (14H1)-155Gd—100 Tests 14H1 155Gd Musashi-1/MSI1
101533 Union Elbow, Torch Assembly
3106001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-106Cd—25 Tests HI30 106Cd TDS CD45
3112001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-112Cd—100 Tests HI30 112Cd TDS CD45
201069 Maxpar® Water—500 mL TDS
201150B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 150Nd—40 Rxn 150Nd TDS Antibody
201151B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 151Eu—40 Rxn 151Eu TDS Antibody
201152A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 152Sm—4 Rxn 152Sm TDS Antibody
201176B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 176Yb—40 Rxn 176Yb TDS Antibody
201192A Cell-ID™ Intercalator-Ir—125 µM natIr TDS Nucleic Acid
201168B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 168Er—40 Rxn 168Er TDS Antibody
201156B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 156Gd—40 Rxn 156Gd TDS Antibody
201165B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 165Ho—40 Rxn 165Ho TDS Antibody
201175A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 175Lu—4 Rxn 175Lu TDS Antibody
201141B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 141Pr—40 Rxn 141Pr TDS Antibody
201145A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 145Nd—4 Rxn 145Nd TDS Antibody
201149A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 149Sm—4 Rxn 149Sm TDS Antibody
201159B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 159Tb—40 Rxn 159Tb TDS Antibody
201153B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 153Eu—40 Rxn 153Eu TDS Antibody
201192B Cell-ID™ Intercalator-Ir—500 µM natIr TDS Nucleic Acid
201173B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 173Yb—40 Rxn 173Yb TDS Antibody
201158A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 158Gd—4 Rxn 158Gd TDS Antibody
201170B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 170Er—40 Rxn 170Er TDS Antibody
201171A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 171Yb—4 Rxn 171Yb TDS Antibody
201173A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 173Yb—4 Rxn 173Yb TDS Antibody
201162B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 162Dy—40 Rxn 162Dy TDS Antibody
201165A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 165Ho—4 Rxn 165Ho TDS Antibody
201166A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 166Er—4 Rxn 166Er TDS Antibody
201167A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 167Er—4 Rxn 167Er TDS Antibody
201146A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 146Nd—4 Rxn 146Nd TDS Antibody
201148B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 148Nd—40 Rxn 148Nd TDS Antibody
201142B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 142Nd—40 Rxn 142Nd TDS Antibody
201143A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 143Nd—4 Rxn 143Nd TDS Antibody
201154A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 154Sm—4 Rxn 154Sm TDS Antibody
201176A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 176Yb—4 Rxn 176Yb TDS Antibody
201160A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 160Gd—4 Rxn 160Gd TDS Antibody
201155A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 155Gd—4 Rxn 155Gd TDS Antibody
201150A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 150Nd—4 Rxn 150Nd TDS Antibody
201175B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 175Lu—40 Rxn 175Lu TDS Antibody
201161A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 161Dy—4 Rxn 161Dy TDS Antibody
201163A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 163Dy—4 Rxn 163Dy TDS Antibody
201164B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 164Dy—40 Rxn 164Dy TDS Antibody
201166B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 166Er—40 Rxn 166Er TDS Antibody
201167B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 167Er—40 Rxn 167Er TDS Antibody
201169A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 169Tm—4 Rxn 169Tm TDS Antibody
201158B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 158Gd—40 Rxn 158Gd TDS Antibody
201146B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 146Nd—40 Rxn 146Nd TDS Antibody
201141A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 141Pr—4 Rxn 141Pr TDS Antibody
201142A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 142Nd—4 Rxn 142Nd TDS Antibody
201144B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 144Nd—40 Rxn 144Nd TDS Antibody
201149B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 149Sm—40 Rxn 149Sm TDS Antibody
201156A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 156Gd—4 Rxn 156Gd TDS Antibody
201151A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 151Eu—4 Rxn 151Eu TDS Antibody
201154B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 154Sm—40 Rxn 154Sm TDS Antibody
201147B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 147Sm—40 Rxn 147Sm TDS Antibody
201148A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 148Nd—4 Rxn 148Nd TDS Antibody
201168A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 168Er—4 Rxn 168Er TDS Antibody
201169B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 169Tm—40 Rxn 169Tm TDS Antibody
201172A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 172Yb—4 Rxn 172Yb TDS Antibody
201172B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 172Yb—40 Rxn 172Yb TDS Antibody
201162A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 162Dy—4 Rxn 162Dy TDS Antibody
201163B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 163Dy—40 Rxn 163Dy TDS Antibody
201164A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 164Dy—4 Rxn 164Dy TDS Antibody
201153A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 153Eu—4 Rxn 153Eu TDS Antibody
201159A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 159Tb—4 Rxn 159Tb TDS Antibody
201174A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 174Yb—4 Rxn 174Yb TDS Antibody
201174B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 174Yb—40 Rxn 174Yb TDS Antibody
201300 Maxpar® X8 Multimetal Labeling Kit—40 Rxn TDS
201160B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 160Gd—40 Rxn 160Gd TDS Antibody
201155B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 155Gd—40 Rxn 155Gd TDS Antibody
201147A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 147Sm—4 Rxn 147Sm TDS Antibody
201152B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 152Sm—40 Rxn 152Sm TDS Antibody
201143B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 143Nd—40 Rxn 143Nd TDS Antibody
201144A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 144Nd—4 Rxn 144Nd TDS Antibody
201145B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 145Nd—40 Rxn 145Nd TDS Antibody
201170A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 170Er—4 Rxn 170Er TDS Antibody
201171B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 171Yb—40 Rxn 171Yb TDS Antibody
201161B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 161Dy—40 Rxn 161Dy TDS Antibody
201058 Maxpar® PBS—500 mL TDS
3106001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-106Cd—100 Tests HI30 106Cd TDS CD45
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