Maxpar® Human PB Phenotyping Panel Kit, 17 Marker—25 Tests

The Maxpar Human Peripheral Blood Phenotyping Panel Kit is designed for use with fresh or frozen human whole blood or PBMCs. The kit contains all the reagents needed to run a CyTOF® experiment, including buffers optimized for staining and a nucleic acid intercalator used for single-cell identification. The 17 antibodies in the kit allow for the identification of all major peripheral blood cellular subsets, including granulocytes, basophils, plasmacytoid dendritic cells, natural killer cells, effector T killer cells, naïve T killer cells, activated T killer cells, memory T killer cells, effector T helper cells, naïve T helper cells, activated T helper cells, memory T helper cells, memory B cells, naïve B cells, plasma B cells, myeloid dendritic cells, noncanonical monocytes, canonical monocytes, and platelets.




CD3 UCHT1 170Er
CD4 RPA-T4 145Nd
CD8a RPA-T8 146Nd
CD11c Bu15 159Tb
CD14 M5E2 160Gd
CD16 3G8 148Nd
CD19 HIB19 142Nd
CD20 2H7 147Sm
CD27 O323 167Er
CD38 HIT2 172Yb
CD45 HI30 154Sm
CD45RA HI100 169Tm
CD61 VI-PL2 165Ho
CD66 CD66a-B1.1 149Sm
CD123 6H6 151Eu
CD235a/b HIR2 141Pr
HLA-DR L243 174Yb
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    25 Tests
  • Markers:


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