Anti-Mouse F4/80 (BM8)-146Nd—100 Tests

F4/80, a 160 kDa glycoprotein, has been established as one of the most specific cell surface markers for murine macrophages. F4/80 is highly and constitutively expressed on most resident tissue macrophages, including the red pulp macrophages in the spleen, microglia in the brain, Kupffer cells in the liver, and Langerhans cells in the skin. Furthermore, the expression of F4/80 is tightly developmentally regulated with blood monocytes, the precursors of tissue macrophages, expressing lower levels than mature tissue-resident counterparts. F4/80 is down-regulated on macrophages in response to IFNγ. It has been suggested that F4/80 plays a role in cell adhesion, which effects the development, distribution, and function of tissue macrophages.

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    100 Tests


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