Anti-Human Thioredoxin (2G11/TRX)-146Nd—100 Tests

Thioredoxin (Trx) is a 12 kDa oxidoreductase that is kept in the reduced state by thioredoxin reductase in a NADPH-dependent reaction. Serving as a general disulfide oxidoreductase, thioredoxin facilitates the reduction of other proteins by a redox mechanism based on reversible reduction of a disulfide to two cysteine thiol groups, thereby recovering the normal function of the proteins. Trx1 as an antioxidant protein is induced by various kinds of oxidative stresses. In mammalian cells, Trx1 is also involved in the regulation of ROS levels and thus in cell death. In addition, Trx1 is potentially important for the onset of many diseases including inflammatory diseases, heart failure, cancer, etc. Trx1 plays an important role in regulating cancer cell growth by modulating the DNA binding activity of transcription factors, including nuclear factor-κB, p53, and glucocorticoid and estrogen receptors. Immunohistochemical analysis with anti-Trx1 antibodies revealed the expression of Trx1 in cancer cells in various tissues such as the liver, colon, pancreas and the uterine cervix, indicating the implication of Trx1 in oncogenesis.

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    100 Tests


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