Anti-Human CyclinB1 (GNS-1)-153Eu—50 Tests

Cyclin B1 is one of the key regulators of the cell cycle, regulating the transition from G2 to M phase in complex with the cyclin-dependent protein kinase cdc2. Cyclin B1 expression initiates during S phase, peaks at G2/M phase, and at the end of mitosis cyclin B1 is rapidly degraded. Cyclin B1 is needed for cells to enter mitosis and therefore is essential for growth of all cells, including tumor cells. In normal cells, cyclin B1 is expressed at almost undetectable levels; however, many tumors express high constitutive levels of cyclin B1, which causes uncontrolled tumor growth. This overexpression has been observed in several human solid tumors, including breast cancer, malignant melanoma, renal cell carcinoma, and some hematological cancers. This antibody has been reported to react with hamster and mouse cyclin B1. In addition, the GNS-1 clone has been reported to recognize an epitope between amino acids 1–21 of human cyclin B1.

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    50 Tests


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