Anti-Human Musashi-1 (14H1)-155Gd—100 Tests

Musashi-1 (Msi-1), is a 39 kDa RNA-binding protein that was isolated as a mammalian homolog of a Drosophila protein. MSI-1 is selectively expressed in murine and human neural progenitor cells, including neural stem cells, can be used as a neural stem/progenitor cell marker, and plays an important role in the asymmetric division of neural stem cells. In recent years, Msi-1 was also found to be expressed in tissues outside the nervous system. It has been confirmed that Msi-1 is preferentially expressed in the predicted stem cell regions of mouse and human intestinal crypts, suggesting that it can serve as a potential marker for intestinal stem/progenitor cells. Msi-1 has also been observed in the stomach of chickens, mice, rats and humans. For the past several years, the functional role of Msi-1 in tumors has attracted increasing interest. Msi-1 overexpression has been reported in tumor tissues

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    100 Tests


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