Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43) - 159Tb - 100 Tests

T cell Ig and ITIM domain (TIGIT) is a transmembrane glycoprotein belonging to a poliovirus receptor family of type 1 proteins that binds to its ligands CD155 and CD112. TIGIT is expressed on peripheral memory and regulatory (Treg) CD4+ T cells as well as NK cells and is upregulated following activation on naive CD4+ T cells. CD155 is a high-affinity receptor for TIGIT expressed on monocytes and CD11c+ human dendritic cells (DCs). TIGIT contains an Ig-like V-type domain and an ITIM in its cytoplasmic domain, suggesting that receptor occupancy may trigger a negative signaling event. Engagement of TIGIT by CD155 on human DCs enhancing the production of IL-10 while diminishing the production of IL-12p40, and a T cell-intrinsic inhibitory effect of TIGIT-dependent T cell signaling pathway was demonstrated in murine models of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE).

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    100 Tests

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