Anti-Mouse LAP/TGFb (TW7-16B4)-164Dy—100 Tests

Latency-associated peptide (LAP) is the N-terminal pro-peptide of the TGFβ precursor that noncovalently binds to TGFβ, forming a latent TGFβ complex and facilitating the release of TGFβ into the extracellular matrix. The activated TGFβ promotes the conversion of naıve Tregs to iTregs and mediates Treg-associated immunosuppression. LAP is expressed on the cell membrane of many immune cells, including Tregs, and participates in immune regulation. TGFβ–dependent LAP-expressing Tregs have demonstrated suppressive ability in mice and humans. Thus, a subset of inducible LAP-positive Foxp3+CD4+ Tregs suppressed allergic inflammation in mice.

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    100 Tests


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