Anti-Arginase-1 (D4E3M)-164Dy—25 µg

Arginase-1 is a manganese-containing enzyme that belongs to the ureohydrolase family of enzymes. Arginase enzymes catalyze the fifth and final step in the urea cycle, a series of biochemical reactions in mammals during which the body disposes of harmful ammonia. Arginase-1 is located mainly in the cytoplasm of the liver. Besides its role in the hepatic urea cycle, Aginase-1 also has a key immunomodulatory function. In humans, arginase I is constitutively expressed in neutrophils and is released during inflammation. Myeloid cell arginase-mediated L-arginine depletion suppresses T cell responses, and this appears to be a fundamental mechanism of inflammation-induced immunosuppression. Clone D4E3M™ recognizes endogenous levels of total arginase-1 protein and does not cross-react with arginase-2.

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    Cross, Human
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