Anti-Beta-Catenin (D10A8)-165Ho—25 µg

Clone D10A8 recognizes endogenous levels of total β-catenin protein. β-catenin is a critical component of the Wnt signaling pathway, which is itself important in embryogenesis, stem cell differentiation and tumorigenesis. When Wnt ligands bind the Frizzled family of extracellular receptors, β-catenin is stabilized and translocates to the nucleus, where it promotes gene transcription by forming a complex with the TCF family of transcription factors. In the absence of Wnt signaling, the kinases CK1 and GSK3β phosphorylate β-catenin at multiple sites, leading to proteasomal degradation.

  • Species:
    Cross, Human
  • Clone:
  • Target:
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  • Quantity:
  • Sample Type:
    Frozen (FF)


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