Anti-Human CD199/CCR9 (L053E8)-168Er—50 Tests

CD199, also known as CCR9, is a member of the G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) family and is involved in T cell development in the thymus and in the gut-associated immune response. It is highly expressed on different stages of thymocytes and up-regulated on CD4+CD8+ double-positive cells. CCR9 deficiency in mice results in mild impairment in thymocyte development. The interaction of CCR9 with its ligand CCL25 (TECK, thymus-expressed chemokine) may direct the trafficking of developing T cells in the thymus. Recently, because of its role in gut-trafficking of B and T cells, CCR9 has been identified as a potential therapeutic target in Crohn's disease.

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    50 Tests


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