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For those adopting high-performance technology, we understand the importance of supporting your laboratory with the right expertise and programs to accelerate research and discovery initiatives. Our global network of highly skilled, highly trained industry experts provides timely technical support, product care services, training and scientific consultation to optimize the productivity and performance of your systems. Learn more about our Fluidigm PRO Services.

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We have developed comprehensive and specialized professional resources to support your research and ensure long-term success.

Explore our comprehensive collection of on-demand resources and technical documentation to help you maximize operation of your system. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us.


Access Array Support

Large image of Fluidigm's Access Array instrument

Automate amplicon-based library preparation with the Access Array™ system for up to 48 samples per processing run. Access Array generates next-generation sequencing (NGS)-ready libraries compatible wi...

Biomark and EP1 Support

Large image of Fluidigm's Biomark HD instrument

With the Biomark™ HD system, you get reliable production-scale throughput and excellent sensitivity, with a wide variety of sample types and chemistry choices to accommodate the most genomic applicati...

C1 System Support

Large image of Fluidigm's C1 instrument

The world’s first automated solution for single-cell genomics research continues to break new ground, now offering more capabilities than ever before. C1 lets you prepare single-cell templates for mRN...

Flow Conductor Sample Prep System Support

Large image of Fluidigm's Flow Conductor instrument

Pivot your attention and your time from the mundane work of processing samples to designing new assays and advancing your research goals. Rely on Flow Conductor™ as your sample preparation partner for...

CyTOF XT Support

Large image of Fluidigm's CyTOF XT instrument

Fully automated and affordable cytometry by time-of-flight. Simplify and standardize your deep single-cell profiling studies.

CyTOF and Helios Support

Large image of Fluidigm's Helios instrument

A powerful high-parameter cytometer and the signal detection platform for the Hyperion Imaging System 

Hyperion Imaging System Support

Large image of Fluidigm's Hyperion instrument

Gain unprecedented single-cell insights into the intricate spatial relationships of cells, pathways and phenotypes in the tissue microenvironment in the context of disease.

Juno System Support

Large image of Fluidigm's Juno instrument

Using Juno™ you can produce dozens to hundreds of sample libraries daily for hypothesis-free RNA-seq or targeted DNA NGS. Optimized for use with Illumina® sequencing systems in combination with Fluidi...

Polaris System Support

Large image of Fluidigm's Polaris instrument

Seamlessly integrate cell biology and molecular analysis at the single-cell level. Within one workflow Polaris™ processes single cells for mRNA sequencing applications.

Unless explicitly and expressly stated otherwise, all Fluidigm products are provided for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. For more information see