Product # Product Clone Tag Tds Target  
3170007B Anti-Human CD3e (SP34-2)-170Er—100 Tests SP342 170Er TDS CD3
201402 Maxpar® Direct™ Myeloid and B Cell Expansion Panel 1 TDS
201406 Maxpar® Direct™ T Cell Expansion Panel 2 TDS
3161022B Anti-Human CD66a/CEACAM1 (CD66a-B1.1)-161Dy—100 Tests CD66aB1.1 161Dy TDS CD66a/CEACAM1
201064 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin—100 µL TDS Protein
201066 Maxpar® Perm-S Buffer—250 mL TDS
201127 Cell-ID™ IdU, 100 µL—300 Tests 127I TDS DNA
201305 Maxpar® Human T-Cell Phenotyping Panel Kit, 16 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3209004B Anti-Human CD47 (CC2C6)-209Bi—100 Tests CC2C6 209Bi TDS CD47
3148015B Anti-Human CD55 (JS11)-148Nd—100 Tests JS11 148Nd TDS CD55
3154013B Anti-Human CD84 (CD84.1.21)-154Sm—100 Tests CD84.1.21 154Sm TDS CD84
3176017B Anti-Human CD58 (TS2/9)-176Yb—100 Tests TS2/9 176Yb TDS CD58/LFA-3
3149020B Anti-Human Syk (4D10.2)-149Sm—100 Tests 4D10.2 149Sm TDS SyK
3160020B Anti-Human CD23 (EBVCS-5)-160Gd—100 Tests EBVCS5 160Gd CD23
3173006B Anti-Human/Mouse Granzyme B (GB11)-173Yb—100 Tests GB11 173Yb TDS Granzyme B
3176012B Anti-Human c-Myc (9E10)-176Yb—100 Tests 9E10 176Yb TDS c-Myc
3156022B Anti-Human CD147 (HIM6)-156Gd—100 Tests HIM6 156Gd TDS CD147
3164018B Anti-Human CD23 (EBVCS-5)-164Dy—100 Tests EBVCS5 164Dy TDS CD23
3169020B Anti-Human CD32 (FUN-2)-169Tm—100 Tests FUN2 169Tm TDS CD32
3146010B Anti-Human TNFa (MAb11)-146Nd—100 Tests Mab11 146Nd TDS TNFa
3161004B Anti-Human CD152/CTLA-4 (14D3)-161Dy—100 Tests 14D3 161Dy TDS CD152/CTLA-4
3146005B Anti-Human IgD (IA6-2)-146Nd—100 Tests IA62 146Nd TDS IgD
3166017B Anti-Human CD141 (M80)-166Er—100 Tests M80 166Er TDS CD141
3170012B Anti-Human CD99 (HCD99)-170Er—100 Tests HCD99 170Er TDS CD99
3155006B Anti-Human CD146 (P1H12)-155Gd—100 Tests P1H12 155Gd TDS CD146
3174017B Anti-Human CD229 (HLy9.1.25)-174Yb—100 Tests HLy9.1.25 174Yb TDS CD229/Ly-9
3168017B Anti-Human CD127/IL-7Ra (A019D5)-168Er—100 Tests A019D5 168Er TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3170011B Anti-Mouse CD154/CD40 Ligand (MR1)-170Er—100 Tests MR1 170Er TDS CD154/CD40L
3174019B Anti-Mouse CD223/LAG3 (C9B7W)-174Yb—100 Tests C9B7W 174Yb TDS CD223/LAG-3
3175025B Anti-Human CD193/CCR3 (5E8)-175Lu—100 Tests 5E8 175Lu TDS CD193/CCR3
3175027B Anti-Human CD235ab (HIR2)-175Lu—100 Tests HIR2 175Lu TDS CD235ab/Glycophorin
201314 Maxpar® Human B-Cell Phenotyping Panel Kit, 12 Marker— 25 Tests TDS
3162018A Anti-pPLCg2 [Y759] (K86-689.37)-162Dy—50 Tests K86689.37 162Dy TDS pPLCg2 [pY759]
3163007B Anti-Human CD56 (NCAM16.2)-163Dy—100 Tests NCAM16.2 163Dy TDS CD56/NCAM
3150021B Anti-Human CD63 (H5C6)-150Nd—100 Tests H5C6 150Nd TDS CD63
3149022B Anti-Human/Mouse CD282 (T2.5)-149Sm—100 Tests T2.5 149Sm TDS CD282
3167015B Anti-Human CD301/CLEC10a (H037G3)-167Er—100 Tests H037G3 167Er TDS CD301/CLEC10A
3176009B Anti-Human CD56 (N901)-176Yb—100 Tests N901 176Yb TDS CD56/NCAM
3165029B Anti-Human CD101 (BB27)-165Ho—100 Tests BB27 165Ho TDS CD101/BB27
3089005B Anti-Mouse CD45 (30-F11)-89Y—100 Tests 30F11 89Y TDS CD45
201309 Maxpar® Signaling I Panel Kit, 7 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3172016B Anti-Mouse CD86 (GL1)-172Yb—100 Tests GL1 172Yb TDS CD86
3161020B Anti-Mouse/Rat CD40 (HM40-3)-161Dy—100 Tests HM403 161Dy TDS CD40
3209006B Anti-Mouse I-A/I-E (M5/114.15.2)-209Bi—100 Tests M5/114.15.2 209Bi TDS I-A/I-E
3142007B Anti-Human CD57 (HCD57)-142Nd—100 Tests HCD57 142Nd TDS CD57
3158019B Anti-Human CD135/Flt3 (BV10A4H2)-158Gd—100 Tests BV10A4H2 158Gd TDS CD135/Flt3
3155005B Anti-Human CD268 (11C1)-155Gd—100 Tests 11C1 155Gd TDS CD268/BAFF-R
3145011A Anti-Human Progesterone Receptor (D8Q2J)-145Nd—50 Tests D8Q2J 145Nd TDS Progesterone Receptor A/B
3146012B Anti-Mouse CD5 (53-7.3)-146Nd—100 Tests 537.3 146Nd TDS CD5
3149017B Anti-Human CD271 (C40-1457)-149Sm—100 Tests C401457 149Sm TDS CD271
201321 Maxpar Human T Cell Immuno-Oncology EX Panel Kit, 8 marker—25 Tests TDS
3146014B Anti-Human CD11c (3.9)-146Nd—100 Tests 3.9 146Nd TDS CD11c
3147007B Anti-Human CD20 (H1)-147Sm—100 Tests H1 147Sm TDS CD20
3162027A Anti-Human Pan-Keratin (C11)-162Dy—50 Tests C11 162Dy TDS Pan-Keratin
3156026B Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (29E.2A3)-156Gd—100 Tests 29E.2A3 156Gd TDS CD274/PD-L1
3159026A Anti-Human p21 Waf1/Cip1 (12D1)-159Tb—50 Tests 12D1 159Tb TDS p21 Waf1/Cip1
3148011A Anti-Human HER2/ErbB2 (29D8)-148Nd—50 Tests 29D8 148Nd TDS HER2/ErbB2/EGFR2
3150004B Anti-Human MIP1beta (D21-1351)-150Nd—100 Tests D211351 150Nd TDS MIP1beta
3150005A Anti-pStat5 [Y694] (47)-150Nd—50 Tests 47 150Nd TDS pStat5 [Y694]
3159005B Anti-Human CD22 (HIB22)-159Tb—100 Tests HIB22 159Tb TDS CD22
3162005B Anti-Human CD11c (Bu15)-162Dy—100 Tests Bu15 162Dy TDS CD11c
3162008B Anti-Human CD79B (CB3-1)-162Dy—100 Tests CB31 162Dy TDS CD79B
3176006B Anti-Mouse FceR1a (MAR-1)-176Yb—100 Tests MAR1 176Yb TDS FceR1a
3158002B Anti-Mouse IL-10 (JES5-16E3)-158Gd—100 Tests JES516E3 158Gd TDS IL-10
3158003A Anti-Mouse Foxp3 (FJK-16s)-158Gd—50 Tests FJK16s 158Gd TDS Foxp3
3158005A Anti-pStat3 [Y705] (4/P-Stat3)-158Gd—50 Tests 4/P-Stat3 158Gd TDS pStat3 [Y705]
3165002B Anti-Human IFNg (B27)-165Ho—100 Tests B27 165Ho TDS IFNg
3165006B Anti-Human Notch3 (MHN3-21)-165Ho—100 Tests MHN321 165Ho TDS Notch3
3165010B Anti-Human CD61 (VI-PL2)-165Ho—100 Tests VIPL2 165Ho TDS CD61
3165013B Anti-Mouse CD31/PECAM-1 (390)-165Ho—100 Tests 390 165Ho TDS CD31/PECAM-1
3171010A Anti-pERK1/2 [T202/Y204] (D13.14.4E)-171Yb—50 Tests D13.14.4E 171Yb TDS pERK 1/2 [T202/Y204]
3172004B Anti-Human IgM (MHM-88)-172Yb—100 Tests MHM88 172Yb TDS IgM
3175009A Anti-pS6 [S235/S236] (N7-548)-175Lu—50 Tests N7548 175Lu TDS pS6 [S235/S236]
3175015B Anti-Human CD14 (M5E2)-175Lu—100 Tests M5E2 175Lu TDS CD14
3159001B Anti-Human CD11c (Bu15)-159Tb—100 Tests Bu15 159Tb TDS CD11c
3160001B Anti-Human CD14 (M5E2)-160Gd—100 Tests M5E2 160Gd TDS CD14
3160010B Anti-Human/Mouse Tbet (4B10)-160Gd—100 Tests 4B10 160Gd TDS Tbet
3168009B Anti-Human CD138/Syndecan-1 (DL-101)-168Er—100 Tests DL101 168Er TDS CD138
3164004A Anti-IkBa (Amino-terminal Antigen) (L35A5)-164Dy—50 Tests L35A5 164Dy TDS IkBa
3164006B Anti-Human/Mouse CD49F (GoH3)-164Dy—100 Tests G0H3 164Dy TDS CD49F
3151004B Anti-Human IgG lambda (MHL-38)-151Eu—100 Tests MHL38 151Eu TDS Ig lambda/light chain
3151005B Anti-Mouse CD28 (37.51)-151Eu—100 Tests 37.51 151Eu TDS CD28
3149008B Anti-Human CD66a/CEACAM1 (CD66a-B1.1)-149Sm—100 Tests CD66aB1.1 149Sm TDS CD66a/CEACAM1
3156004B Anti-Human CD183/CXCR3 (G025H7)-156Gd—100 Tests G025H7 156Gd TDS CD183/CXCR3
3156007B Anti-Human CD29 (TS2/16)-156Gd—100 Tests TS2/16 156Gd TDS CD29
3166003B Anti-Mouse IL-4 (11B11)-166Er—100 Tests 11B11 166Er TDS IL-4
3159038C Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43) - 159Tb - 25 Tests MBSA43 159Tb TDS TIGIT
3175039B Anti-Human CD278/ICOS (C398.4A) - 175Lu - 100 Tests C398.4A 175Lu TDS CD278/ICOS
3164003B Anti-Mouse CD62L (MEL-14)-164Dy—100 Tests MEL14 164Dy TDS CD62L/L-selectin
3152004B Anti-Mouse CD3e (145-2C11)-152Sm—100 Tests 1452C11 152Sm TDS CD3e
3150007B Anti-Human IL-22 (22URTI)-150Nd—100 Tests 22URTI 150Nd TDS IL-22
3150011B Anti-Mouse IgD (11-26c.2a)-150Nd—100 Tests 1126c.2a 150Nd TDS IgD
3166011A Anti-pRb [S807/S811] (J112-906)-166Er—50 Tests J112906 166Er TDS pRb [S807/811]
3147002B Anti-Human IL-6 (MQ2-13A5)-147Sm—100 Tests MQ213A5 147Sm TDS IL-6
3162009B Anti-Human CD27 (L128)-162Dy—100 Tests L128 162Dy TDS CD27
3163001B Anti-APC (APC003)-163Dy—100 Tests APC003 163Dy TDS APC
3153006B Anti-Mouse CD335/NKp46 (29A1.4)-153Eu—100 Tests 29A1.4 153Eu TDS CD335/NKp46
3148010B Anti-Human CD14 (RMO52)-148Nd—100 Tests RMO52 148Nd TDS CD14
3153009A Anti-Human CyclinB1 (GNS-1)-153Eu—50 Tests GNS1 153Eu TDS CyclinB1
3154003B Anti-Human CD3 (UCHT1)-154Sm—100 Tests UCHT1 154Sm TDS CD3
3148012B Anti-Human TRA-1-60 (TRA-1-60)-148Nd—100 Tests TRA160 148Nd TDS TRA-1-60
3150019B Anti-Human Sox2 (O30-678)-150Nd—100 Tests O30678 150Nd TDS Sox2
3154009B Anti-Human CD309/KDR (7D4-6)-154Sm—100 Tests 7D46 154Sm TDS CD309/KDR
3158013B Anti-Human CD137/4-1BB (4B4-1)-158Gd—100 Tests 4B41 158Gd TDS CD137/4-1BB
201198 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin-198Pt—100 µL 198Pt TDS Protein
3158012B Anti-Human CD134/OX40 (ACT35)-158Gd—100 Tests ACT35 158Gd TDS CD134/OX40
3169013B Anti-Human CD159a/NKG2A (Z199)-169Tm—100 Tests Z199 169Tm TDS CD159a/NKG2A
3145008B Anti-Human CD16 (3G8)-145Nd—100 Tests 3G8 145Nd TDS CD16
3146011B Anti-Human CD61 (VI-PL2)-146Nd—100 Tests VIPL2 146Nd TDS CD61
3142003B Anti-Mouse CD11c (N418)-142Nd—100 Tests N418 142Nd TDS CD11c
3142004A Anti-Cleaved Caspase 3 (D3E9)-142Nd—50 Tests D3E9 142Nd TDS Caspase 3/Cleaved
3142005B Anti-Mouse CD39 (24DMS1)-142Nd—100 Tests 24DMS1 142Nd TDS CD39
3143010B Anti-Mouse TCRb (H57-597)-143Nd—100 Tests H57597 143Nd TDS TCRb
3145003B Anti-Human CD138/Syndecan-1 (DL-101)-145Nd—100 Tests DL101 145Nd TDS CD138
3209015C Anti-Human CD137/4-1BB (4B4-1) - 209Bi - 25 Tests 4B4-1 209Bi TDS CD137/4-1BB
3171012B Anti-Human CD20 (2H7)-171Yb—100 Tests 2H7 171Yb TDS CD20
3153014B Anti-Human CD7 (CD7-6B7)-153Eu—100 Tests CD76B7 153Eu TDS CD7
3146009B Anti-Mouse CD43 (S11)-146Nd—100 Tests S11 146Nd TDS CD43
3143011A Anti-Human cleaved PARP (F21-852)-143Nd—50 Tests F21852 143Nd TDS PARP/Cleaved
3144005B Anti-Human CD72 (3F3)-144Nd—100 Tests 3F3 144Nd TDS CD72
3156019B Anti-Human CD14 (HCD14)-156Gd—100 Tests HCD14 156Gd TDS CD14
3176013B Anti-Human CD56 (R19-760)-176Yb—100 Tests R19760 176Yb TDS CD56/NCAM
3163009B Anti-Human CD272/BTLA (MIH26)-163Dy—100 Tests MIH26 163Dy TDS CD272/BTLA
3154010B Anti-Human TIM-3 (F38-2E2)-154Sm—100 Tests F382E2 154Sm TDS TIM-3
3151014B Anti-Human/Mouse IL-5 (TRFK5)-151Eu—100 Tests TRFK5 151Eu TDS IL-5
3160013B Anti-Human MIP1beta (D21-1351)-160Gd—100 Tests D21-1351 160Gd TDS MIP1beta
3150020B Anti-Human CD86/B7.2 (IT2.2)-150Nd—100 Tests IT2.2 150Nd TDS CD86
3151023B Anti-Human HLA-DR (G46-6)-151Eu—100 Tests G46-6 151Eu TDS HLA-DR
101794 Nebulizer—CyTOF® & CyTOF®2
3155014B Anti-Human/Mouse IRF4 (3E4)-155Gd—100 Tests 3E4 155Gd TDS IRF4
107301 O-Ring, Pressure Chamber, Sample Loader—5 Pack
3161009B Anti-Human CD90 (5E10)-161Dy—100 Tests 5E10 161Dy TDS CD90/Thy-1
3165025B Anti-Human CD19 (HIB19)-165Ho—100 Tests HIB19 165Ho TDS CD19
3164030B Anti-Human Arginase I (14D2C43)-164Dy—100 Tests 14D2C43 164Dy TDS Arginase I
101818 Flow Injection Valve-Flangeless Ferrule
101819 Flow Injection Valve-Flangeless Nut
107142 Nebulizer Gas Line—Helios™
3150026B Anti-Human CD51/61 (23C6)-150Nd—100 Tests 23C6 150Nd TDS CD51/61
3141016B Anti-Mouse CD146 (ME-9F1)-141Pr—100 Tests ME9F1 141Pr CD146
3148018B Anti-Mouse CD140a (APA5)-148Nd—100 Tests APA5 148Nd CD140a
3147015B Anti-Human ALDH (44/ALDH)-147Sm—100 Tests 44/ALDH 147Sm TDS ALDH
3150024A Anti-Human p53 (DO-7)-150Nd—50 Tests DO7 150Nd TDS p53
3151017B Anti-Mouse CD140b (APB5)-151Eu—100 Tests APB5 151Eu TDS CD140b
3161025B Anti-Human LGR5 (4D11F8)-161Dy—100 Tests 4D11F8 161Dy TDS Lgr5/Central LRR
3174021B Anti-Human ErbB2 (42/c-erbB-2)-174Yb—100 Tests 42/cerbB2 174Yb TDS ErbB2
201103A Cell-ID™ Intercalator-Rh—500 µM 103Rh TDS Nucleic Acid
3194001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-194Pt—25 Tests HI30 194Pt TDS CD45
3198001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-198Pt—25 Tests HI30 198Pt TDS CD45
201316 Maxpar® Human AML Phenotyping Panel Kit, 15 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3169010B Anti-Human CD33 (WM53)-169Tm—100 Tests WM53 169Tm TDS CD33
3170008B Anti-Mouse CD49b (HMa2)-170Er—100 Tests HMa2 170Er TDS CD49b
3170004B Anti-Human CD122/IL-2Rb (Tu27)-170Er—100 Tests Tu27 170Er TDS CD122
3161016B Anti-Human CD49c/Integrin α3 (ASC-1)-161Dy—100 Tests ASC1 161Dy TDS CD49c/integrin a3
201403 Maxpar® Direct™ Myeloid and B Cell Expansion Panel 2 TDS
201405 Maxpar® Direct™ T Cell Expansion Panel 1 TDS
3155011B Anti-Human CD45RA (HI100)-155Gd—100 Tests HI100 155Gd TDS CD45RA
3176021B Anti-Human CD282/TLR2 (TL2.1)-176Yb—100 Tests TL2.1 176Yb TDS CD282/TLR2
3089003B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-89Y—100 Tests HI30 89Y TDS CD45
3171011B Anti-Human CD68 (Y1/82A)-171Yb—100 Tests Y1/82A 171Yb TDS CD68
201315 Maxpar® Human PB Basic II Phenotyping Panel Kit, 7 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3146001B Anti-Human CD8a (RPA-T8)-146Nd—100 Tests RPAT8 146Nd TDS CD8a
3173015B Anti-Human CD137/4-1BB (4B4-1)-173Yb—100 Tests 4B4-1 173Yb TDS CD137/4-1BB
3149015B Anti-Human CD172b (B4B6)-149Sm—100 Tests B4B6 149Sm TDS CD172b/SIRPb
201070 Washing Solution, E-Pure—1L
201303 Maxpar® Mouse Sp/LN Basic Phenotyping Panel Kit, 6 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3154015B Anti-Human CD282 (TL2.1)-154Sm—100 Tests TL2.1 154Sm TDS CD282/TLR2
3158020B Anti-Human CD101 (BB27)-158Gd—100 Tests BB27 158Gd TDS CD101
3162025B Anti-Human CD1d (51.1)-162Dy—100 Tests 51.1 162Dy TDS CD1d
201319 Maxpar® Human Treg Phenotyping Panel Kit, 13 Markers—25 Tests No.72-1 TDS
201063 Maxpar® Nuclear Antigen Staining Buffer Set—120 Tests
3173007B Anti-Human CD371/CLEC12A (50C1)-173Yb—100 Tests 50C1 173Yb TDS CD371/CLEC12A
3159020B Anti-Human CD357 (621)-159Tb—100 Tests 621 159Tb TDS CD357/GITR
3167014B Anti-Human CD162 (KPL-1)-167Er—100 Tests KPL1 167Er TDS CD162
3161018B Anti-Human CD370/CLEC9a (8F9)-161Dy—100 Tests 8F9 161Dy TDS CD370/CLEC9A/DNGR1
3145010B Anti-Human CD163 (GHI/61)-145ND—100 Tests GHI/61 145Nd TDS CD163
3151013A Anti-Human Nestin (25/Nestin)-151Eu—50 Tests 25/Nestin 151Eu TDS Nestin
3154011B Anti-Human IL-6 (MQ2-13A5)-154Sm—100 Tests MQ213A5 154Sm TDS IL-6
3161014B Anti-Human/Mouse Tbet (4B10)-161Dy—100 Tests 4B10 161Dy TDS Tbet
3165026B Anti-Human Notch2 (MHN2-25)-165Ho—100 Tests MHN225 165Ho TDS Notch2
3144022B Anti-Human CD270/HVEM (122)-144Nd—100 Tests 122 144Nd TDS CD270/HVEM, TR2
3169017A Anti-EGFR (D38B1)-169Tm—50 Tests D38B1 169Tm TDS EGFR
3143018A Anti-Human p53 (7F5)-143Nd—50 Tests 7F5 143Nd TDS p53
3165007B Anti-Human CD16 (B73.1)-165Ho—100 Tests B73.1 165Ho TDS CD16
3148017B Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (29E.2A3)-148Nd—100 Tests 29E.2A3 148Nd TDS CD274/PD-L1
201196 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin-196Pt—100 µL 196Pt TDS Protein
3149004A Anti-Human pStat6 [Y641] (18/P-Stat6)-149Sm —50 Tests 18 149Sm TDS pStat6 [Y641]
3145012B Anti-Mouse CD45RB (C363.16A)-145Nd—100 Tests C363.16A 145Nd TDS CD45RB
3151016B Anti-Mouse CD49d/Integrin α4 (R1-2)-151Eu—100 Tests R12 151Eu TDS CD49d/Integrin alpha 4
3156028B Anti-Mouse CD272/BTLA (6F7)-156Gd—100 Tests 6F7 156Gd TDS CD272/BTLA
3163020B Anti-Mouse CD54 (YN1/1.7.4)-163Dy—100 Tests YN1/1.7.4 163Dy TDS CD54/ICAM-1
201103B Cell-ID™ Intercalator-Rh—2000 µM 103Rh TDS Nucleic Acid
3171015B Anti-Human CD97 (VIM3b)-171Yb—100 Tests VIM3b 171Yb TDS CD97
3151011B Anti-Human CD103 (Ber-ACT8)-151Eu—100 Tests BerACT8 151Eu TDS CD103
3173001B Anti-Human CD184/CXCR4 (12G5)-173Yb—100 Tests 12G5 173Yb TDS CD184/CXCR4
3175016B Anti-Human CD207 (4C7)-175Lu—100 Tests 4C7 175Lu TDS CD207
3173008B Anti-Human CD104 (58XB4)-173Yb—100 Tests 58XB4 173Yb TDS CD104
3148013B Anti-Human CD6 (BL-CD6)-148Nd—100 Tests BLCD6 148Nd TDS CD6
3164023B Anti-Mouse CX3CR1 (SA011F11)-164Dy—100 Tests SA011F11 164Dy TDS CX3CR1
3155007B Anti-Human CD1b (SN13)-155Gd—100 Tests SN13 155Gd TDS CD1b
3163016B Anti-Human CD231 (SN1a (M3-3D9 ))-163Dy—100 Tests SN1a(M33D9) 163Dy TDS CD231/TALLA
3170015B Anti-Human Invariant NKT (6B11)-170Er—100 Tests 6B11 170Er TDS TCR Va24-Ja18/iNKT cell
3152017B Anti-Human CD95/Fas (DX2)-152Sm—100 Tests DX2 152Sm TDS CD95/Fas
3176002B Anti-Human/Mouse CD45R/B220 (RA3-6B2)-176Yb—100 Tests RA36B2 176Yb TDS CD45R/B220
3156023A Anti-Vimentin (RV202)-156Gd—50 Tests RV202 156Gd TDS Vimentin
3167018A Anti-SATB1 (14/SATB1)-167Er—50 Tests 14/SATB1 167Er TDS SATB1
3209005B Anti-Mouse CD11c (N418)-209Bi—100 Tests N418 209Bi TDS CD11c
3151019B Anti-Mouse CD166/ALCAM (eBioALC48)-151Eu—100 Tests CD166/ALCAM 151Eu TDS eBioALC48
3142009B Anti-Human CD181/CXCR1 (8F1/CXCR1)-142Nd—100 Tests 8F1/CXCR1 142Nd TDS CD181
3144021B Anti-Human IL-2 (MQ1-17H12)-144Nd—100 Tests MQ117H12 144Nd TDS IL-2
3153017B Anti-Human Lck (LCK-01)-153Eu—100 Tests LCK01 153Eu TDS LCK
3154012A Anti-Mouse BATF (D7C5)-154Sm—50 Tests D7C5 154Sm TDS BATF
3162002B Anti-Mouse TNFa (MP6-XT22)-162Dy—100 Tests MP6XT22 162Dy TDS TNFa
3162006B Anti-APC (APC003)-162Dy—100 Tests APC003 162Dy TDS APC
3171003B Anti-Human/Mouse CD44 (IM7)-171Yb—100 Tests IM7 171Yb TDS CD44
3171005A Anti-pZAP70 [Y319]/pSyk [Y352] (17a)-171Yb 50 Tests 17a 171Yb TDS pZAP70 [Y319]/Syk [Y352]
3160004B Anti-Human CD39 (A1)-160Gd—100 Tests A1 160Gd TDS CD39
3160007A Anti-Human PDGFRa (D13C6)-160Gd—50 Tests D13C6 160Gd TDS PDGFRa
3160008B Anti-Mouse CD62L (MEL-14)-160Gd—100 Tests MEL14 160Gd TDS CD62L/L-selectin
3160011B Anti-FITC (FIT-22)-160Gd—100 Tests FIT22 160Gd TDS FITC
3172003B Anti-Mouse CD4 (RM4-5)-172Yb—100 Tests RM45 172Yb TDS CD4
3172009B Anti-Human CD57 (HCD57)-172Yb—100 Tests HCD57 172Yb TDS CD57
3172010B Anti-Human CD9 (SN4 C3-3A2)-172Yb—100 Tests SN4 C33A2 172Yb TDS CD9
3158007B Anti-Human IL-2 (MQ1-17H12)-158Gd—100 Tests MQ117H12 158Gd TDS IL-2
3165015B Anti-PE (PE001)-165Ho—100 Tests PE001 165Ho TDS PE
3150002B Anti-Mouse CD25 (3C7)-150Nd—100 Tests 3C7 150Nd TDS CD25/IL-2R
3168005B Anti-Human IFNg (B27)-168Er—100 Tests B27 168Er TDS IFNg
3168008B Anti-Human CD206/MMR (15-2)-168Er—100 Tests 152 168Er TDS CD206/MMR
3165009A Anti-pCREB [S133] (87G3)-165Ho—50 Tests 87G3 165Ho TDS pCREB [S133]
3175005A Anti-pStat6 [Y641] (18/P-Stat6)-175Lu—50 Tests 18 175Lu TDS pStat6 [Y641]
3175011B Anti-Human CD71 (OKT-9)-175Lu—100 Tests OKT9 175Lu TDS CD71
3158001B Anti-Human CD33 (WM53)-158Gd—100 Tests WM53 158Gd TDS CD33
3154004B Anti-Mouse CD48 (HM48-1)-154Sm—100 Tests HM481 154Sm TDS CD48
3154005B Anti-Mouse TER-119 (TER-119)-154Sm—100 Tests TER119 154Sm TDS TER-119/Glycophorin A
201163B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 163Dy—40 Rxn 163Dy TDS Antibody
3169005B Anti-Mouse IL-17A (TC11-18H10.1)-169Tm—100 Tests TC1118H10.1 169Tm TDS IL-17A
3166001B Anti-Human CD44 (BJ18)-166Er—100 Tests BJ18 166Er TDS CD44
3166002B Anti-Human IL-2 (MQ1-17H12)-166Er—100 Tests MQ117H12 166Er TDS IL-2
3166004B Anti-Mouse CD117/c-kit (2B8)-166Er—100 Tests 2B8 166Er TDS CD117/c-kit
3166006A Anti-Human pNFkBp65 [S529] (K10x)-166Er—50 Tests K10895.12.50 166Er TDS pNF-kB p65 [S529]
3166008B Anti-Human IL-10 (JES3-9D7)-166Er—100 Tests JES39D7 166Er TDS IL-10
3167001B Anti-Human CD38 (HIT2)-167Er—100 Tests HIT2 167Er TDS CD38
3167003B Anti-Mouse IL-6 (MP5-20F3)-167Er—100 Tests MP520F3 167Er TDS IL-6
3167005A Anti-pERK1/2 [T202/Y204] (D1314.4E)-167Er—50 Tests D13.14.4E 167Er TDS pERK 1/2 [T202/Y204]
3147004B Anti-Mouse CD45.2 (104)-147Sm—100 Tests 104 147Sm TDS CD45.2
3147006B Anti-Human CD7 (CD7-6B7)-147Sm—100 Tests CD76B7 147Sm TDS CD7
3147008B Anti-Human CD11c (Bu15)-147Sm—100 Tests Bu15 147Sm TDS CD11c
3148001B Anti-Human CD34 (581)-148Nd—100 Tests 581 148Nd TDS CD34
3149002B Anti-Mouse CD19 (6D5)-149Sm—100 Tests 6D5 149Sm TDS CD19
3152003B Anti-Human CD13 (WM15)-152Sm—100 Tests WM15 152Sm TDS CD13
3150008B Anti-Biotin (1D4-C5)-150Nd—100 Tests 1D4C5 150Nd TDS Biotin
3150012B Anti-Human CD138/Syndecan-1 (DL-101)-150Nd—100 Tests DL101 150Nd TDS CD138
3162038C Anti-Human CD95/Fas (DX2) - 162Dy - 25 Tests DX2 162Dy TDS CD95/Fas
3165042C Anti-Human CD279/PD-1 (EH12.2H7) - 165Ho - 25 Tests EH12.2H7 165Ho TDS CD279/PD-1
3162015B Anti-Human CD8a (RPA-T8)-162Dy—100 Tests RPAT8 162Dy TDS CD8a
3152008B Anti-Human TCRgd (11F2)-152Sm—100 Tests 11F2 152Sm TDS TCRgd
3145007B Anti-Human CD81 (5A6)-145Nd—100 Tests 5A6 145Nd TDS CD81
3149012B Anti-Human CD179a (HSL96)-149Sm—100 Tests HSL96 149Sm TDS CD179b
3172017B Anti-Human CX3CR1 (2A9-1)-172Yb—100 Tests 2A91 172Yb TDS CX3CR1
3176010B Anti-Human CD4 (RPA-T4)-176Yb—100 Tests RPAT4 176Yb TDS CD4
3166015B Anti-Mouse CD19 (6D5)-166Er—100 Tests 6D5 166Er TDS CD19
3165020B Anti-Mouse CD3e (145-2C11)-165Ho—100 Tests 1452C11 165Ho TDS CD3e
3150018B Anti-Human/Mouse CD44 (IM7)-150Nd—100 Tests IM7 150Nd TDS CD44
3153011B Anti-Mouse CD16/32 (93)-153Eu—100 Tests 93 153Eu TDS CD16/32
3159012B Anti-Mouse TCRgd (GL3)-159Tb—100 Tests GL3 159Tb TDS TCRgd
3159017B Anti-Human CD337/NKp30 (Z25)-159Tb—100 Tests Z25 159Tb TDS CD337/NKp30
3144016B Anti-Mouse MHC Class I (28-14-8)-144Nd—100 Tests 28148 144Nd TDS MHC Class I
3163006A Anti-Human MCL-1 (polyclonal)-163Dy—50 Tests Polyclonal 163Dy TDS MCL-1
3209001B Anti-Human CD61 (VI-PL2)-209Bi—100 Tests VIPL2 209Bi TDS CD61
3142006B Anti-Human CD11a (HI111)-142Nd—100 Tests HI111 142Nd TDS CD11a
3143001B Anti-Human CD117/c-kit (104D2)-143Nd—100 Tests 104D2 143Nd TDS CD117/c-kit
3143003B Anti-Human/Mouse IL-5 (TRFK5)-143Nd—100 Tests TRFK5 143Nd TDS IL-5
3143006B Anti-Human CD45RA (HI100)-143Nd—100 Tests HI100 143Nd TDS CD45RA
3143007B Anti-Human CD5 (UCHT2)-143Nd—100 Tests UCHT2 143Nd TDS CD5
3164015B Anti-Human TdT (E17-1519)-164Dy—100 Tests E171519 164Dy TDS TdT
3165023A Anti-Human/Mouse Oct3/4 (40/Oct-3)-165Ho—50 Tests 40/Oct3 165Ho TDS Oct3/4
3145001B Anti-Human CD4 (RPA-T4)-145Nd—100 Tests RPAT4 145Nd TDS CD4
3145005B Anti-Mouse CD69 (H1.2F3)-145Nd—100 Tests H1.2F3 145Nd TDS CD69
3174007B Anti-Mouse CD229 (Ly9ab3)-174Yb—100 Tests Ly9ab3 174Yb TDS CD229
3143013B Anti-Human HLA-DR (L243)-143Nd—100 Tests L243 143Nd TDS HLA-DR
3144001B Anti-Human CD11b/Mac-1 (ICRF44)-144Nd—100 Tests ICRF44 144Nd TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3175039C Anti-Human CD278/ICOS (C398.4A) - 175Lu - 25 Tests C398.4A 175Lu TDS CD278/ICOS
3173004B Anti-Mouse CD117/c-kit (2B8)-173Yb—100 Tests 2B8 173Yb TDS CD117/c-kit
3162032B Anti-Human IKZF3 (914821)-162Dy—100 Tests 914821 162Dy TDS IKZF3
3173011B Anti-Human CD90 (5E10)-173Yb—100 Tests 5E10 173Yb TDS CD90
3166027B Anti-Human CD7 (M-T701)-166Er—100 Tests M-T701 166Er TDS CD7
3147013B Anti-Mouse CD36 (No.72-1)-147Sm—100 Tests No.72-1 147Sm TDS CD36
3155010A Anti-Human VE-cadherin (D87F2)-155Gd—50 Tests D87F2 155Gd TDS VE-Cadherin
3142011B Anti-Human CD151/PETA-3 (50-6)-142Nd—100 Tests 50-6 142Nd TDS CD151/PETA-3
3143022B Anti-Cross GFAP (GA5)-143Nd—100 Tests GA5 143Nd Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein/GFAP
3147016A Anti-p-Histone H2A.X [Ser139] (JBW301)-147Sm—50 Tests JBW301 147Sm pHistone H2A.X [Ser139]
3143023A Anti-Human NFAT1 (D43B1)-143Nd—50 Tests D43B1 143Nd TDS NFAT1
3150027B Anti-Human FceRl (AER-37 (CRA-1))-150Nd—100 Tests FceRl 150Nd TDS AER-37 (CRA-1)
3176022A Anti-Human CD196/CCR6 (G034E3)-176Yb—50 Tests G034E3 176Yb TDS CD196/CCR6
105654 Coolant Solution
3169021B Anti-Mouse CD206/MMR (C068C2)-169Tm—100 Tests C068C2 169Tm TDS CD206/MMR
107018 HT Injector
107033 Sample Loader-Sample Probe Line
3172021B Anti-Human CD15/SSEA-1 (W6D3)-172Yb—100 Tests W6D3 172Yb TDS CD15/SSEA-1
3171014B Anti-Human CD185/CXCR5 (RF8B2)-171Yb—100 Tests RF8B2 171Yb TDS CD185/CXCR5
107950 WB Injector
3158027B Anti-Human CD169 (7-239)-158Gd—100 Tests CD169 158Gd TDS 7-239
3173005B Anti-Human HLA-DR (L243)-173Yb—100 Tests L243 173Yb TDS HLA-DR
3148006A Anti-pStat4 [Y693] (38/p-Stat4)-148Nd—50 Tests 38 148Nd TDS pStat4 [Y693]
3195001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-195Pt—100 Tests HI30 195Pt TDS CD45
3161021B Anti-Human Tim-4 (9F4)-161Dy—100 Tests 9F4 161Dy TDS Tim-4
3164022B Anti-Human CD166 (3A6)-164Dy—100 Tests 3A6 164Dy TDS CD166
201110A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 110Cd—4 Rxn 110Cd TDS Antibody
3162029B Anti-Mouse CD366/TIM-3 (RMT3-23)-162Dy—100 Tests RMT323 162Dy TDS CD366/Tim-3
3163012B Anti-Human/Mouse BCL-6 (K112-91)-163Dy—100 Tests K11291 163Dy TDS BCL-6
201404 Maxpar® Direct™ NK Cell Expansion Panel 1 TDS
3146007A Anti-pEGFR [Y1068] (D7A5)-146Nd 50 Tests D7A5 146Nd TDS pEGFR [Y1068]
201067 Maxpar® Fix and Perm Buffer—100 mL
201072 Tuning Solution—250 mL
3147009B Anti-Human CD303/BDCA2 (201A)-147Sm—100 Tests 201A 147Sm TDS CD303/BDCA2
3165017B Anti-Human CD163 (GHI/61)-165Ho—100 Tests GHI/61 165Ho TDS CD163
3163004B Anti-Human CD183/CXCR3 (G025H7)-163Dy—100 Tests G025H7 163Dy TDS CD183/CXCR3
3168010B Anti-Mouse CD21 (7G6)-168Er—100 Tests 7G6 168Er TDS CD21
3170001B Anti-Human CD3 (UCHT1)-170Er—100 Tests UCHT1 170Er TDS CD3
3170002B Anti-Mouse NK1.1 (PK136)-170Er—100 Tests PK136 170Er TDS CD161/NK1.1
3147014B Anti-Human CD13 (WM15)-147Sm—100 Tests WM15 147Sm CD13
3168014B Anti-Human CD71 (OKT-9)-168Er—100 Tests OKT9 168Er TDS CD71/Transferrin Receptor
3170013B Anti-Human HLA-DR (L243)-170Er—100 Tests L243 170Er TDS HLA-DR
3149021B Anti-Human CD56/NCAM (NCAM16.2)-149Sm—100 Tests NCAM16.2 149Sm CD56/NCAM
3175024B Anti-Human CD172a (SE5A5)-175Lu—100 Tests SE5A5 175Lu TDS CD172a/b/SIRPa/b
3176018B Anti-Human/Mouse CLA (HECA-452)-176Yb—100 Tests HECA452 176Yb TDS CLA
3142010B Anti-Human CD40 (5C3)-142Nd—100 Tests 5C3 142Nd CD40
3161023B Anti-Human CD80/B7-1 (2D10.4)-161Dy—100 Tests 2D10.4 161Dy CD80/B7-1
3156020B Anti-Human CD85j (GHI/75)-156Gd—100 Tests GHI/75 156Gd TDS CD85j/ILT2
3175017B Anti-Human CD274/PDL1 (29E.2A3)-175Lu—100 Tests 29E.2A3 175Lu TDS CD274/PD-L1
3160016B Anti-Human CD186/CXCR6 (K041E5)-160Gd—100 Tests K041E5 160Gd TDS CXCR6/CD186
3174018B Anti-Human CD49d (9F10)-174Yb—100 Tests 9F10 174Yb TDS CD49d
3168013B Anti-Human Integrin a9b1 (Y9A2)-168Er—100 Tests Y9A2 168Er TDS Integrin a9b1
3173003A Anti-Human Stat3 (124H6)-173Yb—50 Tests 124H6 173Yb TDS Stat3
3174015B Anti-Human CD94 (HP-3D9)-174Yb—100 Tests HP3D9 174Yb TDS CD94
3175026A Anti-Pan-Actin (D18C11)-175Lu—50 Tests D18C11 175Lu TDS Pan-Actin
201308 Maxpar® Human Intracellular Cytokine I Panel Kit, 11 Marker—25 Tests TDS
201313 Maxpar® Cell Cycle Panel Kit, 5 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3144015A Anti-pPLCg2 [Y759] (K86-689.37)-144Nd—50 Tests K86689.37 144Nd TDS pPLCg2 [pY759]
3149018B Anti-Human CD66a/c/e (ASL-32)-149Sm—100 Tests ASL32 149Sm TDS CD66a/c/e
3159022B Anti-Human CD98 (UM7F8)-159Tb—100 Tests UM7F8 159Tb TDS CD98
3161017B Anti-Human CD107b (H4B4)-161Dy—100 Tests H4B4 161Dy TDS CD107b/LAMP2
3166018B Anti-Human CD74 (LN2)-166Er—100 Tests LN2 166Er TDS CD74
3153016B Anti-Mouse CD274/PD-L1 (10F.9G2)-153Eu—100 Tests 10F.9G2 153Eu TDS CD274/PD-L1
3161007B Anti-Ki-67 (B56)-161Dy—100 Tests B56 161Dy TDS Ki-67
3167009A Anti-Human CD197/CCR7 (G043H7)-167Er—50 Tests G043H7 167Er TDS CD197/CCR7
3163017B Anti-Human CD172a/b (SE5A5)-163Dy —100 Tests SE5A5 163Dy TDS CD172a/b/SIRPa/b
201195 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin-195Pt—100 µL 195Pt TDS Protein
3166019B Anti-Human CD328/Siglec-7 (6-434)-166Er—100 Tests 6434 166Er TDS CD328/Siglec-7
3144020B Anti-Human CD42b (HIP1)-144Nd—100 Tests HIP1 144Nd TDS CD42b
3162031B Anti-Mouse CD180/RP105 (RP/14)-162Dy—100 Tests RP/14 162Dy TDS CD180/RP105
3163014B Anti-Human CD34 (581)-163Dy—100 Tests 581 163Dy TDS CD34
3141014A Anti-Human CD196/CCR6 (11A9)-141Pr—50 Tests 11A9 141Pr TDS CD196/CCR6
3165027A Anti-b-Catenin (D13A1)-165Ho—50 Tests D13A1 165Ho TDS β-Catenin
3158021A Anti-E-Cadherin (24E10)-158Gd—50 Tests 24E10 158Gd TDS CD324/E-Cadherin
3172023A Anti-Cleaved Caspase 3 (5A1E)-172Yb—50 Tests 5A1E 172Yb TDS Caspase 3/Cleaved
3176016A Anti-Histone 3 (D1H2)-176Yb—50 Tests D1H2 176Yb TDS Histone 3
3147018B Anti-Mouse CD36 (HM36)-147Sm—100 Tests CD36 147Sm TDS HM36
3143016B Anti-Human CD325/N-Cadherin (8C11)-143Nd—100 Tests 8C11 143Nd TDS CD325/N-Cadherin
3150023B Anti-Human CD134/OX40 (ACT35)-150Nd—100 Tests ACT35 150Nd TDS CD134/OX40
3154016B Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43)-154Sm—100 Tests MBSA43 154Sm TDS TIGIT
3156021B Anti-Human CD100 (A8)-156Gd—100 Tests A8 156Gd TDS CD100
3147012A Anti-pStat5 [Y694] (47)-147Sm —50 Tests 47 147Sm TDS pStat5 [Y694]
3153020B Anti-Human CD185/CXCR5 (RF8B2)-153Eu—100 Tests RF8B2 153Eu TDS CD185/CXCR5
3158018B Anti-Human/Mouse CD324/E-Cadherin (DECMA-1)-158Gd—100 Tests DECMA1 158Gd TDS CD324/E-Cadherin
3159019B Anti-Mouse RORgt (B2D)-159Tb—100 Tests B2D 159Tb TDS ROR gamma/t
3159024B Anti-Mouse CD279/PD-1 (29F.1A12)-159Tb—100 Tests 29F.1A12 159Tb TDS CD279/PD-1
3154019B Anti-Mouse CD73 (TY/11.8)-154Sm—100 Tests CD73 154Sm TDS TY/11.8
201323 Maxpar Basic Human T Cell Immuno-Oncology Panel Set—25 Tests
201322 Maxpar Complete Human T Cell Immuno-Oncology Panel Set—25 Tests
3143025B Anti-CD278/ICOS (C398.4A)-143Nd—100 Tests C398.4A 143Nd TDS CD278/ICOS
3176001B Anti-Human CD56 (HCD56)-176Yb—100 Tests HCD56 176Yb TDS CD56/NCAM
3172011B Anti-Human IL-21 (3A3-N2)-172Yb—100 Tests 3A3N2 172Yb TDS IL-21
3172012B Anti-Mouse CD11b (M1/70 )-172Yb—100 Tests M1/70 172Yb TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3167007A Anti-Human/Mouse Gata3 (TWAJ)-167Er—50 Tests TWAJ 167Er TDS Gata3
3167008B Anti-Mouse Nkp46 (29A1.4)-167Er—100 Tests 29A1.4 167Er TDS CD335/Nkp46
3168003B Anti-Mouse CD8a (53-6.7)-168Er—100 Tests 536.7 168Er TDS CD8a
3169002B Anti-Mouse TCRb (H57-597)-169Tm—100 Tests H57597 169Tm TDS TCRb
3165014B Anti-Mouse CD326/EpCAM (G8.8)-165Ho—100 Tests G8.8 165Ho TDS CD326/EpCAM
3159011B Anti-Mouse CD23 (B3B4)-159Tb—100 Tests B3B4 159Tb TDS CD23
3160002B Anti-Mouse CD5 (53-7.3)-160Gd—100 Tests 537.3 160Gd TDS CD5
3160003B Anti-Human CD28 (CD28.2)-160Gd—100 Tests CD28.2 160Gd TDS CD28
3160005B Anti-Human IgG kappa (MHK-49)-160Gd—100 Tests MHK49 160Gd TDS Ig kappa/light chain
3162001B Anti-Human CD69 (FN50)-162Dy—100 Tests FN50 162Dy TDS CD69
3162003B Anti-Mouse TER-119 (TER-119)-162Dy—100 Tests TER119 162Dy TDS TER-119/Glycophorin A
3171007B Anti-Mouse CD38 (90)-171Yb—100 Tests 90 171Yb TDS CD38
3175010B Anti-Mouse CD45 (30-F11)-175Lu—100 Tests 30F11 175Lu TDS CD45
3175014B Anti-Mouse CD38 (90)-175Lu—100 Tests 90 175Lu TDS CD38
3158010B Anti-Human CD27 (L128)-158Gd—100 Tests L128 158Gd TDS CD27
3159003A Anti-Human CD197/CCR7 (G043H7)-159Tb—50 Tests G043H7 159Tb TDS CD197/CCR7
3156008B Anti-Human CD86/B7.2 (IT2.2)-156Gd—100 Tests IT2.2 156Gd TDS CD86
3156009B Anti-Mouse CD14 (Sa14-2)-156Gd—100 Tests Sa142 156Gd TDS CD14
3156010B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-156Gd—100 Tests HI30 156Gd TDS CD45
3156011B Anti-Human IL-6 (MQ2-13A5)-156Gd—100 Tests MQ213A5 156Gd TDS IL-6
3159007B Anti-Human CD90 (5E10)-159Tb—100 Tests 5E10 159Tb TDS CD90/Thy-1
3150001B Anti-Human CD61 (VI-PL2)-150Nd—100 Tests VIPL2 150Nd TDS CD61
3165012B Anti-Biotin (1D4-C5)-165Ho—100 Tests 1D4C5 165Ho TDS Biotin
3142018B Anti-Human CD134/OX40 (ACT35) - 142Nd - 100 Tests ACT35 142Nd TDS CD134/OX40
3159037B Anti-Human CD366/Tim-3 (F38-2E2) - 159Tb - 100 Tests F38-2E2 159Tb TDS CD366/Tim-3
3159038B Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43) - 159Tb - 100 Tests MBSA43 159Tb TDS TIGIT
3169028B Anti-Human CD366/Tim-3 (F38-2E2) - 169Tm - 100 Tests F38-2E2 169Tm TDS CD366/Tim-3
3169029C Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (MIH1) - 169Tm - 25 Tests MIH1 169Tm TDS CD274/PD-L1
3164002B Anti-Human IL-17A (N49-653)-164Dy—100 Tests N49653 164Dy TDS IL-17A
3156001B Anti-Human CD10 (HI10a)-156Gd—100 Tests HI10a 156Gd TDS CD10
3156003A Anti-pSLP-76 [Y128] (J141-668.36.58)-156Gd 50 Tests J141668.36.58 156Gd TDS pSLP-76 [Y128]
3156005B Anti-PE (PE001)-156Gd—100 Tests PE001 156Gd TDS PE
3153012B Anti-Mouse CD8a (53-6.7)-153Eu—100 Tests 536.7 153Eu TDS CD8a
3154001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-154Sm—100 Tests HI30 154Sm TDS CD45
3169006B Anti-Human IL-17A (BL168)-169Tm—100 Tests BL168 169Tm TDS IL-17A
3169008B Anti-Human CD45RA (HI100)-169Tm—100 Tests HI100 169Tm TDS CD45RA
3171002B Anti-Human/Mouse Granzyme B (GB11)-171Yb—100 Tests GB11 171Yb TDS Granzyme B
3165018B Anti-Mouse NK1.1 (PK136)-165Ho—100 Tests PK136 165Ho TDS CD161/NK1.1
3164005B Anti-Mouse Ly-6A/E (Sca-1) (D7)-164Dy—100 Tests D7 164Dy TDS Ly-6A/E/Sca-1
3164008B Anti-Human CD95/Fas (DX2)-164Dy—100 Tests DX2 164Dy TDS CD95/Fas
3164009B Anti-Human CD161 (HP-3G10)-164Dy—100 Tests HP3G10 164Dy TDS CD161
3151006B Anti-Mouse IgM (RMM-1)-151Eu—100 Tests RMM1 151Eu TDS IgM
3152005A Anti-pAkt [S473] (D9E)-152Sm—50 Tests D9E 152Sm TDS pAkt [S473]
3153008B Anti-Human TIM-3 (F38-2E2)-153Eu—100 Tests F382E2 153Eu TDS TIM-3
3147005A Anti-beta-Catenin (D10A8)-147Sm—50 Tests D10A8 147Sm TDS β-Catenin
3162017B Anti-Mouse CD11c (N418)-162Dy—100 Tests N418 162Dy TDS CD11c
3151009B Anti-Human CD14 (M5E2)-151Eu—100 Tests M5E2 151Eu TDS CD14
3143012B Anti-Human CD127/IL-7Ra (A019D5)-143Nd—100 Tests A019D5 143Nd TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3143014B Anti-Human CD123/IL-3R (6H6)-143Nd—100 Tests 6H6 143Nd TDS CD123/IL-3R
3143015B Anti-Mouse CD11b (M1/70)-143Nd—100 Tests M1/70 143Nd TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3144002B Anti-Mouse IL-2 (JES6-5H4)-144Nd—100 Tests JES65H4 144Nd TDS IL-2
3144003A Anti-pTyrosine (Tyr100)-144Nd—50 Tests Tyr100 144Nd TDS pTyrosine
3144006B Anti-FITC (FIT-22)-144Nd—100 Tests FIT22 144Nd TDS FITC
201317 Maxpar® Human Mono/Macro Phenotyping Panel Kit, 15 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3156015A Anti-Human CD195/CCR5 (NP-6G4)-156Gd—50 Tests NP6G4 156Gd TDS CD195/CCR5
3152014A Anti-Human cleaved Caspase 7 (D6H1)-152Sm—50 Tests D6H1 152Sm TDS Caspase 7/Cleaved
201241 Maxpar® Cell Acquisition Solution—200 mL (6 Packs) TDS
3173002B Anti-Human CD141 (1A4)-173Yb—100 Tests 1A4 173Yb TDS CD141
3162021B Anti-Human CD335/NKp46 (BAB281)-162Dy—100 Tests BAB281 162Dy TDS CD335/NKp46
3144014B Anti-Human CD38 (HIT2)-144Nd—100 Tests HIT2 144Nd TDS CD38
3145004B Anti-Human CD31/PECAM-1 (WM59)-145Nd—100 Tests WM59 145Nd TDS CD31/PECAM-1
3142001B Anti-Human CD19 (HIB19)-142Nd—100 Tests HIB19 142Nd TDS CD19
3142002B Anti-Human IL-4 (MP4-25D2)-142Nd—100 Tests MP425D2 142Nd TDS IL-4
3141005B Anti-Mouse Ly-6G/C/Gr-1 (RB6-8C5)-141Pr—100 Tests RB68C5 141Pr TDS Ly-6G/C/Gr-1
3209015B Anti-Human CD137/4-1BB (4B4-1) - 209Bi - 100 Tests 4B4-1 209Bi TDS CD137/4-1BB
3156016A Anti-Mouse CD196/CCR6 (29-2L17)-156Gd—50 Tests 292L17 156Gd TDS CD196/CCR6
3160012B Anti-Mouse CD45R/B220 (RA3-6B2)-160Gd—100 Tests RA36B2 160Gd TDS CD45R/B220
3174008B Anti-Mouse Ly-6G/C/Gr-1 (RB6-8C5)-174Yb—100 Tests RB68C5 174Yb TDS Ly-6G/C/Gr-1
101934 Blue Sleeves, Sample Capillary—3 Pack
105916 O-Ring, Nebulizer Adaptor, External—5 Pack
107144 Nebulizer and Nebulizer Gas Line—Helios™
3149013B Anti-Human CD34 (581)-149Sm—100 Tests 581 149Sm TDS CD34
3168012A Anti-Human pStat6 [Y641] (18/P-Stat6)-168Er—50 Tests 18 168Er TDS pStat6 [Y641]
3172018B Anti-Mouse Perforin (OMAK-D)-172Yb—100 Tests OMAKD 172Yb TDS Perforin
3144023B Anti-Human CD31/PECAM-1 (WM59)-144Nd—100 Tests WM59 144Nd TDS CD31/PECAM-1
101508 Luer Adapter
201071 Washing Solution, E-Pure—250 mL
102156 Flow Injection Valve-Nut Ferrule Set (Black)
3141019B Anti-Human CD3 (UCHT1)-141Pr—100 Tests UCHT1 141Pr TDS CD3
106393 Sample Loader-Sample Holder—Large
107085 Argon Gas Input – Sample Loader
107132 Skimmer-Reducer Cone Assembly
105350 Injector Sealer Cap
101817 O-Ring, Nebulizer Adaptor, Internal—5 Pack
3170010B Anti-Human CD45RA (HI100)-170Er—100 Tests HI100 170Er TDS CD45RA
3163011B Anti-Human IL-4 (MP4-25D2)-163Dy—100 Tests MP425D2 163Dy TDS IL-4
105197 Sampler Cone—CyTOF®2 & Helios™
3153024B Anti-Human TCR Va7.2 (3C10 )-153Eu—100 Tests 3C10 153Eu TDS TCR Va7.2
3158026B Anti-Human TSLP-R (1B4)-158Gd—100 Tests TSLP-R 158Gd TDS 1B4
201111A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 111Cd—4 Rxn 111Cd TDS Antibody
201112A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 112Cd—4 Rxn 112Cd TDS Antibody
201113A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 113Cd—4 Rxn 113Cd TDS Antibody
3171017A Anti-Human CD195/CCR5 (NP-6G4)-171Yb—50 Tests NP6G4 171Yb TDS CD195/CCR5
3146006B Anti-Human CD64 (10.1)-146Nd—100 Tests 10.1 146Nd TDS CD64
201065 Maxpar® Fix I Buffer—50 mL TDS
201078 EQ™ Four Element Calibration Beads—100 mL Multi TDS
201302 Maxpar® Human PB Basic I Phenotyping Panel Kit, 7 Marker—25 Tests TDS
201304 Maxpar® Human PB Phenotyping Panel Kit, 17 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3169011B Anti-Human CD19 (HIB19)-169Tm—100 Tests HIB19 169Tm TDS CD19
201311 Maxpar® Human HSPC PhenoEXPanel Kit, 7 Marker— 25 Tests TDS
3144017B 3144017B Anti-Human HLA-A,B,C (W6/32) - 144Nd —100 Tests W6/32 144Nd TDS HLA-ABC
3144018B Anti-Human CD69 (FN50)-144Nd—100 Tests FN50 144Nd TDS CD69
3159029B Anti-Human CD274/PDL1 (29E.2A3)-159Tb—100 Tests 29E.2A3 159Tb TDS CD274/PD-L1
201320 Maxpar® Human ES/iPS Phenotyping Panel Kit—25 Tests TDS
3155012B Anti-Human CD36 (5-271)-155Gd—100 Tests 5271 155Gd CD36
3170005B Anti-Human CD152/CTLA-4 (14D3)-170Er—100 Tests 14D3 170Er TDS CD152/CTLA-4
3163015B Anti-Human CD49a/Integrin α1 (TS2/7)-163Dy—100 Tests TS2/7 163Dy TDS CD49a
3163023B Anti-Human CD33 (WM53)-163Dy—100 Tests WM53 163Dy TDS CD33
3174020B Anti-Human CD279/PD-1 (EH12.2H7)-174Yb—100 Tests EH12.2H7 174Yb TDS CD279/PD-1
3172022B Anti-Human CD354 (TREM-26)-172Yb—100 Tests TREM26 172Yb TDS CD354/TREM-1
3154007B Anti-Human CD163 (GHI/61)-154Sm—100 Tests GHI/61 154Sm TDS CD163
3163022B Anti-Human CD57 (HCD57)-163Dy—100 Tests HCD57 163Dy TDS CD57
3174013B Anti-Mouse CD127/IL7Ra (A7R34)-174Yb—100 Tests A7R34 174Yb TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3173010B Anti-Human CD158b (DX27)-173Yb—100 Tests DX27 173Yb TDS CD158b/KIR2DL2/L3, NKAT2
3176015B Anti-Human TCRa/b (IP26)-176Yb—100 Tests IP26 176Yb TDS TCRa/b
3143017B Anti-Human CD352 (NT-7)-143Nd—100 Tests NT7 143Nd TDS CD352/NTB-A
3161012B Anti-Human CD49b (P1E6-C5)-161Dy—100 Tests P1E6C5 161Dy TDS CD49b
201060 Cell-ID™ 20-Plex Pd Barcoding Kit TDS Cells
3167013B Anti-Human NKB1 (DX9)-167Er—100 Tests DX9 167Er TDS CD158e1/KIR3DL1, NKB1
3172024B Anti-Ki-67 (B56)-172Yb—100 Tests B56 172Yb TDS Ki-67
3154014A Anti-Vimentin (D21H3)-154Sm—50 Tests D21H3 154Sm TDS Vimentin
3164017B Anti-Human Siglec 8 (7C9)-164Dy—100 Tests 7C9 164Dy TDS Siglec 8
3169016B Anti-Human IL-13 (JES10-5A2)-169Tm—100 Tests JES105A2 169Tm TDS IL-13
3167012B Anti-Human CD1a (HI149)-167Er—100 Tests HI149 167Er TDS CD1a
3162026B Anti-Human/Mouse Integrin b7 (FIB504)-162Dy—100 Tests FIB504 162Dy TDS Integrin b7
3160006B Anti-Human CD14 (RMO52)-160Gd—100 Tests RMO52 160Gd TDS CD14
3174014A Anti-Human Keratin 8/18 (C51)-174Yb—50 Tests C51 174Yb TDS Keratin/CK8/18
3163010B Anti-Human TGFbeta (TW4-6H10)-163Dy—100 Tests TW46H10 163Dy TDS TGFbeta
3165024A Anti-Mouse/Rat Foxp3 (FJK-16s)-165Ho—50 Tests FJK16s 165Ho TDS Foxp3
3170016B Anti-Human B2-microglobulin (2M2)-170Er—100 Tests 2M2 170Er TDS B2-microglobulin
3176004B Anti-Human CD127/IL-7Ra (A019D5)-176Yb—100 Tests A019D5 176Yb TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3176005A Anti-pCREB [S133] (87G3)--176Yb—50 Tests 87G3 176Yb TDS pCREB [S133]
3176007B Anti-APC (APC003)-176Yb—100 Tests APC003 176Yb TDS APC
3156012B Anti-Mouse CD48 (HM48.1)-156Gd—100 Tests HM48.1 156Gd TDS CD48
3147010B Anti-Human CD182/CXCR2 (5E8/CXCR2)-147Sm—100 Tests 5E8/CXCR2 147Sm TDS CD182
3153026B Anti-Human/Mouse Mac-2/Galectin-3 (M3/38)-153Eu—100 Tests M3/38 153Eu TDS Mac-2/Galectin-3
3159023B Anti-Mouse CD279/PD-1 (J43)-159Tb—100 Tests J43 159Tb TDS CD279/PD-1
201318 Maxpar® Human Helper T Cell Phenotyping Panel Kit, 15 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3171004B Anti-Human CD66a/CEACAM1 (CD66a-B1.1)-171Yb—100 Tests CD66aB1.1/CEACAM1 171Yb TDS CD66a
3165003B Anti-Mouse IFNg (XMG1.2)-165Ho—100 Tests XMG1.2 165Ho TDS IFNg
3165005B Anti-Human CD40 (5C3)-165Ho—100 Tests 5C3 165Ho TDS CD40
3165008B Anti-Human CD127/IL-7Ra (A019D5)-165Ho—100 Tests A019D5 165Ho TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3165011B Anti-Human CD45RO (UCHL1)-165Ho—100 Tests UCHL1 165Ho TDS CD45RO
3159008B Anti-Human GM-CSF (BVD2-21C11)-159Tb—100 Tests BVD221C11 159Tb TDS GM-CSF
3174003B Anti-Mouse I-A/I-E (M5/114.15.2)-174Yb—100 Tests M5/114.15.2 174Yb TDS I-A/I-E
3174004B Anti-Human CD4 (SK3)-174Yb—100 Tests SK3 174Yb TDS CD4
3175004B Anti-Human Perforin (B-D48)-175Lu—100 Tests BD48 175Lu TDS Perforin
3175008B Anti-Human CD279/PD-1 (EH12.2H7)-175Lu—100 Tests EH12.2H7 175Lu TDS CD279/PD-1
3175012A Anti-pHistone H3 [S28] (HTA28)-175Lu—50 Tests HTA28 175Lu TDS pHistone H3 [S28]
3159004B Anti-Human CD161 (HP-3G10)-159Tb—100 Tests HP3G10 159Tb TDS CD161
3167006B Anti-Human CD27 (L128)-167Er—100 Tests L128 167Er TDS CD27
3168001B Anti-Ki-67 (Ki-67)-168Er—100 Tests Ki-67 168Er TDS Ki-67
3168007B Anti-Ki-67 (B56)-168Er—100 Tests B56 168Er TDS Ki-67
3169003B Anti-Human CD25 (2A3)-169Tm—100 Tests 2A3 169Tm TDS CD25/IL-2R
3158008A Anti-Human CyclinA (BF683)-158Gd—50 Tests BF683 158Gd TDS CyclinA
3149010B Anti-Human CD25 (2A3)-149Sm—100 Tests 2A3 149Sm TDS CD25/IL-2R
3149011B Anti-Human CD127/IL-7Ra (A019D5)-149Sm—100 Tests A019D5 149Sm TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3166012B Anti-Human CD34 (581)-166Er—100 Tests 581 166Er TDS CD34
3167002B Anti-Human CD27 (O323)-167Er—100 Tests O323 167Er TDS CD27
3147001B Anti-Human CD20 (2H7)-147Sm—100 Tests 2H7 147Sm TDS CD20
3171009B Anti-Human CD9 (SN4 C3-3A2)-171Yb—100 Tests SN4 C33A2 171Yb TDS CD9
3172008A Anti-pS6 [S235/S236] (N7-548)-172Yb—50 Tests N7548 172Yb TDS pS6 [S235/S236]
3166007B Anti-Human CD24 (ML5)-166Er—100 Tests ML5 166Er TDS CD24
3166010B Anti-Human IL-17F (SHLR17)-166Er—100 Tests SHLR17 166Er TDS IL-17F
3154006B Anti-Mouse CD11b (M1/70)-154Sm—100 Tests M1/70 154Sm TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3155001B Anti-Human CD27 (L128)-155Gd—100 Tests L128 155Gd TDS CD27
3156006B Anti-Mouse CD90.2 (30-H12)-156Gd—100 Tests 30H12 156Gd TDS CD90.2/Thy-1.2
3151001B Anti-Human CD123/IL-3R (6H6)-151Eu—100 Tests 6H6 151Eu TDS CD123/IL-3R
3151002B Anti-Human CD107a/LAMP1 (H4A3)-151Eu—100 Tests H4A3 151Eu TDS CD107a/LAMP1
3162010B Anti-Human CD80/B7.1 (2D10.4)-162Dy—100 Tests 2D10.4 162Dy TDS CD80/B7-1
3162011A Anti-Human Foxp3 (PCH101)-162Dy—50 Tests PCH101 162Dy TDS Foxp3
3162014B Anti-Mouse Ly-6C (HK1.4)-162Dy—100 Tests HK1.4 162Dy TDS Ly-6C
3164001B Anti-Human CD15/SSEA-1 (W6D3)-164Dy—100 Tests W6D3 164Dy TDS CD15/SSEA-1
3143008B Anti-Biotin (1D4-C5)-143Nd—100 Tests 1D4C5 143Nd TDS Biotin
3143009B Anti-Mouse CD41 (MWReg30)-143Nd—100 Tests MWreg30 143Nd TDS CD41
3169030C Anti-Human CD278/ICOS (C398.4A) - 169Tm - 25 Tests C398.4A 169Tm TDS CD278/ICOS
3162038B Anti-Human CD95/Fas (DX2) - 162Dy - 100 Tests DX2 162Dy TDS CD95/Fas
3165042B Anti-Human CD279/PD-1 (EH12.2H7) - 165Ho - 100 Tests EH12.2H7 165Ho TDS CD279/PD-1
3169028C Anti-Human CD366/Tim-3 (F38-2E2) - 169Tm - 25 Tests F38-2E2 169Tm TDS CD366/Tim-3
3148003B Anti-Mouse CD11b (M1/70)-148Nd—100 Tests M1/70 148Nd TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3148008B Anti-Human IL-17A (BL168)-148Nd—100 Tests BL168 148Nd TDS IL-17A
3149001B Anti-Human CD45RO (UCHL1)-149Sm—100 Tests UCHL1 149Sm TDS CD45RO
3149007B Anti-Human CD200 (OX-104)-149Sm—100 Tests OX104 149Sm TDS CD200
3151007B Anti-Mouse CD25 (3C7)-151Eu—100 Tests 3C7 151Eu TDS CD25/IL-2R
3151010B Anti-Mouse Ly-6G (1A8)-151Eu—100 Tests 1A8 151Eu TDS Ly-6G
3150006B Anti-Human CD43 (84-3C1)-150Nd—100 Tests 843C1 150Nd TDS CD43
3150010B Anti-Mouse Ly-6C (HK1.4)-150Nd—100 Tests HK1.4 150Nd TDS Ly-6C
3164007B Anti-Human CD45RO (UCHL1)-164Dy—100 Tests UCHL1 164Dy TDS CD45RO
3164010A Anti-CyclinB1 (GNS-1)-164Dy—50 Tests GNS1 164Dy TDS CyclinB1
3152007B Anti-Human CD36 (5-271)-152Sm—100 Tests 5271 152Sm TDS CD36
3153004B Anti-Human CD62L (DREG-56)-153Eu—100 Tests DREG56 153Eu TDS CD62L/L-selectin
3209003B Anti-Human CD11b/Mac-1 (ICRF44)-209Bi—100 Tests ICRF44 209Bi TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3168011A Anti-Human CD199/CCR9 (L053E8)-168Er—50 Tests L053E8 168Er TDS CD199/CCR9
3150017B Anti-Human/Mouse CD27 (LG.3A10)-150Nd—100 Tests LG.3A10 150Nd TDS CD27
3169015B Anti-Mouse Ly-6A/E (Sca-1) (D7)-169Tm—100 Tests D7 169Tm TDS Ly-6A/E/Sca-1
3150030B Anti-Human CD223/LAG-3 (11C3C65)-150Nd—100 Tests 11C3C65 150Nd TDS CD223/LAG-3
3165037B Anti-Human CD223/LAG-3 (11C3C65)-165Ho—100 Tests 11C3C65 165Ho TDS CD223/LAG-3
3143024B Anti-Human IKZF1/Ikaros-143Nd—100 Tests 16B5C71 143Nd TDS IKZF1
3144011B Anti-Mouse CD45R/B220 (RA3-6B2)-144Nd—100 Tests RA36B2 144Nd TDS CD45R/B220
3144012B Anti-Mouse CD115 (AFS98)-144Nd—100 Tests AFS98 144Nd TDS CD115
3145006B Anti-PE (PE001)-145Nd—100 Tests PE001 145Nd TDS PE
3166016B Anti-Human CD314/NKG2D (ON72)-166Er—100 Tests ON72 166Er TDS CD314/NKG2D
3141003A Anti-Human CD196/CCR6 (G034E3)-141Pr—50 Tests G034E3 141Pr TDS CD196/CCR6
3209013C Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43) - 209Bi - 25 Tests MBSA43 209Bi TDS TIGIT
3209014B Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (MIH1) - 209Bi - 100 Tests MIH1 209Bi TDS CD274/PD-L1
3162020B Anti-Mouse CD1d (1B1)-162Dy—100 Tests 1B1 162Dy TDS CD1d
3163008B Anti-Human CD235ab (HIR2)-163Dy—100 Tests HIR2 163Dy TDS CD235ab/Glycophorin
3169014A Anti-Human Nanog (N31-355)-169Tm—50 Tests N31355 169Tm TDS Nanog
3154008B Anti-Mouse CD152/CTLA-4 (UC10-4B9)-154Sm—100 Tests UC104B9 154Sm TDS CD152/CTLA-4
201240 Maxpar® Cell Acquisition Solution—200 mL TDS
3171013B Anti-Human CD226 (DX11)-171Yb—100 Tests DX11 171Yb TDS CD226
3172019B Anti-Human IL-17F (SHLR17)-172Yb—100 Tests SHLR17 172Yb TDS IL-17F
3160014B Anti-Human CD13 (WM15)-160Gd—100 Tests WM15 160Gd TDS CD13
3167011B Anti-Human CD11b/Mac-1 (ICRF44)-167Er—100 Tests ICRF44 167Er TDS CD11b/Mac-1
3163025B Anti-Human CD121B (MNC2)-163Dy—100 Tests CD121B 163Dy TDS MNC2
3155013B Anti-Human Musashi-1 (14H1)-155Gd—100 Tests 14H1 155Gd Musashi-1/MSI1
101933 O-Ring, Nebulizer Side Arm
105922 Pre-Assembled Sample Capillary Kit
3172026B Anti-Human CD111/Nectin-1 (R1.302)-172Yb—100 Tests R1.302 172Yb TDS CD111/Nectin
3153005A Anti-pStat1 [Y701] (4a)-153Eu—50 Tests 4a 153Eu TDS pStat1 [Y701]
3153019B Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43)-153Eu—100 Tests MBSA43 153Eu TDS TIGIT
3164029B Anti-Human CD185/CXCR5 (RF8B2)-164Dy—100 Tests RF8B2 164Dy TDS CD185/CXCR5
105641 O-Ring Kit, Torch—5 Pack
107304 O-Ring, Spray Chamber, Inner Cap—5 Pack
107028 Sample Loader-Sample Holder—Small
101802 Skimmer-Reducer Cone Assembly
101810 Vacuum Pump Oil
101815 O-Ring, Reducer—5 Pack
101533 Union Elbow, Torch Assembly
3167017A Anti-Human Met (D1C2)-167Er—50 Tests D1C2 167Er TDS Met
3195001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-195Pt—25 Tests HI30 195Pt TDS CD45
3196001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-196Pt—100 Tests HI30 196Pt TDS CD45
3198001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-198Pt—100 Tests HI30 198Pt TDS CD45
201407 Maxpar® Direct™ T Cell Expansion Panel 3 TDS
3168024B Anti-CD278/ICOS (C398.4A)-168Er—100 Tests C398.4A 168Er TDS CD278/ICOS
3145009B Anti-Human CD45RB (MEM-55)-145Nd—100 Tests MEM55 145Nd TDS CD45RB
3151015B Anti-Human CD102 (CBR-IC2/2)-151Eu—100 Tests CBRIC2/2 151Eu TDS CD102/ICAM-2
3153018B Anti-Human CD32 (FUN-2)-153Eu—100 Tests FUN2 153Eu TDS CD32
3161003B Anti-Human DR3 (JD3)-161Dy—100 Tests JD3 161Dy TDS DR3
3159016B Anti-Mouse CD244.2 (m2B4(B6)458.1)-159Tb—100 Tests m2B4(B6)458.1 159Tb TDS CD244.2
3155004B Anti-Human Siglec 9 (K8)-155Gd—100 Tests K8 155Gd TDS Siglec 9
3160015B Anti-Human CD49e (NKI-SAM-1)-160Gd—100 Tests NKISAM1 160Gd TDS CD49e
3161015B Anti-Human CD26 (BA5b)-161Dy—100 Tests BA5b 161Dy TDS CD26
3158024B Anti-Human CD284/TLR4 (HTA125)-158Gd—100 Tests HTA125 158Gd CD284/TLR4
3173009B Anti-Human CD59 (p282 (H19))-173Yb—100 Tests p282 (H19) 173Yb TDS CD59
3174012B Anti-Human CD89 (A59)-174Yb—100 Tests A59 174Yb TDS CD89
3146013B Anti-Human CD52 (HI186)-146Nd—100 Tests HI186 146Nd TDS CD52
3148014B Anti-Human CD132 (TUGh4)-148Nd—100 Tests TUGh4 148Nd TDS CD132/common g chain
3163013B Anti-Human CD257 (T7-241)-163Dy—100 Tests T7241 163Dy TDS CD257/BAFF, BLYS
3156029B Anti-Human CD184/CXCR4 (12G5)-156Gd—100 Tests 12G5 156Gd TDS CD184/CXCR4
3168015B Anti-Human CD73 (AD2)-168Er—100 Tests AD2 168Er TDS CD73/Ecto-5-nucleotidase
3168016B Anti-Human CD130 (2E1B02)-168Er—100 Tests 2E1B02 168Er TDS CD130/gp130
3169018B Anti-Human CD304/Neuropilin-1 (12C2)-169Tm—100 Tests 12C2 169Tm TDS CD304/Neuropilin-1
3145013B Anti-Human CD7 (CD7-6B7)-145Nd—100 Tests CD76B7 145Nd TDS CD7
201106A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 106Cd—4 Rxn 106Cd TDS Antibody
3146008B Anti-Mouse F4/80 (BM8)-146Nd—100 Tests BM8 146Nd TDS F4/80
201068 Maxpar® Cell Staining Buffer—500 mL
3172014B Anti-Human CD273/PDL2 (24F.10C12)-172Yb—100 Tests 24F.10C12 172Yb TDS CD273/PDL2
3146003B Anti-Mouse CD8a (53-6.7)-146Nd—100 Tests 536.7 146Nd TDS CD8a
3153023B Anti-Human CD192/CCR2 (K036C2)-153Eu—100 Tests K036C2 153Eu CD192/CCR2
3170003B Anti-Biotin (1D4-C5)-170Er—100 Tests 1D4C5 170Er TDS Biotin
3163003B Anti-Human CD294/CRTH2 (BM16)-163Dy—100 Tests BM16 163Dy TDS CD294/CRTH2
3176019B Anti-Human CD57 (HCD57)-176Yb—100 Tests HCD57 176Yb TDS CD57
3153022B Anti-Mouse CD66a/CEACAM1 (CC1)-153Eu—100 Tests CC1 153Eu TDS CD66a/CEACAM1
3151020B Anti-CD278/ICOS (C398.4A)-151Eu—100 Tests C398.4A 151Eu TDS CD278/ICOS
201306 Maxpar® Mouse Sp/LN Phenotyping Panel Kit, 16 Marker—25 Tests TDS
201307 Maxpar® Human T-Cell Phenotyping EX Panel Kit, 10 Marker—25 Tests TDS
201310 Maxpar® Mouse Intracellular Cytokine I Panel Kit, 8 Marker—25 Tests TDS
3161005A Anti-Human Gata6 (D61E4)-161Dy—50 Tests D61E4 161Dy TDS Gata6
3161006A Anti-Human pBad [S112] (40A9)-161Dy—50 Tests 40A9 161Dy TDS pBad
3161010B Anti-Human IL-23 p19 (23dcdp)-161Dy—100 Tests 23dcdp 161Dy TDS IL-23 p19
3163002B Anti-Human Galectin-9 (9M1-3)-163Dy—100 Tests 9M13 163Dy TDS Galectin-9
3174016B Anti-Human MIC A/B (6D4)-174Yb—100 Tests 6D4 174Yb TDS MICA/MICB
3158022B Anti-Human CD137 Ligand (5F4)-158Gd—100 Tests 5F4 158Gd TDS CD137L/4-1BBL
3166020B Anti-Human CD85j/ILT2 (GHI/75)-166Er—100 Tests GHI/75 166Er TDS CD85j/ILT2
3161019B Anti-Human CD85d/ILT4 (42D1)-161Dy—100 Tests 42D1 161Dy TDS CD85d/ILT4
3159028A Anti-Human FoxP3 (259D/C7)-159Tb—50 Tests 259D/C7 159Tb TDS Foxp3
3158017B Anti-Human IFNg (B27)-158Gd—100 Tests B27 158Gd TDS IFNg
3141010B Anti-Human HLA-A,B,C (W6/32) - 141Pr—100 Tests W6/32 141Pr TDS HLA-ABC
3161008B Anti-Human IL-17A (BL168)-161Dy—100 Tests BL168 161Dy IL-17A
3170014B Anti-Human CD54 (HA58)-170Er—100 Tests HA58 170Er TDS CD54
3176014B Anti-Mouse CD278/ICOS (7E.17G9)-176Yb—100 Tests 7E.17G9 176Yb TDS CD278/ICOS
3089004B Anti-Human CD41 (HIP8)-89Y—100 Tests HIP8 89Y TDS CD41
3161026B Anti-Human CD162 (KPL-1)-161Dy—100 Tests KPL-1 161Dy TDS CD162
3175033B Anti-Human CD223/LAG-3 (11C3C65)-175Lu—100 Tests 11C3C65 175Lu TDS CD223/LAG-3
3164020A Anti-Cytokeratin 7 (RCK105)-164Dy—50 Tests RCK105 164Dy TDS Cytokeratin7/CK7
3156018A Anti-Human CD140b/PDGFRb (18A2)-156Gd—50 Tests 18A2 156Gd TDS CD140b/PDGFRb
3155008B Anti-Human CD56 (B159)-155Gd—100 Tests B159 155Gd TDS CD56/NCAM
3141013B Anti-Mouse TNFα (MP6-XT22)-141Pr—100 Tests MP6XT22 141Pr TDS TNFa
3170018B Anti-Mouse CD169/Siglec-1 (3D6.112)-170Er-—100 Tests 3D6.112 170Er TDS CD169/Siglec-1
3143019B Anti-Mouse CD357/GITR (DTA1)-143Nd—100 Tests DTA1 143Nd TDS CD357/GITR
3155009B Anti-Human CD279/PD-1 (EH12.2H7)-155Gd—100 Tests EH12.2H7 155Gd TDS CD279/PD-1
3160017B Anti-Human CD130 (2E1B02)-160Gd—100 Tests 2E1B02 160Gd TDS CD130/gp130
3161011B Anti-Mouse iNOS (CXNFT)-161Dy—100 Tests CXNFT 161Dy TDS iNos/NOS2
3160021B Anti-Mouse I-Ad (39-10-8)-160Gd—100 Tests I-Ad 160Gd TDS 39-10-8
3159009B Anti-Mouse F4/80 (BM8)-159Tb—100 Tests BM8 159Tb TDS F4/80
3159010A Anti-pMAPKAPK2 [T334] (27B7)-159Tb—50 Tests 27B7 159Tb TDS pMAPKAPK2 [T334]
3174002B Anti-Mouse IL-17A (TC11-18H10.1)-174Yb—100 Tests TC1118H10.1 174Yb TDS IL-17A
3174005A Anti-pStat4 [Y693] (38/p-Stat4)-174Yb—50 Tests 38/p-Stat4 174Yb TDS pStat4 [Y693]
3174006B Anti-FITC (FIT-22)-174Yb—100 Tests FIT22 174Yb TDS FITC
3175001B Anti-Human CD184/CXCR4 (12G5)-175Lu—100 Tests 12G5 175Lu TDS CD184/CXCR4
3175002G Goat Anti-Rabbit (polyclonal)-175Lu—50 μg Polyclonal 175Lu IgG
3162004A Anti-pLck [T505] (4/LCK-Y505)-162Dy—50 Tests 4/LCKY505 162Dy TDS pLck [T505]
3171008B Anti-Mouse CD80 (16-10A1)-171Yb—100 Tests 1610A1 171Yb TDS CD80/B7-1
3174001B Anti-Human HLA-DR (L243)-174Yb—100 Tests L243 174Yb TDS HLA-DR
3168002B Anti-Human CD8 (SK1)-168Er—100 Tests SK1 168Er TDS CD8a
3168006B Anti-Human CD154/CD40L (24-31)-168Er—100 Tests 2431 168Er TDS CD154/CD40L
3169004B Anti-Human CD24 (ML5)-169Tm—100 Tests ML5 169Tm TDS CD24
3175006B Anti-Mouse CD127/IL7Ra (A7R34)-175Lu—100 Tests A7R34 175Lu TDS CD127/IL-7Ra
3158011B Anti-Human CD10 (HI10a)-158Gd—100 Tests HI10a 158Gd TDS CD10
3172001G Goat Anti-Mouse (polyclonal)-172Yb—50 μg Polyclonal 172Yb TDS IgG
3172002G Goat Anti-Rat (polyclonal)-172Yb—50 μg Polyclonal 172Yb TDS IgG
3172007B Anti-Human CD38 (HIT2)-172Yb—100 Tests HIT2 172Yb TDS CD38
3164011B Anti-Mouse CD49b (HMa2)-164Dy—100 Tests HMa2 164Dy TDS CD49b
3165001B Anti-Human CD16 (3G8)-165Ho—100 Tests 3G8 165Ho TDS CD16
3158009B Anti-Mouse CD9 (KMC8)-158Gd—100 Tests KMC8 158Gd TDS CD9
3159006B Anti-Mouse CD279 (RMP1-30)-159Tb—100 Tests RMP130 159Tb TDS CD279/PD-1
3159015B Anti-Human/Mouse CD45R/B220 (RA3-6B2)-159Tb—100 Tests RA36B2 159Tb TDS CD45R/B220
3176008B Anti-Human CD56 (NCAM16.2)-176Yb—100 Tests NCAM16.2 176Yb TDS CD56/NCAM
3156002A Anti-p38 [T180/Y182] (D3F9)-156Gd—50 Tests D3F9 156Gd TDS p38 [T180/Y182]
3152010B Anti-Human CD21 (BL13)-152Sm—100 Tests BL13 152Sm TDS CD21
3152011B Anti-Human CD66b (80H3)-152Sm—100 Tests 80H3 152Sm TDS CD66b
3153002B Anti-Mouse CD45.1 (A20)-153Eu—100 Tests A20 153Eu TDS CD45.1
3153003A Anti-pStat1 [Y701] (58D6)-153Eu—50 Tests 58D6 153Eu TDS pStat1 [Y701]
3153007B Anti-Human CD303/BDCA2 (201A)-153Eu—100 Tests 201A 153Eu TDS CD303/BDCA2
3169030B Anti-Human CD278/ICOS (C398.4A) - 169Tm - 100 Tests C398.4A 169Tm TDS CD278/ICOS
3142018C Anti-Human CD134/OX40 (ACT35) - 142Nd - 25 Tests ACT35 142Nd TDS CD134/OX40
3159037C Anti-Human CD366/Tim-3 (F38-2E2) - 159Tb - 25 Tests F38-2E2 159Tb TDS CD366/Tim-3
3169029B Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (MIH1) - 169Tm - 100 Tests MIH1 169Tm TDS CD274/PD-L1
3148004B Anti-Human CD16 (3G8)-148Nd—100 Tests 3G8 148Nd TDS CD16
3148007B Goat Anti-Human IgA (polyclonal)-148Nd—100 Tests Polyclonal 148Nd TDS IgA
3149005A Anti-p4E-BP1 [T37/T46] (236B4)-149Sm—50 Tests 236B4 149Sm TDS p4E-BP1
3166014B Anti-Mouse CD326/EpCAM (G8.8)-166Er—100 Tests G8.8 166Er TDS CD326/EpCAM
3167004B Anti-Mouse CD150 (TC15)-167Er—100 Tests TC1512F12.2 167Er CD150/SLAM, IPO-3
3147003B Anti-Mouse CD45 (30-F11)-147Sm—100 Tests 30F11 147Sm TDS CD45
3150013A Anti-pRb [S807/S811] (J112-906)-150Nd—50 Tests J112906 150Nd TDS pRb [S807/811]
3162012B Anti-Ki-67 (B56)-162Dy—100 Tests B56 162Dy TDS Ki-67
3152002B Anti-Human TNFa (Mab11)-152Sm—100 Tests Mab11 152Sm TDS TNFa
3150009B Anti-Mouse CD24 (M1/69)-150Nd—100 Tests M1/69 150Nd TDS CD24
3151003B Anti-Human CD2 (TS1/8)-151Eu—100 Tests TS1/8 151Eu TDS CD2
3141001B Anti-Human CD235ab (HIR2)-141Pr—100 Tests HIR2 141Pr TDS CD235ab/Glycophorin
3141002A Anti-pSHP2 [Y580](D66F10)-141Pr—50 Tests D66F10 141Pr TDS pSHP2 [Y580]
3141004B Anti-Human CD49d (9F10)-141Pr—100 Tests 9F10 141Pr TDS CD49d
3141006B Anti-Human CD326/EpCAM (9C4)-141Pr—100 Tests 9C4 141Pr TDS CD326/EpCAM
3141008B Anti-Mouse Ly-6G (1A8)-141Pr—100 Tests 1A8 141Pr TDS Ly-6G
3141009B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-141Pr—100 Tests HI30 141Pr TDS CD45
3209013B Anti-Human TIGIT (MBSA43) - 209Bi - 100 Tests MBSA43 209Bi TDS TIGIT
3209014C Anti-Human CD274/PD-L1 (MIH1) - 209Bi - 25 Tests MIH1 209Bi TDS CD274/PD-L1
3163005B Anti-Human CD105/Endoglin (43A3)-163Dy—100 Tests 43A3 163Dy TDS CD105/Endoglin
3170009B Anti-Human EGFR (AY13)-170Er—100 Tests AY13 170Er TDS EGFR
3144019B Anti-Human CD15/SSEA-1 (W6D3)-144Nd—100 Tests W6D3 144Nd TDS CD15/SSEA-1
3144010B Anti-Human IL-4 (MP4-25D2)-144Nd—100 Tests MP425D2 144Nd TDS IL-4
3145002B Anti-Mouse CD4 (RM4-5)-145Nd—100 Tests RM45 145Nd TDS CD4
3162023B Anti-Human CD66b (80H3)-162Dy—100 Tests 80H3 162Dy TDS CD66b
3164013A Anti-Mouse CD197/CCR7 (4B12)-164Dy—50 Tests 4B12 164Dy TDS CD197/CCR7
3164014B Anti-Mouse LAP/TGFb (TW7-16B4)-164Dy—100 Tests TW716B4 164Dy TDS LAP/TGFbeta
3151012B Anti-Mouse CD64 (X54-5/7.1)-151Eu—100 Tests X545/7.1 151Eu TDS CD64
3143004B Anti-Mouse CD69 (H1.2F3)-143Nd—100 Tests H1.2F3 143Nd TDS CD69
3144007A Anti-Human CD195/CCR5 (NP-6G4)-144Nd—50 Tests NP6G4 144Nd TDS CD195/CCR5
3144009B Anti-Mouse CD16/32 (93)-144Nd—100 Tests 93 144Nd TDS CD16/32
3158016B Anti-Human CD179b (HSL11)-158Gd—100 Tests HSL11 158Gd TDS CD179b
3158032A Anti-Human CD194/CCR4 (L291H4)-158Gd—50 Tests L291H4 158Gd TDS CD194/CCR4
105704 O-Ring, Sampler—CyTOF®2 & Helios™—5 Pack
105900 Sample Introduction Kit
105910 Nebulizer Cleaning Kit
101497 Nebulizer Fit Kit
101509 Union Body, Sample Capillary Kit
101542 Ball Joint Injector
105545 Spray Chamber, Glass—CyTOF®2
105398 Load Coil
105652 Sample Capillary Tubing
101792 Torch Body–CyTOF, CyTOF2, Helios
107004 Spray Chamber, PEEK—Helios™
201194 Cell-ID™ Cisplatin-194Pt—100 µL 194Pt TDS Protein
3209002B Anti-Human CD16 (3G8)-209Bi—100 Tests 3G8 209Bi TDS CD16
3142015B Anti-Mouse CD185/CXCR5 (L138D7)-142Nd—100 Tests L138D7 142Nd TDS CD185/CXCR5
3149029A Anti-Human CD194/CCR4 (L291H4)-149Sm—50 Tests L291H4 149Sm TDS CD194/CCR4
3153030A Anti-Human CD194/CCR4 (L291H4)-153Eu—50 Tests L291H4 153Eu TDS CD194/CCR4
3175035A Anti-Human CD194/CCR4 (L291H4)-175Lu—50 Tests L291H4 175Lu TDS CD194/CCR4
3162030B Anti-Human/Mouse CD44 (IM7)-162Dy—100 Tests IM7 162Dy TDS CD44
101932 Nebulizer Side Arm Ferrule—5 Pack
3172020B Anti-Human IL-17A (BL168)-172Yb—100 Tests BL168 172Yb TDS IL-17A
3175023B Anti-Human TNFa (Mab11)-175Lu—100 Tests Mab11 175Lu TDS TNFa
107302 O-Ring, Spray Chamber, Body—5 Pack
107086 Sample Loader-Sample Line
3150028B Anti-Human HLA-DR, DP (Tu36)-150Nd—100 Tests HLA-DR, DP 150Nd TDS Tu36
3154018B Anti-Human Androgen Receptor (G122-434)-154Sm—100 Tests G122434 154Sm Androgen Receptor
3163024A Anti-Human Estrogen Receptor a (D8H8)-163Dy—50 Tests D8H8 163Dy TDS Estrogen Receptor a
3158025B Anti-Human CD82 (ASL-24)-158Gd—100 Tests ASL-24 158Gd TDS CD82
201057 Maxpar® 10X Barcode Perm Buffer—50 mL
3148019B Anti-CD278/ICOS (C398.4A)-148Nd—100 Tests C398.4A 148Nd TDS CD278/ICOS
201114A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 114Cd—4 Rxn 114Cd TDS Antibody
201116A Maxpar MCP9 Antibody Labeling Kit, 116Cd—4 Rxn 116Cd TDS Antibody
3159030B Anti-Mouse CD184/CXCR4 (L276F12)-159Tb—100 Tests L276F12 159Tb TDS CD184/CXCR4
3146016B Anti-Human Thioredoxin (2G11/TRX)-146Nd—100 Tests 2G11/TRX 146Nd Thioredoxin
3153001B Anti-Human CD45RA (HI100)-153Eu—100 Tests HI100 153Eu TDS CD45RA
3194001B Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-194Pt—100 Tests HI30 194Pt TDS CD45
3196001C Anti-Human CD45 (HI30)-196Pt—25 Tests HI30 196Pt TDS CD45
201153B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 153Eu—40 Rxn 153Eu TDS Antibody
201142B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 142Nd—40 Rxn 142Nd TDS Antibody
201143A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 143Nd—4 Rxn 143Nd TDS Antibody
201154A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 154Sm—4 Rxn 154Sm TDS Antibody
201146A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 146Nd—4 Rxn 146Nd TDS Antibody
201148B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 148Nd—40 Rxn 148Nd TDS Antibody
201162B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 162Dy—40 Rxn 162Dy TDS Antibody
201165A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 165Ho—4 Rxn 165Ho TDS Antibody
201166A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 166Er—4 Rxn 166Er TDS Antibody
201167A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 167Er—4 Rxn 167Er TDS Antibody
201158A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 158Gd—4 Rxn 158Gd TDS Antibody
201170B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 170Er—40 Rxn 170Er TDS Antibody
201325 Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™ TDS
201171A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 171Yb—4 Rxn 171Yb TDS Antibody
201173A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 173Yb—4 Rxn 173Yb TDS Antibody
201173B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 173Yb—40 Rxn 173Yb TDS Antibody
201192B Cell-ID™ Intercalator-Ir—500 µM natIr TDS Nucleic Acid
201149B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 149Sm—40 Rxn 149Sm TDS Antibody
201151A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 151Eu—4 Rxn 151Eu TDS Antibody
201153A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 153Eu—4 Rxn 153Eu TDS Antibody
201154B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 154Sm—40 Rxn 154Sm TDS Antibody
201147B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 147Sm—40 Rxn 147Sm TDS Antibody
201148A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 148Nd—4 Rxn 148Nd TDS Antibody
201156A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 156Gd—4 Rxn 156Gd TDS Antibody
201162A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 162Dy—4 Rxn 162Dy TDS Antibody
201164A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 164Dy—4 Rxn 164Dy TDS Antibody
201168A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 168Er—4 Rxn 168Er TDS Antibody
201169B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 169Tm—40 Rxn 169Tm TDS Antibody
201172A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 172Yb—4 Rxn 172Yb TDS Antibody
201172B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 172Yb—40 Rxn 172Yb TDS Antibody
201069 Maxpar® Water—500 mL TDS
201150B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 150Nd—40 Rxn 150Nd TDS Antibody
201151B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 151Eu—40 Rxn 151Eu TDS Antibody
201152A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 152Sm—4 Rxn 152Sm TDS Antibody
201141B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 141Pr—40 Rxn 141Pr TDS Antibody
201145A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 145Nd—4 Rxn 145Nd TDS Antibody
201149A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 149Sm—4 Rxn 149Sm TDS Antibody
201159B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 159Tb—40 Rxn 159Tb TDS Antibody
201165B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 165Ho—40 Rxn 165Ho TDS Antibody
201168B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 168Er—40 Rxn 168Er TDS Antibody
201175A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 175Lu—4 Rxn 175Lu TDS Antibody
201176B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 176Yb—40 Rxn 176Yb TDS Antibody
201192A Cell-ID™ Intercalator-Ir—125 µM natIr TDS Nucleic Acid
201156B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 156Gd—40 Rxn 156Gd TDS Antibody
201300 Maxpar® X8 Multimetal Labeling Kit—40 Rxn TDS
201152B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 152Sm—40 Rxn 152Sm TDS Antibody
201143B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 143Nd—40 Rxn 143Nd TDS Antibody
201144A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 144Nd—4 Rxn 144Nd TDS Antibody
201145B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 145Nd—40 Rxn 145Nd TDS Antibody
201170A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 170Er—4 Rxn 170Er TDS Antibody
201171B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 171Yb—40 Rxn 171Yb TDS Antibody
201159A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 159Tb—4 Rxn 159Tb TDS Antibody
201147A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 147Sm—4 Rxn 147Sm TDS Antibody
201160B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 160Gd—40 Rxn 160Gd TDS Antibody
201155B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 155Gd—40 Rxn 155Gd TDS Antibody
201161B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 161Dy—40 Rxn 161Dy TDS Antibody
201174A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 174Yb—4 Rxn 174Yb TDS Antibody
201174B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 174Yb—40 Rxn 174Yb TDS Antibody
201058 Maxpar® PBS—500 mL TDS
201150A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 150Nd—4 Rxn 150Nd TDS Antibody
201141A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 141Pr—4 Rxn 141Pr TDS Antibody
201142A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 142Nd—4 Rxn 142Nd TDS Antibody
201144B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 144Nd—40 Rxn 144Nd TDS Antibody
201146B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 146Nd—40 Rxn 146Nd TDS Antibody
201160A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 160Gd—4 Rxn 160Gd TDS Antibody
201155A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 155Gd—4 Rxn 155Gd TDS Antibody
201161A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 161Dy—4 Rxn 161Dy TDS Antibody
201163A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 163Dy—4 Rxn 163Dy TDS Antibody
201164B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 164Dy—40 Rxn 164Dy TDS Antibody
201166B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 166Er—40 Rxn 166Er TDS Antibody
201167B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 167Er—40 Rxn 167Er TDS Antibody
201169A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 169Tm—4 Rxn 169Tm TDS Antibody
201175B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 175Lu—40 Rxn 175Lu TDS Antibody
201176A Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 176Yb—4 Rxn 176Yb TDS Antibody
201158B Maxpar® X8 Antibody Labeling Kit, 158Gd—40 Rxn 158Gd TDS Antibody
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