Advanta Sample ID Genotyping Panel

Confidently manage sample ID and quality using automated microfluidics

Human Immune Monitoring

Introducing a groundbreaking approach to comprehensive human immune monitoring

Developing Bimodal Single-Cell Omics

Stanford’s Ansu Satpathy designed single-cell T-ATAC-seq, now available at Script Hub

Powering New Insights

CEO Chris Linthwaite on the new Hyperion Imaging System

Hyperion Imaging System Wins First Award

The Analytical Scientist names Imaging Mass Cytometry the year’s No. 1 innovation

Getting the Whole Pathology Picture

David Rimm on the value of Imaging Mass Cytometry for immunology applications at Yale

Unraveling the Biology of Cancer

Bernd Bodenmiller on revealing new insights into tumors with Imaging Mass Cytometry

Bringing Immuno-Oncology into Focus

New Biomark assay enables efficient interrogation of the tumor microenvironment

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