Advanta CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay

Save time and resources through an automated and scalable targeted NGS workflow

Save time: Achieve consistent results while reducing hands-on time through workflow automation.

Scalable: Sequence dozens to hundreds of barcoded samples in a single run at high read depth.

Cost-effective: Conserve precious reagents by performing reactions at nanoliter scale using microfluidics technology.

Coverage: Target CF-causing variants identified by CFTR2**, including SNPs and large deletions.

The Advanta™ CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay provides a highly efficient and scalable next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation workflow on the automated Juno™ system. Designed for target enrichment of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) variants** from each of the 27 exons and select intronic regions, high-quality NGS-ready barcoded libraries can easily be generated with significantly less hands-on time.

Incorporating Fluidigm microfluidics technology reduces reactions to nanoliter volumes, decreasing your cost per sample. Scalability is simplified, enabling you to generate 48 to 192 samples per run and up to 1,536 sample libraries per week starting with 5–120 ng of genomic DNA derived from blood, saliva or buccal swab. With the flexibility to add assays over time, the Advanta CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay is an ideal solution for molecular profiling.

A scalable library prep workflow

Figure 1. Single run for the targeted DNA sequencing library preparation workflow on Juno. Achieve greater operational efficiency and time savings by running a second integrated fluidic circuit (IFC) on Juno overnight and processing the amplified and barcoded product harvested from multiple Juno runs simultaneously.

**The Clinical and Functional Translation of CFTR (CFTR2); available at; CF-causing variants from CFTR2_8August 2016.xlsxc

Download the flyer to learn more about the CFTR variants targeted by the Advanta CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay.

The Juno Advantage

The Advanta CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay is optimized to run on the Juno system, which utilizes IFCs (Figure 2) to precisely combine multiple reactions at nanoliter volumes. Enabling scalability of both sample throughput and content, the Juno automated library preparation workflow delivers cost-effective performance you can trust with minimal hands-on time.

Figure 2. Integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs). The LP 48.48 IFC (left) accommodates up to 48 samples per run and generates libraries containing up to 4,800 assays per sample. The LP 192.24 IFC (right) accommodates up to 192 samples per run and generates libraries containing up to 2,400 assays per sample.

Analytical Validation Results†

 Attribute  Observed Performance†
 Assay pass rate  99.3%
 Read depth  ≥1,150x
 Reads mapped to genome  ≥99.9%
 Reads mapped to target  ≥99.9%
 Amplicon uniformity  99.4%
 No template control (NTC) reads  Undetectable
 Sensitivity  ≥99.1%
 Specificity  100%
 Accuracy  100%
 Reproducibility  100% (blood)

≥99.3% (Coriell samples)
≥98.4% (buccal and saliva)

Table 1.  Analytical validation was performed using gDNA from Coriell samples, whole blood, buccal swabs and saliva. The data represent multiple runs, IFCs and replicates per sample.  † Testing conducted by Q2 Solutions® | EA Genomics.  ‡ Percentage of assays within 5x of the mean reads.


Ordering information

Product Name Part Number
Advanta CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay—LP 48.48, 2 IFCs 101-6156
Advanta CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay—LP 192.24, 10 IFCs 101-6158
Advanta CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay with Preamp—LP 48.48, 2 IFCs 101-7727
Advanta CFTR NGS Library Prep Assay with Preamp—LP 192.24, 10 IFCs 101-7728

Each assay kit contains targeted DNA sequencing library reagents (including 4X Master Mix, DNA polymerase and adapter mix), CFTR Assay Pools, IFCs and Control Line Fluid.

Additional Materials Part Number
Targeted DNA Seq Barcode Plates 101-0744
Juno LP 48.48 Barrier Tape—10 Pack 101-2346
Juno LP 192.24 Barrier Tape—10 Pack 101-1825
Targeted DNA Seq Library Adapter Set (optional; supports dual-index sequencing) 101-2412

Each item is sold separately. 

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