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The C1™ Open App™ program lets scientists harness the flexibility of the C1 system to build and share exciting new single-cell applications. Use C1 Script Builder™ to design, develop and distribute new methods. Access these methods and share your feedback on Script Hub™. 




Explore new applications, interact with script authors and access performance data. Simply download scripts from Script Hub and immediately upload them to your C1 system. Use Script Builder to modify or optimize existing scripts, or develop your own applications.

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C1 has the power of 10, we have a new way of looking at C1 and 10 ways to use it, 10 applications and 10 reasons why the competition just doesn't stack up, see what the team is up to and join in the conversation.

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Script Hub

Script Hub

Script Hub is your central source for new C1 methods and applications. Get access to new protocols, download reference data and share best practices with your peers through this online community. Our collection of new single-cell applications includes epigenetics, mRNA sequencing, DNA sequencing, cell staining and so much more.  

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Script Builder

C1 Script Builder

C1 Script Builder allows you to create innovative single-cell applications to deeply explore cellular heterogeneity and the functional attributes of every cell population.  


Easily develop new methods using a simple interface.


Compatible with any C1 system—just export scripts and upload them to your system.


With one click, you can share your scripts on Script Hub with the growing C1 community.  


  1. Write
  2. Track
  3. Validate
  4. Publish


Develop your method in C1 Script Builder.


Record all of the reagents, concentrations and prep steps required to run the protocol.


Export your script and test it on your C1 system.


Share your script, protocol and performance data with the Script Hub community with just one click.


IFCs, Assays and Reagents

C1 Open App IFCs

C1 Script Hub

Implement any application, chemistry and script on the Open App IFC. Designed to capture cells from 5 to 25 µm, this innovative design is all about flexibility.

C1 Open App Reagent Kit

The C1 Open App Reagent Kit is all you need to create any C1 application. The kit contains all necessary cell loading and suspension buffers to develop the next breakthrough application.

  1. C1 Open App IFCs
  2. C1 Open App Reagent Kit


  1. TCR Sequence Determination by TraCeR
  2. SMART-Seq v4