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On-demand webinar | Bring the power of CyTOF to COVID-19 research: Mass cytometry in infectious disease

Hosted by SelectScience® and presented by Andrew Quong, PhD, Chief Science Officer, Fluidigm, and Roberto Spada, PhD, Senior Market Development Manager

Mass Cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry Sessions and Events
Field Application Scientist (FAS) Fridays: CyTOF® Mass Cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry™ (IMC™)

Register to join these technical discussions with the Fluidigm Proteomics Field Application Scientists. Each live, unique session will start off with a small vignette of publication spotlights. The session will then transition to a Q&A discussion. Submit your questions in advance when you register. Questions need not relate to the vignette topics.

Sessions are on Fridays starting at 9:00 am PT

  • July 10: Infectious disease
  • July 24: Tumor and tissue microenvironment for CyTOF mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry
  • August 7: Biomarker Discovery using mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry
  • August 21: Checkpoint Inhibitor Studies
  • September 4: Application areas in research using CyTOF mass cytometry and Imaging Mass Cytometry
  • September 18: Infectious disease
9th Annual Fluidigm Mass Cytometry Virtual Summit
The Top 8 Reasons to Use Mass Cytometry for Your Project

Sessions are from 10:00–10:45 am PT

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Data Analysis Sessions and Events

Tuesday, August 18
Visualization and Analysis of High-Parameter CyTOF Data with FCS Express™ in Record Time

Microfluidics Sessions and Events
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