Efficient, economical endpoint PCR results in hours with just minutes of hands-on time

The Ultimate Endpoint

The most efficient system for high-sample-throughput SNP genotyping and other endpoint PCR applications also allows for extremely low running costs. Plus, the EP1™ system provides the easiest workflow for low- to mid-multiplex SNP genotyping. Your work demands the best. And we're happy to oblige.


Dramatically lower costs with high-sample-format IFCs.


Obtain results in hours with only minutes of hands-on time.


Achieve higher throughput with a scalable workflow.


Enjoy high-confidence calls based on superior data quality.


Fluidigm's exclusive integrated fluidic circuits (IFCs) empower life science research by automating molecular biology in nanoliter volumes. This means using less sample and reagent, and a single microfluidic device, to achieve the high-quality, consistent results your work depends on. Using an endpoint reader, thermal cycler and IFC controllers customized for your throughput requirements, the EP1 system offers the most efficient and economical solution for low- to mid-multiplex SNP genotyping and digital PCR.


  1. Prime
  2. Transfer
  3. Load
  4. Cycle
  5. Read
  6. Analyze


Prime the Dynamic Array IFC to prepare it for sample transfer.


Pipet samples and primer-probe sets into the designated inlets on the IFC.


Set the IFC on the controller to automatically set up reaction chambers.


Place the IFC on the FC1™ and start the PCR protocol.


Place the IFC on the EP1 Reader for fluorescence detection.


View and analyze color-coded allele maps and cluster diagrams for a single or multiple runs with our analysis software.


Biomark & EP1 Support

Explore tutorials and publications, browse frequently asked questions, download technical documents, review training programs and service plans and locate the right IFCs, kits and reagents for your research. Still need help? Reach out to one of our support specialists here


IFCs, Assays and Reagents

Digital Array IFCs

Ensure a precise determination of copy number variation with this innovative IFC designed specifically for digital PCR experiments.

Dynamic Array IFCs

Experience a new level of efficiency and throughput for gene expression and genotyping applications with the Fluidigm Dynamic Array™ IFCs used together with the Juno and Biomark HD systems.

  1. Digital Array IFCs
  2. Dynamic Array IFCs

Related Systems

IFC Controllers

IFC Controllers Benefit from fewer steps and automated setup of our Dynamic Array™ and Digital Array™ IFCs with Fluidigm’s highly efficient IFC controllers.

FC1 Cycler

FC1 Cycler Optimize thermal cycling of your Access Array, Dynamic Array™ and Digital Array™ IFCs with the specially designed, scalable and intuitive FC1™ cycler.
  1. IFC Controllers
  2. FC1 Cycler


Biomark & EP1 Software

The latest software for the Biomark™ HD, Biomark and EP1™ systems. Package includes software for data collection, real-time PCR analysis, genotyping, digital PCR and melting curve analysis. To install, follow the instructions in the Updating the Biomark/EP1 Software Quick Reference (PN 101-6793). 

IFC Controllers Software (HX, MX, RX, and WX)

The latest software for IFC Controllers HX, MX, RX and WX. To install, follow the instructions in the Update Software and Scripts section of the relevant IFC Controller User Guide (HX/MX, PN 68000112; RX, PN 100-3385; WX, PN 100-2297). 

  1. Biomark & EP1 Software
  2. IFC Controllers Software (HX, MX, RX, and WX)



Sensitivity Single copies present in reaction chambers are routinely detected (using TaqMan® chemistry).


Excitation filters (center, in nm) 485, 530, 580 (two empty positions)
Emission filters (center, in nm) 525, 570, 630 (two empty positions)
Detection CCD camera
Illumination 175-watt xenon arc lamp
Thermal control Peltier-based, ranging from 4 ºC to 99 ºC
Max heating ramp rate: >5 ºC/sec
Max cooling ramp rate: >5 ºC/sec
Software Real-time PCR Analysis software, Genotyping Analysis software, Digital PCR Analysis software, Data Collection software
Computer and accessories Internal CPU; LCD flat screen monitor; wireless keyboard and mouse
Data storage options 1 GB/sec Ethernet connection; 500+ GB hard disk space; USB port for memory stick

Startup Support

Installation Installation kit; onsite installation and training