CyTOF® technology simplifies the development of highly multiplexed panels for deep cellular profiling and tissue imaging. Select from our growing menu of Maxpar® panel kits or Maxpar metal-conjugated antibodies. If you wish to use your own antibody, we also provide Maxpar metal labeling kits and custom conjugation services.

What's New

The New Standard in Immune Profiling Just Got Even Better!

Build on the ready-to-stain 30-marker Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™ with 1 of 6 new pre-made Maxpar Direct Expansion Panels.

Get deeper profiling of specific immune subset phenotypes and functions.


Maxpar Antibodies for Imaging Mass Cytometry

Simplify multiplex panel design with pathologist-verified Maxpar® Antibodies for Imaging Mass Cytometry™. Designed and optimized for use with human FFPE tissues on the Hyperion® Imaging System, these antibodies were developed for use with a standardized staining protocol and a common antigen retrieval step.



Mass Cytometry

Mass cytometry uses CyTOF® technology to enable deep profiling of translational and clinical research samples across a range of cell surface and intracellular markers. Designed to significantly reduce signal overlap, mass cytometry empowers researchers to simultaneously interrogate cellular phenotypes, function and signaling status in higher dimension than traditional fluorescence methods.

Imaging Mass Cytometry

Ideal for highly multiplexed imaging of precious FFPE and fresh frozen tissue samples, the Hyperion™ Imaging System maximizes the results that can be obtained from each sample by Imaging Mass Cytometry™. The Hyperion Imaging System is accompanied by a pathologist-verified Maxpar® imaging antibody portfolio and reagents, a software suite for image acquisition and data analysis, and experienced Fluidigm service and support.