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Evan Newell, PhD

Evan Newell on decoding immune cell heterogeneity with mass cytometry

Customer spotlight Headshot Cheryl Kim

Cheryl Kim

Cheryl Kim of the La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Customer Spotlight Headshot Evan lind

Evan Lind, PhD

Evan Lind, PhD, of Oregon Health and Science University

Customer spotlight Headshot Akil Merchant

Akil Merchant, MD

Hear how researchers are using Imaging Mass Cytometry.

Spotlight MC Fantl Wendy

Wendy Fantl, PhD

On the right path to better ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment

Spotlight IMC Corinne Ramos

Corinne Ramos, PhD, MBA

A discussion with Corinne Ramos, MBA, PhD

Jonathan M. Irish, PhD

Combinatorial, single-cell approaches to explore the complexity of biologic systems

Scientist Michael Stubbington, PhD

A new single-cell sequencing tool brings fresh insight to functional T cell studies

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