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    Advanta RNA-Seq NGS Library Prep Kit

    Transform your laboratory productivity with nanoscale automation …

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    Advanta RNA-Seq Library Normalization Workbook v1.0

    This custom Microsoft® Excel® workbook is designed for use with the Advanta™ RNA-Seq NGS Library Prep Kit with the Juno™ system to automate calculations and tracking of volume adjustment requirements of sample libraries prior to pooling. …

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    Advanta™ RNA-Seq NGS Library Prep Kit

    This kit enables the preparation of NGS-ready, dual-indexed, full-length cDNA libraries of poly(A) RNA utilizing total RNA isolated from human, mouse, or rat for subsequent sequencing analysis. The kit contains four 48.Atlas™ IFCs and includes sufficient 3′ and 5′ primer indexes, reagents for generating strand-specific cDNA libraries, and Control Line Fluid for up to 48 samples (up to 6 libraries) per IFC. The 4 IFCs can accommodate a total of 192 samples (up to 24 libraries). …

    Product #: 101-9187

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    Juno Software

    The latest software for the Juno™ system. To install, follow the instructions in the Juno System User Guide (100-7070). …

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    Targeted NGS library preparation, gene expression and genotyping …