Virus Detection

Microfluidics Technology in Viral Detection and Infectious Disease Research

Microfluidics Technology in Viral Detection and Infectious Disease Research

In a short period of time, a novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has impacted our lives, society and health care infrastructure. To address critical needs for testing and clinical research, Fluidigm products are supporting global laboratory efforts in response to COVID-19 by delivering:

  • Versatile automated microfluidic systems that support multiple biomarker types (DNA, RNA and protein)
  • Scalable throughput that enables the testing of >6,000 samples per day, with multiple targets of interest per sample
  • Flexible panel designs that enable users to easily add, remove or change assays without changing technologies
  • Cost-efficient workflows that minimize reagent consumption using microfluidics technology

With Fluidigm multi-omic solutions, you can interrogate health and disease in comprehensive new ways. Whether you are seeking to gain new insights into coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) viral detection or infectious disease research, or to accelerate therapeutic development, we can help you reach your goal.

See our Tools for viral detection and Tools for infectious disease research below.

Bill Hunt, MS
Director, Microfluidics Product Management

Tools for Viral Detection

Fluidigm products can be used to detect and study COVID-19 and other viruses. The cornerstone of Fluidigm viral detection solutions is the Biomark™ HD platform, which supports endpoint, real-time and digital PCR, with a comprehensive range of fully kitted, high-performance reagents.

Available Now: Real‐Time PCR for Viral RNA Detection

Adapted from the CDC coronavirus diagnostic panel instructions, the Fluidigm Real-Time PCR for Viral RNA Detection workflow is highly sensitive in the detection of viral RNA, including from SARS-CoV-2, while providing unparalleled sample throughput and the capability to implement up to 24 assays in the same experiment. Supported by our proprietary microfluidics technology, the Fluidigm Real-Time PCR for Viral RNA Detection Protocol drastically reduces reagent consumption, improves efficiency and minimizes costs.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Features Benefits
Proprietary microfluidics technology Nanoliter-volume reactions ensure low cost per sample.
Down to 1 copy/µL detection (LOD) Accurate detection down to 5 copies/reaction
5 logs dynamic range Accurate detection along large spectra of molecule concentrations
Up to 6,000 samples per day Unparalleled throughput
Up to 24 molecular targets in a single run Preserve precious sample while providing comprehensive molecular pictures of the sample.
Up to 4,608 datapoints in a single run Save time while providing an unparalleled amount of information about the sample.
Proprietary microfluidics technology Nanoliter-volume reactions save precious samples and ensure low cost per reaction.
Compatibility with fast and standard protocols Compatibility with different generation of instruments and needs
Scalable High-Throughput Viral RNA Detection

Efficient—Maximize your budget with microfluidics technology by using up to 50 times less reagent than traditional PCR methods.

Scalable—Run nearly 6,000 samples in a 24-hour workflow on each Biomark™ HD and Juno™ system.

Flexible—Detect up to 24 unique pathogens per sample, such as SARS-CoV-2, influenza A and other respiratory disease pathogens.

Learn more about the assay from the quick reference (QR) guide, which describes in detail:
  • The workflow
  • Materials including Fluidigm and third-party reagents and kits
  • Consumables and equipment
  • Detailed procedures for viral RNA detection

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Questions about Fluidigm microfluidics technologies and how you can utilize them in the most effective manner to address viral detection and infectious disease research? Review the FAQs flyer.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.